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CIA-89hannosch * r121890 zopetoolkit/ (ztk-versions.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): Feature updates according to bin/checkversions00:54
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marche1990Is zope still being developed? the newest version on the zope.porg website is 2.11.4 whic was released august 2009, is a newwer release comming out soon?14:04
marche1990got the wrong site. is not obvious about the new site for zope214:07
betabugmarche1990: zope2.zope.org14:08
betabugit's at 2.13 now, with a totally different install procedure14:08 is in the process of *finally* being replaced14:08
marche1990about time i think i got totally turned about by it until i found the link to zope2. i couldn't believe this fine product had finished development14:10
do3ccNow, what will be done first, the new or duke nukem forever14:11
betabugwell, dunno what they're waiting for with - it's basically ready14:11
betabug(and no, it hasn't been named like that in my honour)14:11
do3ccI am sure macyet has a good reason14:18
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betabugfor not naming it in my honour?14:18
do3ccmaybe he is busy playing the leaked beta14:18
do3ccI guess, you didnt pay him yet for the naming right, or he is unsure about your credit rating ;-)14:19
betabugprobably :-)14:19
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thevishyHi all17:34
betabugHi one17:35
thevishyZope's request.get does some tricky things which I dont want ...I am having a small issue 'This is a line <br />This is another new line here .<br />\n<p>This is a paragraph</p>17:35
thevishythis \n is coming from nowhere ...17:35
betabuguhm, zope version? where exactly is this data coming from?17:36
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planetzopebotScalability panel ( (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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betabugthevishy: that's unlikely to be your zope version18:18
thevishyZope 2.0 actually yeah18:18
thevishyI am supporting an old app btw18:18
betabugno way18:18
betabugthat would be 10 years old? or even more?18:19
thevishydon't I know my app's version ... yeah it was created 10 years backk18:19
thevishywe are still developing on that actually18:19
betabugwell, if you can't be bothered to find out the zope version that app is running on, then why should I be bothered to help you?18:19
thevishybetabug : its 2.018:20
thevishyI meant "don't I know it" ! :)18:20
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thevishyWe are using Zope 2.0 for our  web app18:20
thevishyand due to the size of the app its hard to port it , I believe though that we might do that at some point of time18:21
betabugwell, that would be release date 1999 and there would have been some compatible releases since then18:21
thevishyI believe around 2002 they started rolling out the app ... i.e my company18:22
betabugyou're probably using some version of "Zope 2"18:22
thevishyyes some version of Zope 218:23
thevishynot probably the oldest of Zope 218:23
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planetzopebotWhither Django? - Russell Keith-Magee ( (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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