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ldleworkI was wondering if anyone knew of any relational layers that go ontop of ZODB10:10
ldleworkOr an ORM10:10
ldleworkor schema migration layers10:10
ldleworkIf there's any of those10:11
betabugldlework: I think you have some misunderstanding there about ZODB10:11
betabugyou don't need that stuff10:11
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ldleworkbetabug, nah I know that it is a key,val store10:11
betabugnope, it isn't10:11
ldleworkbetabug, but ZODB certainly needs schema migration stuff10:11
betabugit's a python object store10:11
ldleworkbetabug, that's what I meant, object store10:12
betabugnot the same at all as key,val10:12
ldleworkbetabug, yeah I got it, misspoke sorry10:12
ldleworkbetabug, certainly a schema migration solution is useful even with ZODB10:12
betabugthere is no schema10:12
betabugso there is no schema migration10:12
ldleworkbetabug, sure there is, the attribute list of the class10:12
betabugthat can change at any moment and the DB doesn't care10:13
betabugit will happily store your object (class instance) almost no matter what you do to it10:13
ldleworkbetabug, if I want to add a new attribute to an object in my store how do you go about doing that?10:15
betabugyou add it10:15
betabugif you do not work with Zope, there is a good introduction to the ZODB from Carlos de la Guardia10:17
betabugif you use Zope, you don't really need even that (but then you'll need to learn a whole lot of other stuff)10:17
ldleworkbetabug, right how do you add it?10:19
betabugstandard python syntax10:19
betabugmyobject.myattribute = 710:19
ldleworkbetabug, right but where do you put that?10:19
betabugin your application code10:19
ldleworkbetabug, dude, jesus10:19
betabugthere are lots of examples here:
ldleworkbetabug, what I do is have classes that represent the objects in my store. When I load up the OOBTree I loop through and create new instances of them, loading the value of each old attribute into the new instance10:20
ldleworkbetabug, for new attributes on the class that don't exist in the old instance, I have a special method that provides a default10:21
ldleworkthen I override the object in the store with the new instance, including newly initialized attributes10:21
ldleworkbetabug, this is kind of a schema migration to me10:21
betabugwell, you probably don't have to "override the object in the store", just setting that attribute will be enough10:22
betabuganyway, the answer is: ZODB doesn't do that for you, and I don't know of any software package that does that for you on ZODB10:22
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betabugit's generally assumed that your application will know best how to do this kind of migration10:23
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bigkevmcdThe idea of a ZODB ORM is quite fun tho' :-)10:26
betabugyou'd need an OROM10:26
betabugsomething to translate your objects to relational data and then to ZODB objects10:27
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koshhail insane people15:24
betabughey kosh15:25
koshbetabug: my objects have version numbers and have upgrades15:26
koshbetabug: but I don't replace old objects with new ones, I just make the minimal changes necessary to convert15:26
koshso I don't have as many writes15:26
koshand where possible I just add a new attribute as a class attribute that way all things get some new default but anything can override it15:27
koshalso class defaults save a LOT of space15:27
koshI found over 90% of objects are mostly using various default by usually have 1 or 2 things different15:27
koshso with this method only 1 or 2 things are stored instead of 10 or more15:28
betabugyeah, I agree15:28
koshcool my new hard drive gets delivered today15:28
koshhad a drive fail in one of my servers15:29
betabugI think the main point was that ldlework was confused about what zodb is or isn't15:29
koshyeah it is a different kind of database15:29
koshif you understand it though it can be extremely powerful and fast15:30
koshthe thing about not all objects stored having to store the same information or store all attributes is massively powerful15:30
koshbetabug: so how is your country doing? has it thrown out capitalism yet?15:34
betabugnope, still in the throngs of the big speculators15:35
koshhurry up and throw those aholes out15:35
koshjapan is still in a recession after over 20 years of austerity measures15:35
koshthey won't work15:35
koshausterity measures do not fix an economy15:36
betabugthere isn't much economy left here15:39
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koshbetabug: so just bite the bullet and throw out what is left and make a new one15:47
koshgo for a resource based economy15:48
koshsomething nice and modern15:48
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koshbetabug: if that system does not appeal to you just appoint me overlord of your country and I will fix it :)15:57
betabugit does indeed appeal to me and a lot of people, but currently we live in something like a police dictature15:58
betabugthe constitution is overruled daily, etc.15:58
koshconstitutions seem to be thrown out whenever inconvenient16:02
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betabugeven APIs are more stable these days16:07
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koshthis is why you shoudl just put me in charge16:13
koshI will run greece up the tech curve16:13
koshthe entire focus will be on technology and using it to create better lives16:13
koshno corporations at all16:13
koshit is not like I could do a worse job then your current government16:15
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planetzopebotZope 2 as WSGI application (icemac)
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mejohow does zope handle namespace collisions with eggs?20:49
mejowhile trying to build zope packages for debian, I discovered that two eggs with the same namespace (i.e. and create a namespace collision.20:52
mejothe zope application doesn't find any but the first egg, as it occupies the namespace
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koshno idea on that one I have not run into it20:59
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mejomcdonc: thanks. does zope2 install procedure install/create those namespace packages?21:22
mcdoncmejo: it's a "python thing" rather than a "zope thing"21:23
mcdoncthe packages exist as namespace packages by virtue of having the hair in described in that link21:23
mejosure, but zope is the application that installs all the eggs into a virtualenv.21:23
mcdoncthat'd instead be one of easy_install, pip, or buildout21:24
mcdonczope is the thing being installed21:24
mcdoncbut it doesnt do the installing21:24
mejoyes, but it declares the dependencies21:25
mcdoncthat it does21:25
mejoso the installation app (easy_install, pip, buildout) takes care of creating namespace packages where required?21:25
mcdoncno.. those things dont "create" namespace packages.. they just install them.. a package either is or isn't a namespace package21:26 and are namespace packages21:26
mcdoncterminology is pretty loose here which can be confusing21:27
mcdoncin reality, the thing you download from e.g. pypi called is a *distribution*21:28
mcdoncbut commonly people call them packages, which is technically not correct21:28
mcdoncbecause python already has a concept of a package separate from that21:28
mcdonca distribution can contain N packages21:29
mcdonczero or more of those packages may be a namespace package21:29
mcdoncin zope's case, it's usually a 1-for-1 package-to-distribition mapping21:29
mcdoncso that a distribution named contains one package also named
mcdoncand both zope and are namespace packages21:30
mejook, thanks a lot for the explanations21:30
mejoso if both and contain namespace packages, there's going to be a conflict, or not?21:31
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mejoah it seems that all my problems are related to a bug in distribute:
mejomcdonc: thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated to meet people on IRC who explain things to others, instead of pissing them off ;-)21:50
mcdoncmejo: np ;-)21:56
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koshanyone know why the default for most webservers seems to be that compression is turned off?22:54
betabugprobably because in old times there were browsers who wouldn't get it right23:07
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koshjust seems so strange since modern systems still default to it off23:18
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koshI am trying to help a professor speed up her wordpress site for a project and god wordpress is bed23:22
koshit versions urls but does not set caching headers on them so they revalidate every time23:22
koshno compress is setup23:22
koshsome of the plugins massively slow down the site but no idea which ones because there seems to be no working profiler for it23:23
koshstuff that would take minutes to do in zope, nginx, apache etc turns into a long drawn out process23:23
koshit also has documentation on caching which is completely wrong and useless23:25
koshplone honestly looks better written and easier to maintain ....23:25
koshso betabug you should work hard at making me overlord of greece23:26
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koshback later23:38
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