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severbQuick zca question: Do I need to explicitly use 'implements()' or can I achieve the same effect using registerUtility but per instance as opposite to per class?11:21
severbFor example neither SimpleEmitter, JsonFormatter or StrFormatter know beforehand what interface they implement11:22
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__mac__severb: registerUtility is enough, interfaces provided by the utility are only used as fallback11:56
severb__mac__: than why (in the code example) my_formatter is None?12:03
__mac__severb: my_emitter does not implement the interface only the registry knows that querying for IEmitter it should return the SimpleEmitter Instance12:05
severbAnd how can I specify that my_emitter implements the interface? Only by calling 'implements()' inside the class?12:06
__mac__severb: You might call zope.interface.alsoProvides on the instance12:08
severbThanks, I'll give it a try12:09
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EpeliCould someone please approve my subcription to zodb-dev mailinlist?15:28
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RaceConditionare there any more thorough guides to besides ?17:12
RaceConditionI'm looking to use in my non-zope application, and to use the default zope security policy17:13
RaceConditionthat one:
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RaceConditiondoes ZODB have a mechanism for async callbacks, or how else does zc.twist manage to do all work inside a single thread?19:16
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mgedminI'm not familiar with zc.twist19:49
mgedminthe "traditional" way of using zodb with twisted is to use a thread pool19:50
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koshhail freaks!20:08
RaceConditionmgedmin: are there any guides/articles on how to set up a threadpool to use ZODB in twisted? I've tried googling but nothing20:11
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runyagaRaceCondition, zc.twist or zc.async uses twisted and zodb21:15
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RaceConditionrunyaga: yeah, I'm reading the source of zc.async21:20
RaceConditionfrom zc.twist src I cannot really extract how to correctly set up zc.twist21:20
runyagano tests?21:20
RaceConditionthe README only has partial examples/code fragments21:20
RaceConditionI mean, how to first set up ZODB, and then use it through zc.twist21:20
RaceConditionI mean, not set up ZODB, but set it up so that it would work correctly with zc.twist21:21
RaceConditionlike when to get a new connection to the db, or if I can just use a central dbroot instance and have zc.twist manage connections for me21:22
RaceConditionI think it's the latter, by reading the src of zc.twist, but I'm still not sure as the code is almost uncommented21:22
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mgedminah, the keeping up best traditions of zope 3, I see21:30
runyaga_well you can email zodb-dev mailing list21:31
mgedmin"it was hard to write, it should be hard to use"21:31
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RaceConditionmaybe somebody knows any open source projects besides zc.async that use zc.twist?21:34
mgedminok, I'm curious21:35
mgedminzc.twist is 580 lines of code21:36
mgedminhave you looked at src/zc/twist/README.txt?21:37
kittonianI seem to be having a strange issue and am wondering if it's a zope problem. I have a 5GB file that I'm trying to upload (it's a zip file that will be a download link) and it fails every time the FTP client gets to the end of the upload. Is this a Zope limitation (I'm running 2.11.4-final)?21:37
RaceConditionmgedmin: yes, but it doesn't specify how to set up ZODB with a Twisted app21:37
kittoniani have no issues uploading other files, including 100mb zip files21:37
mgedminsame way you'd set it up with any other app, I suppose21:38
mgedmindb = DB(FileStorage('Data.fs'))21:38
RaceConditionso I set up a global DB instance, and each time I need access to the data, I retrieve a new root object?21:38
RaceConditionand from there on, whenever I need to operate on it, I delegate it to zc.twist.Partial?21:39
* mgedmin is still reading21:39
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mgedminuh, I think so, yes: open one connection at startup, fetch the root or whatever object, then use Partial() for everything21:42
mgedminoh dear, I'd be tempted to stay far far away from this package21:42
mgedminmostly because I don't understand it21:42
mgedmin_methodwrapper.c, yikes21:42
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RaceConditionsame here... to be honest, I just want a for-dummies explanation of why zc.twist is needed and why I cannot just go straight to DB.conn().root()21:43
mgedminwell, if you do, it won't be async21:44
RaceConditionis it so that the twisted reactor wouldn't be blocked during DB access? or is it related to continuing the existing transaction to a deferred.. or what21:44
RaceConditionok, so, zc.twist makes ZODB access async?21:44
RaceConditionhowever, the src of zc.twist does not any ZODB callbacks/polling... so how could that be the case?21:45
RaceConditionI mean, other than polling if there's a usable connection in the pool21:46
RaceConditionmaybe that's it? and everything else will still be blocking?21:46
mgedminI have no idea21:47
mgedminI think you're right, and that zc.twist makes no sense21:48
RaceConditionso I'm back at the beginning :P21:48
RaceConditionmaybe there's somebody here who's used zc.twist/ZODB with Twisted21:49
mgedminI've used ZODB with twisted, but I didn't use zc.twist21:50
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RaceConditionis there any way you could show the relevant excerpts from the source that would help me get the right set up going?21:51
mgedminI'm trying to find the earliest revisions of SchoolTool online, and failing21:54
mgedminthe svn repo was converted into a bazillion bzr repos by people who are not me21:55
mgedminI don't know what is where now21:55
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mcdonci'm talking out of school here a bit, but if the goal is async in general rather than twisted, gevent might be a better way to handle it (if it works with zodb)21:56
mcdonc(given that the api doesnt need to change)21:56
mgedminI don't think zodb has any support for real async...21:56
mgedminmaybe if you use RelStorage with an async postgresql driver or something21:57
mcdoncthe i/o stuff in zodb is generally all-python so gevent might work no21:57
mcdoncat least filestorage anyway21:57
mgedmingevent monkeypatches socket?21:57
mgedminthen ZEOStorage might become async21:58
mgedminI'd want to see serious stress tests before I trusted my data to such a beast...21:58
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RaceConditionsorry, was in sauna22:12
RaceConditionmgedmin: I have the source of SchoolTool.. I'll just investigate that22:12
RaceConditionor I might just use the simplistic approach with zc.twist and no threadpool and see if it works out, and deal with any problems JIT22:13
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mgedminschooltool hasn't been using twisted for many years now22:24
mgedminyou'd need schooltool from 2004 or something22:24
mgedminwhich is what I had difficulties finding22:24
mgedminand besides it used the trivial threadpool solution22:25
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RaceConditionI see22:38
RaceConditionmgedmin: what is a trivial threadpool, and what's the other option?22:38
RaceCondition...obviously non-trivial threadpool, but more precisely :P22:39
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mgedminuhh.... twisted has this reactor.callInThead thing, I don't even remember the spelling22:42
mgedminand then your request handler that gets run in a worker thread opens a db connection, does stuff, commits, closes db connection, invokes reactor.callLater(0, send_http_response, data) or something22:43
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RaceConditionreactor.deferToThread maybe22:44
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mgedminthat's more like it22:44
mgedminand there's probably some threadpool init function where you specify the # of worker threads you want to have22:44
RaceConditionI'm still wondering though why the readme of zc.twist says "Everything can be done within the main thread, so it can be full-bore Twisted usage, without threads."22:45
mgedminit also has a bunch of gotchas22:45
RaceConditionyeah, but still22:46
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RaceConditionmgedmin: I think I'm gonna post to a mailing list, but which one? zope-dev?22:55
mgedminzodb-dev is probably a good one22:56
RaceConditionyeah, I meant zodb-dev, not zope-dev22:57
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