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planetzopebotPUN meeting 19 May 2011 (Weblog)
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planetzopebotPractical project automation (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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humanfromearthhi, I have a zope2 product and I would like to do some functional testing for it. I'm using zope.testrunner.13:20
humanfromearththe version of zope is 2.12. What is the 'proper' way to do this? I need an 'Application' object and a running server13:22
humanfromearthto use it with mechanize for example13:22
goschtlhumanfromearth: you need the right testsetup for it13:28
humanfromearthwhat setup would that be?13:29
goschtli guess in zope2 its called ZopeTestCase13:29
goschtlit's a product which helps you to setup an application installs your Product etc13:29
goschtlmaybe this helps you13:31
goschtli can not help you much as i use z313:31
humanfromearthI tried to use but i needs a ftesting.zcml (which btw is not mentioned anywhere)13:32
humanfromearthanyway.. I'll try FunctionalTestCase13:33
humanfromearthgoschtl: it works, thanks13:36
goschtlhumanfromearth: congrats...13:36
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* kosh sets betabug on fire and hands out marshmallows14:13
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vortecanyone heading to EuroPython in Florence next month?15:54
* mgedmin raises hand tentatively15:59
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planetzopebotHenk Doornbos (Paylogic): Making large, untested code bases testable (Weblog)
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ViicTHi, has anyone seen this "import error ZopeUndo.Prefix" kind of error?19:12
betabugViicT: no, maybe put the full traceback on a pastebin19:13
betabugare you trying to import a .zexp from an older zope version?19:15
betabughmmm, no19:15
ViicTnope, i've already migrate my Data from 2.5 to 3.x to 4.1.x19:16
betabugwell, I'd ask in #plone19:16
ViicTBut I can't Undo my last CSS edit19:16
ViicTHmm, that seems to be a zope problem, but, will try there, thanks anyway.19:17
betabugwell, dunno19:17
betabugwas the thing you want to undo before the upgrade?19:17
betabughmm, google says that others had this problem too19:18
ViicTNo, it was already upgraded when I edit it19:19
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betabuglooks like you need to manually get ZopeUndo in your mix19:19
betabugwell, seems to be a bit messy :-(19:20
betabugsorry, no idea myself19:21
ViicTyeah, anyway, got the undo from Root Folder lol thanks anyway19:23
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