IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2011-06-03

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__gotchaI am trying to fix POSKeyErrror (s)19:31
__gotchaI am following references to find which objects refer to missing references19:31
__gotchawhy is it that when I am following references inside BTrees I get to some objects that do not seem to be referenced by any other objects ?19:33
__gotchaI use 'ZODB.serialize.referencesf' to get oids referred by a specific object19:34
betabug__gotcha: good luck, your best bet is probably to ask either on the zodb or zope-dev mailing lists19:36
betabughow did you get into this trouble?19:36
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__gotchano idea, I am called to rescue19:37
betabugwhat could have caused this?19:37
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runyaga_btrees had a problem19:39
runyaga_i think this was resolved recently19:39
betabughmmm, did you try the "fix btrees" method?19:39
runyaga_so __gotcha you know the oid?19:40
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__gotcharunyaga_: yup19:40
__gotchabetabug: never heard of fix btrees19:41
betabug -> Diagnostic Tools19:41
runyaga_that is old, iirc19:41
__gotchain the ZODB I look at there are about 20 missings19:41
betabugwell, no mention of zope version yet :-)19:41
__gotchamost of them relate to Btrees that are referred by OkapiIndex19:42
__gotchawhen I follow the refs I get to <BTrees.IOBTree.IOBTree object at 0xc956d1c>19:42
__gotchareferred by none19:42
runyaga_i would reindex19:42
runyaga_its quite complicated19:42
__gotchaby no object19:42
__gotchaI am looking at a Plone 4 ZODB19:43
__gotchaI also see missing refs in an ATBlob19:43
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__gotcharunyaga_: would it make sense to delete the index and add a new one before reindexing ?19:44
runyaga_do a backup ;-)19:46
runyaga_what version of zodb19:46
__gotcharunyaga_: ZODB 3.9.519:48
koshhmm at least I have not seen a POSKeyError in a very long time19:49
betabugmyself, never19:50
runyaga_0xc956d1c refers to your _p_oid?19:52
runyaga_so modern zodb should never have this issue; i would just make backup; remove okapiindex and recreate it19:54
runyaga_but your blobs are having same issue19:54
runyaga_so you should restore19:54
runyaga_or tell customer your going to lose data19:54
runyaga_and it sounds like you had some hardware problem; check syslog19:54
__gotchaoid 0x209c4 BTrees.IOBTree.IOBucket refers to invalid object oid 0x01f45c missing: '<unknown>'19:54
__gotchaI told them about hardware already19:54
runyaga_so i dont think this is fixable... maybe email on zodb-dev mailing list explaining how to remove oids from iobuckets19:55
__gotcha0x209c4 is referred by 0x1f404 BTrees.IOBTree.IOBucket and 0x4a7 BTrees.IOBTree.IOBTree19:55
__gotcha0x4a7 is <BTrees.IOBTree.IOBTree object at 0xc956d1c>19:56
runyaga_so if you could remove 0x01f45c from the bucket19:56
runyaga_but you will have data loss, you have no idea what this was19:56
runyaga_isnt there a script?19:57
__gotcharunyaga_: I'll check19:57
runyaga_you can run _check() on the btree19:57
kleist__gotcha, it's not a Plone site b.t.w.?19:59
__gotchakleist: it is19:59
kleistach! welcome in the club19:59
runyaga_kleist, you seen same problem?20:00
runyaga_we have not run into this20:00
kleistcan happen if you cut-and-paste object between different file storages20:00
runyaga_that is bad20:01
kleistvery very evil20:01
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__gotchakleist: I read plonechix blog post20:01
kleistmight lurk around for a very long time, then you pack the db ... BLAM20:01
__gotchaI got that one as well ;-)20:02
kleistthis is Pure Evil20:02
__gotcharunyaga_: ever tried checkbtrees ?20:03
runyaga_i dont think that will help20:03
runyaga_but try it20:03
__gotchaI get zope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError: (<ATFolder at about-protos>, <InterfaceClass plone.folder.interfaces.IOrdering>, u'')20:03
runyaga_you probably need to setSite20:04
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planetzopebotHotfix Error: Hotfix20110531 version 1.0 is incomplete (Plone News)
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__gotchasorry, got interrupted by phone call20:10
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