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* lewellyn peers in04:33
lewellynanyone know where to find versions of ZSyncer prior to 1.0.0? :P04:34
lewellynoh hah. found the version i needed. :D04:36
lewellynhrmpfh. i remember why i dislike ZSyncer's older versions now :P04:59
* lewellyn sighs04:59
lewellyngrr. guess i get to do this by hand.05:10
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CIA-89tyam * r121668 z3c.form/src/z3c/form/locales/ (ja ja/LC_MESSAGES/z3c.form.po ja/LC_MESSAGES): added Japanese translation06:42
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CIA-89janwijbrand * r121669 martian/src/martian/tests/ fix an encoding issue with reading the directive.txt doctest11:30
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CIA-89janwijbrand * r121670 martian/CHANGES.txt: update changelog13:28
thevishyI am sending a request from a JS to Zope ...
thevishyHow to access this element / values in Zope213:31
thevishyThis is JSON data ( sent from TinyMCE editor)13:31
betabugyou need something to decode json13:32
betabugthevishy: there used to be a product called ZTinyMCE13:32
betabugwhich does TinyMCE integration13:32
thevishythis is new tinymce version (3.4.2)13:33
betabughmm, download link is gone :-(13:33
thevishyso we are creating a new product13:33
thevishyHow to see this raw JSON in request object, what is the attribute name13:35
betabugdo a POST like that to a "Script (Python)" object you create and in the python script do a print context.REQUEST; return printed13:36
betabugthen you can look at all the request stuff and see where it turns up13:36
thevishyok, will try13:36
thevishybetabug: it didn't turn up :(13:41
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betabughmm, no idea then13:42
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thevishyRight , we need to pull the data at the server side13:44
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betabugmaybe look at this code:
betabugit's a bit old, but maybe it gives you some ideas13:46
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thevishywill look into that13:47
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thevishyIt looks like some monkey patch is required for ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.HTTPRequest13:53
thevishyhow to move forward, modify jsonserver2 or is there any other alternative14:00
betabugno idea, what zope products are you working with? do you really need Zope 2?14:01
betabugvery few new projects use Zope 214:02
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thevishybetabug: it's an old product14:03
thevishyZope 2 based14:03
betabugah, ok14:05
betabugwell, can't help you really, never had to do json on zope14:05
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thevishythanks its a bit old product basically , needs to be continued14:08
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betabugyeah, I've got a few of that myself :-)14:10
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koshbetabug: what is sad is that even though very few new projects use zope 2 there is pretty much nothing else out there with a remotely comparable security track record14:15
koshmost have more security exploits in a week then zope does in a year14:15
koshpyramid could be good if people set it to fail closed but the default is fail open but at least it is a one line change14:16
koshthe default for all other web frameworks I know is fail open which is just a security disaster14:16
thevishyHow about Django ?14:16
betabughey kosh14:16
koshfail open14:16
betabugkosh: the "fail open" in pyramid is in "development mode"?14:17
koshfail open means all access is allowed unless explicitely denied, fail closed means that all access is denied unless specifically allowed14:17
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koshbetabug: not it is a default security policy and when I looked the default security policy was allow but a one line change would make it default to deny14:17
koshso pyramid looks like it could be used for fail closed with a trivial one time change14:18
koshstill should not be required though14:18
koshbut devs are used to fail open because it is easier to get started14:18
koshthey can just hurl anything they want and the system and it kind of works without any config14:18
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betabugnot good in production though14:18
koshwhich is also why they have such horrible security track records14:19
koshI was reading a page on rails security recently that someone showed me14:19
koshand rails has a lot of basic security issues that even zope from 10 years ago did not have14:19
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koshsome default configuration for how it does CRUD is also sql injectable14:20
koshso the docs where recomending that people don't do the processing in some default way14:20
koshit just seems that we keep getting new framework after new framework with all kinds of features to make it much faster and lower server load to exploit your server ;)14:21
koshso with the newest framework you can write far less code and get your exploitable server up and running in record time!14:21
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koshalso while we may make fun of plone a lot for being slow, using lots of memory and being massively heavy in code that thing is like a god for security compared to the other cms14:23
betabugeven if the crackers get in totally, they have to move so slow the police will arrive and arrest them in time14:24
koshI may not like it very much but they did take security fairly seriously and built on a good foundation at least14:24
koshzope 2 is pretty good at keeping people out, it is the greatest advantage it has14:25
koshwhat annoys me about grok is that grok is fail open14:25
koshoverall pyramid looks like the best upgrade path right now14:28
betabugpyramid looks good14:30
koshand you could still use zeo with it along with many other zope 2 technologies14:31
betabuglots of concepts work the same14:31
betabugthere is less "included in the box", but ok14:31
betabugthere will be more shopping around in the pypi bins, but then you maybe get what you really want14:32
koshI expect it to take a lot more work then just using zope 2.x though unfortunately14:32
betabugyeah, could be14:32
koshhowever it looks like you could at least build a remotely secure system14:33
koshheh probably end up with a standard pyramid buildout of a bunch of normal things and call it pyramid.zope2  :)14:33
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koshsee you freaks later14:44
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CIA-89jfroche * r121671 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/trunk/ (src/five/taskqueue/ docs/HISTORY.txt): Avoid code to stop thread and set the default value for variable before exception16:17
CIA-89jfroche * r121672 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt src/z3c/taskqueue/ Avoid thread to stop if there is an error in processNext16:17
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smlewellyn: any use ? just how old is your zope ?17:15
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teixkosh: take note that already exists a repoze.zope2 package out there :)18:06
teixkosh: in other proposes though18:06
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CIA-89jfroche * r121673 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Preparing release 0.1-alpha-419:28
CIA-89jfroche * r121674 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/tags/0.1-alpha-4: Tagging 0.1-alpha-419:28
CIA-89jfroche * r121675 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Back to development: 0.1-alpha-519:28
CIA-89jfroche * r121676 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Preparing release 0.1-alpha-319:28
CIA-89jfroche * r121677 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/tags/0.1-alpha-3: Tagging 0.1-alpha-319:28
CIA-89jfroche * r121678 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Back to development: 0.1-alpha-419:28
CIA-89ldr * r121679 Products.ZCatalog/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Substitute catalog entry in UUIDIndex error message.19:28
CIA-89janwijbrand * r121680 grokproject/grokproject/template/ (4 files in 2 dirs): there was an inconsistency where the various logfiles we placed. fixed the situation by consistenly use the intended "{buildout}/var/log" location throughout.19:28
CIA-89janwijbrand * r121681 grokproject/CHANGES.txt: update changelog19:28
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