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facundobatistaWhere should I report a bug regarding zope.interface?02:54
facundobatistaoh, found it! it's part of the zope toolkit project
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_mup_Bug #804951 was filed: "TypeError: unhashable type: 'InterfaceClass'" in Python 3 <zope.interface:New> < >03:15
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Guest9857Hello all !15:39
betabughello one15:39
Guest9857I need to make private one of the sites hosted by my Zope server - how can I do that ?15:40
betabugwhich zope version?15:40
Guest9857hold on15:40
* betabug grabs something sturdy15:40
Guest9857hahaha ;)15:40
betabuguhmmm, are you sure?15:40
betabugthat would be something like 10 years old, without ever upgrading15:41
Guest9857well that's what is said on the screen15:41
Guest9857yeah yeah I know15:41
betabugmaybe it's Plone 2.1?15:41
Guest9857I've been moving slowly15:41
Guest9857er yeah indeed15:41
betabugbest option would be to ask in #plone then I guess15:41
betabugdunno if they have a better way than the "plain zope way"15:42
Guest9857oh ok; which would be ?15:42
Guest9857I mean the "zope" way15:42
betabuglike this is #zope, the other channel is #plone15:42
betabugah, the zope way is to go into the ZMI, find the sites root object15:43
betabugthen go to the "Security" tab and give "View" and "Access Contents Information" permission only to admin15:43
Guest9857cause I've got other websites hosted by that Zope... don't want to rock the boat too much !15:43
betabugwell,  I don't know if it will "block" too much from the plone site then15:44
Guest9857well "that" Plone site is not being used anywmore (but I want to get some data from it before I erase it); the only pbl is that by googleing one can still access some info (through my webhosting supplier)15:45
Guest9857which fowards to Zope/Plone.15:46
betabugok, give it a try then15:47
betabugbut you might want to ask in #plone too15:47
Guest9857ok thanks a lot for your help, on a Sunday ;) take care !15:48
betabugnp, you're welcome!15:48
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koshbetabug: greetings lifeform!19:54
betabughey kosh19:55
koshbetabug: did you notice the messages on zope dev about the direction of zope?19:56
betabugplanning to write a mail tomorrow19:56
koshgood thing I am trying to go back to school and go into another field :)19:56
betabugbasically it would be easier to shut down the project now19:56
koshit has been made fairly clear they don't want any existing users and want us to all go away19:57
kosheven though nothing else seems to really do the job19:57
koshbut what exists now should keep working for quite a while19:58
betabugwell, I just wonder why to do all this at all?19:58
betabugI mean, the end result is more or less what pyramid is, just with a lot more dissatisfied old users19:58
koshon tuesday at least I should find out a lot more about getting all registered to go back to school, I am going to get a degree in chemical and biological engineering19:58
betabugkosh: cool19:58
koshyeah I don't get it19:59
betabugfind something that helps against tear gas :-)19:59
koshwhy not just port plone to pyramid19:59
koshah is tear gas a big problem?19:59
koshI want to do stuff like nano medicines, tissue regeneration, gone regeneration, chemical creation and cleanup through biological processes etc19:59
betabugtear gas is a pain, I can tell you - now - from experience20:00
koshI have gotten tear gas once before but it did not seem that bad20:00
betabugI was transporting medical supplies and clean water to the first aid station on wednesday and got a big does of tear gas in the process20:00
betabugit should be possible to disperse something in the air to neutralise the stuff20:01
koshthe police where throwing tear gas at some students one year but the problem is the wind was blowing strongly away from them so instead they ended up tear gassing other areas, it was pretty strange20:01
koshso are things pretty bad there?20:01
betabugyeah, tuesday/wednesday we had big clashes20:02
betabugmaybe 100000 demonstrators, they say 5000 cops, 2800 tear gas grenades used, 30000 shock grenades used20:04
koshwe should just get on with it and replace capitalism already20:05
koshour economic system is doing more to hold the world back then it helps now, everything has a point where it is obsolete and no longer useful20:05
koshwe have lots of technology we can use right now and don't because mega corps buy up the technology and keep it from being used so they can get as much money as they can from existing tech20:06
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koshand my experience with large corps is that they are not efficient despite all the claims that businesses are always more efficient then gov20:06
koshit would be funny if greece opts for something like project venus20:07
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koshbetabug: you have to admit it would be hillarious to see what other countries did if greece decides to just get rid of their economy instead of letting it be an anchor around the neck20:10
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betabuglots of ideas are being put on the table20:16
betabugbut first we have to get rid of the old government and the old state20:16
koshI did hear that the old government was pretty darn corrupt20:17
betabugoh yeah20:17
betabugboth them and the "other" government that they take turns at the power every few years20:18
betabugwell, I'm off to get something to eat before going on the square again20:19
betabugwe've taken the central square of the city for the last 39 days in a row20:19
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koshhave fun20:22
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smwow.. go betabug21:01
smapt-get install new-world-order21:01
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avnsm: don't forget apt-get remove --purge old-world-order before21:05
smIIRC that's handled automatically21:06
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