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zopeplanetbotHotfix for security vulnerability (gmane.comp.web.zope.announce)
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do3ccIs anybody here who can write zope security announcements?12:22
betabugdo3cc: Tres just wrote one, but he appears to not be here12:23
do3ccthere is a small error in the announcement12:24
betabugdunno what backchannel would be right, maybe the zope-dev@ mailing list12:24
do3ccI wonder if it would just be enough to reply to the announce with all lists in cc12:25
do3ccits already on the zope@ list12:25
betabugI guess reply won't work on the announce list itself12:25
do3cczagy: is somebody in your office who can send to announce?12:26
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zopeplanetbot#zope #planetzope I think it is about time to close anytime (Michael Haubenwallner - Google+ User Feed)
betabugd2m: oh no! actually the less frequent the news comes out, the more important it is to have a planet15:10
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zopeplanetbotPython Users Netherlands meeting 20 October 2011 (Weblog)
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koshbetabug: greetings evil lifeform16:26
betabughey kosh16:26
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* kosh sets runyaga on fire and hands out lobster16:27
koshso how are things going?16:27
runyagaso so16:28
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koshso what are your thoughts on enlishing on a ship to explore the universe and never come back to earth except to show off all the cool stuff learned and not share it?16:29
runyagamore exploratin whether that be space or sea16:30
koshI would love to build a submarine like seaquest16:30
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koshI am actually going to try and get a scholarship with the US DOD they would pay for all my college, arrange internships and a job I would work at for at least a few years after graduating but it should would make things easier16:34
koshwould hopefully do biotech stuff like regeneration of tissue and other medical type stuff16:34
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koshI have had several people tell me it is a good idea16:44
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