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planetzopebotPlone Conference Earlybird Rate Deadline Extended by One Day - TODAY! (Plone News)
planetzopebotAugust 19th Plone Tune-Up Focuses on Improving Plone's Accessibility (Plone News)
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Solgemacould you help me with that?15:16
SolgemaI'm trying to delete a broken object from my zodb... :(15:16
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Solgemano idea?15:46
Solgema :(15:46
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benjiSolgema: do you know what object(s) have a reference to the broken object?  If so, you might be able to remove those links (assign None if it's an attribute, del it if it is in a container)15:51
Solgemabenji thank you for your answer. what do you mean by " have a reference to the broken object" ?15:54
Solgemathat object does not appear when I iterate through my zodb.15:55
benjiSolgema: if you know which object(s) have a reference to the broken object, then you can remove those references and then the bad object won't affect anything any more (and you can pack it away)15:56
Solgemabenji but how do I find that object(s) ? do you know a procedure?15:57
benjiI'm afraid I don't.  But I'm suprised you don't know at least one, normally broken objects cause problems when you reference them from another object.  Why is this one causing you a problem?15:58
Solgemabenji when I export my plone site and the reimport the zexp file, it throws me that error.15:59
Solgemaand then.15:59
benjihmm, the only thing I can think of is that there are some scripts somewhere (ZODB3 project maybe) that will build an in-memory object graph that you can use to see which objects reference that one16:01
benjithe other possibility is that the data is fine and you're hitting a bug in the export or import proceeses16:01
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SolgemaNo there is a problem in the zodb because I can load that object from storage.16:03
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planetzopebotHow to search for ZCatalog object names (active questions tagged zope - Stack Overflow)
RaceConditionare there any down-to-earth possible-to-understand tutorials/guides for ?17:22
RaceCondition /pypi/z3c.form seems like rocket science if all you want to do is parse and validate HTTP POST requests (or similar)17:23
koshhail freaks!17:23
koshSolgema: actually the object could be broken in storage and probably is, you are probably loading the parent object17:25
koshSolgema: it is likely that only one of the children of some visible object you are using is damaged17:25
koshRaceCondition: sorry I have never used z3c.form17:26
RaceConditionkosh: looks like the same is gonna happen to me as well, as of now :P17:26
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koshSolgema: what I would look for is to see if Products.CacheSetup is still installed on your system you are exporting from and importing to17:27
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planetzopebotWSGI: Bringing web frameworks closer together (Python Secret Weblog)
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RaceCondition_let me reformulate my previous question:19:29
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RaceConditionI have a bunch for persistent classes for each of which there exists a schema; I'd like to be able to take a dict of raw values (from a request, or elsewhere, like command input) and have it generically/automatically parsed and validated according/against a schema19:30
RaceConditionwhat's the simplest way to achieving it? z3c.form seems like an order of magnitude more complicated and powerful than what I need19:30
koshsorry that is just not how I have designed any of my systems and I wish I could help you but I need to get other stuff done right now, I hate moving :)19:44
koshif you stick around though someone might be able to help you later or you could ask on the zope list19:44
* kosh kicks betabug in the head to wake him up19:44
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RaceConditionkosh: thanks, no hurry :) I'm just quite new to all the zope stuff, but like it nevertheless20:44
RaceConditionzope.schema provides everything we need, except raw data parsing20:44
RaceConditionalthough I could just write a simple generic implementation myself20:45
RaceConditionschema introspection and simple casting to appropriate Python types20:45
RaceConditionlike Text* -> unicode, Bytes* -> str, Int -> int, Float -> float, etc... should be quite easy I assume20:47
RaceConditionschema.TypeName._type[0](raw_value)  should even do it20:49
koshI have never used any of those parts of zope20:51
RaceConditionyou haven't used zope.schema?20:54
koshI have never seen a reason to20:54
RaceConditionyeah, I've never used Zope :)20:55
koshI have been writing zope apps since zope 2.0 or so20:55
koshso I wrote custom datatypes long ago for what I needed20:55
RaceConditionI'm sure I'd choose Grok/Plone for building a serious CMS, but for this type of project, ZCA, zope.schema and will suffice20:55
RaceConditionand ZODB20:55
koshI have not used any of those directly except for ZODB20:56
koshalso I would not use Grok20:56
koshI detest what they did with security20:56
koshplone is a better choice then grok20:56
koshgroke is default allow, plone is default deny, zope 2 is default deny20:56
RaceConditionwell, Grok is easier to, well, grok :)20:56
koshI HATE default allow20:56
RaceConditionI'm sure it's easy to change Grok to deny by default20:57
koshit is beyond idiotic and probably 99% of web frameworks are designed that way20:57
koshI did not see a setting for that20:57
koshbut all web frameworks should be default deny20:57
RaceConditionyeah, but it's consitutes about 1% of what I'd base my decision on :P20:57
RaceConditionanyway, gtg20:57
koshdefault allow is why we have so many security problems20:57
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