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gloinHi, I've got Zope 2.12.1 running as part of a ZenOss install, and the Z2.log is highly verbose, often growing faster than a standard logrotation.  Is there any way to set it to something like "error" instead of "info"00:32
* gloin has poked around the wiki but without success00:32
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MrSmileHi people! I am woring on grok, I am a beginner.08:57
MrSmileI am reading this book, so far I understand anything but there are missing issues for me logically.08:57
MrSmileif I have: <li tal:repeat="weapon python:view.weapons" tal:content="weapon">Weapon</li> where must I define the dictionary weapons?!08:58
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RixiMi am using ZODB and get this error: ERROR:ZODB.Connection:Couldn't load state for 0x3315:11
RixiMit seems to be a caching issue because after that error i get this error: TypeError: Cache values must be persistent objects.15:12
RixiMi am using my own objects, which I am sure has something to do with it. I have googled for both errors and have yet to find anything that relates to my problem.15:13
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mgedminho idea, honestly, but a wild guess would be: some persistent class that was stored in the ZODB is no longer persistent in your code base15:15
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RixiMmgedmin: thanks i think that's it, actually.20:27
RixiMmgedmin: yeah, that fixed it, thanks again. I forgot to monkey patch.20:50
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smcmurrayI am trying to restore a v2.9 instance to v2.1021:47
smcmurraybut it doesn't seem to work21:47
betabugwhat problem do you get?21:47
smcmurraybetabug: Unable to connect21:52
smcmurraynothing shows up in /var/log/zope/*21:52
betabugdid you start it with zopectl fg?21:55
smcmurraybetabug: no22:00
smcmurrayjust zopecftl start22:00
betabugwell, try it with fg then and see what output you get on the console22:01
smcmurraybetabug: thx. that was helpful22:03
smcmurraypermission errors22:03
smcmurrayhopefully fixed now22:03
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smcmurrayIs there a way to reset/recover the management password?22:11
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mgedmindoesn't zopectl have subcommand for that?22:14
morphexsmcmurray: to the zope root?  use zopectl yeah22:14
morphexcan't recover, but reset the password from there22:15
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smcmurrayis there a way to dump everything in /content out to the fielsystem?22:21
mgedminI've written a limited script to do that for a subset of content types, for my own use22:22
mgedminI could dig it up, if you're interested22:22
smcmurrayZMI has an import/export, I see22:24
smcmurraybut it looks like it exports to a single .zexp file22:24
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smcmurrayit that a tgz in diguise, or something else useful?22:25
smcmurrayor some custome packaging to be imported back in with ZMI tools only?22:25
mgedminit's a python pickle22:29
mgedmin(with some custom hooks for persistent object references, so don't expect cPickle.load() to work with those)22:30
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mgedminso, you could say it's option B: custom stuff for import with ZMI22:30
mgedminincidentally, that's what my script I mentioned before does: extract a .zexp into a bunch of files and folders, lossily (only some content types, no properties, no permission info)22:31
smcmurrayWhat's the easiest way to get a TTW instance out of zope and into straight html/js/etc?22:31
mgedminZODB is an object database, there's no clear way of representing everything  it can contain as files22:32
smcmurrayI'm just looking for the files, not all the other object stuff22:32
smcmurrayok. I'll back off that statement. I don't know zope well enough to know what I want.22:35
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betabugit mostly depends on what you have in there22:40
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smcmurraybetabug: thx22:54
smcmurrayit looks like it would be easier to scrape the whole site22:54
betabugcould be, depending on what you need22:55
smcmurrayI just want an archive of the site that is not trapped in zope22:55
mgedminrecursive wget22:56
betabugwell, if a static site can encompass that, then ok - the question is if there are functional elements22:56
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smcmurrayit is all static-able22:57
betabugcool then22:57
smcmurraythere isn't any real dynamic content22:57
smcmurrayand scripting something like mgedmin's recurvice wget seems to be easier than any tool zope provides22:58
mgedminyes, zope is not a tool for exporting static websites22:58
mgedminbut I built myself a script to do that :)22:59
mgedminsibling to that other script I was pimping above22:59
mgedminone to extract the page templates, the other one to render them into HTMLs22:59
mgedminso that I could do version-controlled development of a mostly-static zope website and preview it on my local machine22:59
mgedminwithout having to set up zope22:59
smcmurraythanks for your help all23:01
smcmurrayat least I have the instance back up enough to poke at it23:02
betabugyou're welcome23:02
smcmurrayI should be able to scrape it from here23:02
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* mgedmin is trying to remember why he couldn't just set up a local zope instance...23:03
mgedminoh, I just wanted to find syntax errors by running a single command, instead of packing-up-zexp, copying it to the import directory, switching to a web browser and clickety-click importing it, then refreshing a page23:05
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betabugsyntax errors on a static site?23:09
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mgedminsurely you don't expect me to copy and paste the same header/footer to each page by hand?23:35
mgedmintemplates render them23:35
mgedminand tal syntax errors exist23:35
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