IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2011-07-05

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planetzopebotoption to add new ZSQL method is not shown in Zope 2.13.6 (active questions tagged zope - Stack Overflow)
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hannoschccomb: whoo, it's been a while :)16:00
ccombhannosch: o/  !16:01
* ccomb wonders whether we'll finally succeed in beeing 3 of us :)16:02
hannoschccomb: how's your business doing? you are insanely busy are starving to get any work?16:03
hannoschs/are/or are/16:04
ccombrather the former16:04
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hannoschwell, that's good ;)16:04
ccombdoing the openerp part of a openerp+django app16:05
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hannoschah cool, what platform is that based on?16:05
ccomband I often wish both django and openerp were based on the zca16:05
ccombbut they're not :'(16:05
ccomband also taking 4h of turkish course every morning16:07
hannoschok, that's intense16:07
ccombwith homeworks every day :P16:07
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ccombmy brain is melting down and leaking some radioactive water16:08
hannoschuhm, lucky that cannot be transferred over IRC :)16:09
ccombyou mean RXoverIP ? :P16:09
hannoschwe have a big icewall around Norway, you cannot penetrate that ;)16:10
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ccomboh, what is the temperature on your side?16:11
ccombhere I'm quite suffering16:11
hannoschit's fine. we have like 19 degrees celsius. proper summer :)16:11
hannoschit goes up to 25 on very hot days16:11
hannoschthe 20 hours of sunlight are nice16:12
ccombmmmh, my wife was considering moving to norway just to live in a country with an acceptable t°C16:12
hannoschyep. the summers are really good, not too hot to be productive. and you can go to somewhere in the south if you want a week or two of being boiled16:13
hannoschbut the winters with -25 can be hard16:13
hannoschbut you can counter -25 with proper clothing, putting on more cloth is easy16:14
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hannoschanyways, did you hear anything from bluebream? or is that basically frozen since the 1.0 release?16:15
ccombyes when you're cold you just have to put more clothers. When it's too hot and you're already almost naked, no remaining option16:15
ccombunless finding an air conditionned place16:15
ccombbb would need another release actually16:16
hannoschoh, what changed?16:16
ccombjust to stick with more recent versions of the ztk16:16
ccombnothing more16:16
hannoschok :)16:16
ccombthere is a little more activity in the list than a few months ago16:17
ccombbut no one demanding a 1.1 yet16:17
yacopenerp looks interesting16:17
ccombopenerp is the perfect example of an more or less controlled emerging design, built only by the customer requirements16:18
hannoschccomb: I think j-w won't make it, shall we just try to write some mails instead of trying to meet online?16:19
yaccan be an alternative to eg. redmine or trac?16:19
ccombhannosch: ok :)16:19
ccombyac: it's not the same kind of app16:19
yacccomb: it says project management on the label16:21
ccombyac: yes there is even a scrum module16:21
ccomba module for long term planning, etc.16:22
ccombit's main advantage is to be integrated and homogenous, but dedicated apps are always more full featured and efficiant than an erp16:23
ccombthere is no interest in deploying openerp just for one module, say project management16:23
* ccomb leaving, has to rewrite openerp on top of bluebream before tomorrow. #uglyjoke16:25
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yacccomb: i think know a company who is writing very similar thing for themselfs16:27
yaconly in php and on top of a decade old rotten code16:27
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do3ccccomb: if you work with openerp, do you an opinion about that tryton fork?17:02
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ccombdo3cc: I've not yet had time to have a close look into trytron17:06
ccombbut I've heard it's more tested, more pep8, more cheeseshoppish, more eggified, more interoperable (several database backends)17:07
ccombbut it's missing the enormous momentum of openerp17:08
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avnikccomb: existing database? ;)17:08
do3ccI noticed there is some badmouthing happening on so I was wondering what is really going on. but an erp system storing monetary values as floating point numbers is really something that makes me wonder17:09
ccombbadmouthing is always easy and works for any framework or app17:10
do3ccluckily this never happened with zope or plone17:12
avnikdo3cc: even from django fan boys? ;)17:13
yacwhats wrong with django fan boys? :)17:15
ccombthe last two words ;)17:16
betabugdoes openerp still generate 1000 byte (or whatever) GET requests?17:17
ccombbetabug: the web client, sure17:17
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ccombit's very few compared to the gigs browsers are able to support :)17:18
ccombanyway they're in the process of rewriting the web client in full JS17:19
betabugwell, I've heard a buddy complain about it leading to problems17:19
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koshhail insane people17:44
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ArfreverTresEquis: ping19:02
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TresEquisArfrever, pong19:06
ArfreverTresEquis: You have broken zope.interface with Python 3. See and
_mup_Bug #804951: "TypeError: unhashable type: 'InterfaceClass'" in Python 3 <zope.interface:New> < >19:07
TresEquisArfrever, I see the issue19:10
TresEquisI don't think using id(self) as the hash value is correct, however19:11
TresEquisitems which compare equal are supposed to have the same hash value, too19:11
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TresEquisI think maybe we should be returning the hash of the same fully-qualified name we are testing inside __eq__19:13
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TresEquisi.e, return hash(self.__name__) + hash(self.__module__)19:20
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ArfreverTresEquis: Maybe buildout doesn't run 2to3 on zope.interface.19:44
TresEquisit runs it, it just doesn't use the converted sources :(19:45
ArfreverTresEquis: You might use `python3 test`.19:45
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TresEquistried that19:51 develop does *not* run 2to319:51
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TresEquisand then fails anyway19:52
ArfreverTresEquis: What failure?19:52
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ArfreverTresEquis: If I run `python3 test` in zope.interface-3.6.2, then all tests pass for me.19:53
TresEquis  File "/tmp/zi/src/zope.interface/src/zope/interface/", line 57719:56
TresEquis    exec "class %s: pass" % self.__name__ in klass19:56
TresEquis                        ^19:56
TresEquisSyntaxError: invalid syntax19:56
TresEquisI'll try again with the non-virualenv Python319:57
TresEquiserror: /tmp/zi/src/zope.interface/build/lib.linux-i686-3.2/zope/interface/tests/../README.txt: No such file or directory19:58
TresEquisI just blew away all the virtualenv and did this:20:00
TresEquis$ svn co $ZSVN/zope.interface/trunk zi20:00
TresEquis$ cd /tmp/zi20:00
TresEquis$ /opt/Python-3.2.0/bin/python3 test20:00
TresEquiswhich runs all the 2to3 stuff, and then20:01
TresEquisfails on TypeError: unhashable type: 'InterfaceClass'20:01
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TresEquisafter I add __hash__, the tests all pass20:02
TresEquisso I will add coverage for __hash__ and declare vicotry20:03
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ArfreverTresEquis: It might be useful to also include fix for in zope.interface-
_mup_Bug #804832: While installing on PyPy, zope.interface should not build the C extension <zope.interface:New> < >20:11
TresEquisthat is a PyPy bug, not a z.i one20:14
TresEquisand there is no fix on that bug20:15
ArfreverTresEquis: I will attach my patch.20:16
TresEquis3.6.4 is out the door already20:17
TresEquisbut I will look at your patch20:17
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ArfreverTresEquis: I have attached my patch.20:23
TresEquisArfrever, thanks, I'm looking at it20:24
TresEquisI still think there should be a PyPy bug entered20:24
TresEquisPyPy is building the C extension which segfaults20:24
Arfrever(platform.python_implementation() was introduced in Python 2.6.)20:25
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