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indraveniI need support for Zope 2.9.2 version under which I installed plone 2.5.215:32
indraveniactually I am trying to configure zeo clients to increased the site performance15:32
indraveniinstalled in my machine the plone2.5.2 unified installer and configured the server15:32
indraveninow trying to configure some more clients in other systems15:33
indravenibut the mapping to this server from other clients  is not working15:35
indravenihello there?15:35
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koshhmm too bad he left already15:59
koshI wonder what you can actualy do with zope 2.9 + ZEO to increase plone 2.5 performance16:00
koshzope 2.13 is much much faster then 2.9 was with ZEO16:00
koshand my understanding is newer plones are faster then older ones16:00
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lewellynkosh: that person's trying to avoid hiring someone to fix their problem. jfyi. :)17:21
lewellynthey keep giving slightly different information.17:21
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koshah I see17:27
koshsomething like that is too complex to solve without paying someone17:28
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lewellynyup. especially when you can't articulate the scope of the problem, yourself, you shouldn't be dealing with that.17:32
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koshit is amazing how many professional developers have no idea why something is slow17:53
koshand while plone is slow a lot of the slowness I have seen in sites is not because of plone17:53
koshthe worst is when the page is slow but the server is not17:54
koshbut the html is so bad and misordered that the browser just stalls rendering the page and they blame the server17:54
koshI have seen that before where top and wireshark show the server fully sent everything in < 1s but the browser worked on it for about 10 seconds before rendering and the person blamed the server software17:54
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koshsee you freaks later18:07
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lewellynkosh: then there's also the people running behind apache with that broken msie line, and of course they're all using ie. :/18:53
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planetzopebotFramework Team Now Soliciting PLIPS for Plone 4.3 (Plone News)
planetzopebotRoss Patterson chosen as Plone Foundation member (Plone News)
planetzopebotPlone Foundation Secures Domain (Plone News)
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hariomCan anybody give example on how to use Zope's Datetime for age verification?21:51
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koshlewellyn: you mean the line that closes the connection after every hit?22:26
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lewellynkosh: yup22:27
lewellynworks great with modern ajaxy graphics-laden sites122:28
koshI only use apache for one site and that site is going away22:28
koshall my other sites use nginx22:28
koshI got sick and tired of apache bugs22:29
lewellynyeah. i don't use most of the apache-specific stuff.22:29
koshI had apache doing proxy loady balancing for zope and it would screw up data between requests22:29
lewellynif i were putting a tomcat server up or something, i might use apache in front of it for mod_jk, for instance. but yeah...22:29
koshit is a known bug that keeps being opened and closed in apache22:29
koshopened by users, closed by apache devs22:30
lewellynand has been for years, yes22:30
koshit is rare but insanely annoying22:30
koshnginx does not do it at all22:30
koshso if you have 4 zopes talking to zeo and you want to have all of them work as one server then just put nginx in front and call the problem done22:30
koshnginx is lower resource usage, faster and the config format is WAY simpler22:30
lewellyni kind of want to try trafficserver in front of zope at some point though.22:30
koshright now I have no plans to switch from nginx unless something else can do an even better job with less usage of my time22:31
lewellynats looks like it may be useful for certain types of zope sites22:31
lewellynit's lowish priority for me.22:31
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