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Taggnostris this the right place for tal-related questions?09:04
TaggnostrI have something like <tal:block tal:define="a_list python:..." tal:condition="python:a_list"> <form tal:attributes="action python:a_list[4]"> </tal:block>, but the <form> part is evaluated even when a_list == [].  How can I avoid that?09:07
Taggnostrthe idea is that the list doesn't have any element, the form shouldn't be printed, otherwise it should use the element [4]09:08
zagyTaggnostr: you're sure that the list is empty?09:16
Taggnostryes, I think so09:16
Taggnostris the code in the form supposed to be evaluated if the list is empty?09:17
zagythe condition looks okay09:17
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zagybut then, it'll still break if a_list has only 2 items09:18
Taggnostrok, found the problem09:18
TaggnostrI had another block that was doing the same thing but outside the tal:block09:18
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Taggnostris there a way to combine a tal:condition="foo/bar" with a tal:condition="python:a_list"?09:20
zagypython: a_list and path('foo/bar') maybe09:20
Taggnostruhm, let me try09:21
Taggnostra_list and works09:23
Taggnostrthanks again09:24
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binjuredello! zodb question: anybody know how, when using TransactionManager, i update another connection to the most recent state?17:18
binjuredbasically, i do conn.transaction_manager.commit() and i have another conn that needs the latest database.17:19
binjured(i was just using the standard transaction.commit() but it was resulting in exceptions about multiple calls to tpc_begin())17:22
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binjuredseems like i can't make more than one commit, period, even in the same thread. that seems strange...17:29
binjuredhilariously, i can't find any documentation of somebody calling commit() more than once...17:34
* mgedmin raises hand17:35
mgedminyou can transaction.commit() as often as you like17:35
mgedminthose exceptions you mentioned -- weird, do you have a traceback?17:36
mgedminwhat ZODB version was this17:36
binjuredmgedmin: i fixed the multi commits not working thing; not sure how. i'm using latest ZODB and my state was this: one DB, two connections, ... as soon as i try to commit with two connections open, it fails. if i make sure to only reuse the same open connection, it works fine (no tpc_begin() exception)17:38
mgedminthe traditional model is to use one connection+transaction per thread17:39
mgedminI've played with multiple connections in the same thread only in my unit tests17:40
binjuredmgedmin: that's where i was doing it, in fact ;)17:40
mgedmincan you pastebin some code that's problematic for you?17:40
binjuredmgedmin: sure, let me make sure i can appropriate isolate it17:40
binjuredmgedmin: there must be some weirdness happening because isolated it works fine; within the unittest framework it doesn't. don't want to send you on a wild goose chase, though.17:45
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mgedminI've been doing this in zope 3, which has no "unit test framework" beyond what I specify in setUp/tearDown17:48
mgedmin(well, zope.testrunner has support for test layers that can share a single expensive setUp/tearDown function; I didn't use those for my *unit* tests, even when they edged toward integration test territory)17:48
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Taggnostrcan I use tuple unpacking in tal:define?20:27
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benjiTaggnostr: I don't think so.20:50
Taggnostruhm, ok20:51
Taggnostrsomething like tal:define="foo_bar python:some_func(); foo python:foo_bar[0]; bar python:foo_bar[1]" should work though, shouldn't it?20:52
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benjiTaggnostr: another latent thought for you: if you control the implmentation of the function you're calling, I suggest returning a dict instead of a tuple; that way you can use tales traversal (foo/bar/baz) in your template21:20
Taggnostrhow can I include html in a tal:define? I tried "issueurl python:'&lt;a href=&quot;%s&quot;&gt;%s&lt;/a&gt;' % (issueid, issueid)" but the html is not interpreted and if I don't use entities I get an error21:20
Taggnostrbenji, interesting21:21
TaggnostrI just used <a tal:attributes="href issueid" tal:content="issueid" /> twice21:27
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malthedoes anyone know why the ``__getattr__`` method of UnauthorizedBinding has a default return value of ``None`` such that attribute lookup never fails?21:59
mgedminTaggnostr, you can use tuple unpacking if you use Chameleon, but not if you use stock Zope Page Templates22:03
mgedminalthough I'm not sure if that works only for tal:repeat, or for tal:define as well22:03
mgedminRaymond Hettinger would suggest you use named tuples22:04
Taggnostrthis is what I did: (all the tal is in the second chunk)22:04
mgedminTaggnostr, first, I think you have to double semicolons to prevent tal:define from splitting that into multiple definitions22:05
mgedminnext, when you insert the formatted html, you need to use tal:replace="structure yourvariable"22:05
mgedminthird, just don't to that22:05
mgedminyou're opening yourself up to html injection if you abuse 'structure'22:06
TaggnostrI'm not even sure I know how to use structure22:06
mgedminthere's documentation out there somewhere22:06
mgedminif you want to avoid duplication, use METAL macros22:06
TaggnostrI'm trying to keep things simple and idiomatic enough22:06
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Taggnostr(I'm fixing up a few things on a site, so I just know enough tal to make things work)22:09
mgedmin+                  issueid python:'issue%s' % issueid_action[0];22:09
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mgedminnever mind22:09
mgedminI was going to suggest string:issue${...} and realized the [0] makes things not as nice as I'd hoped22:10
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