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Radix-wrkAnyone awake?  I've got a zope app which has had it's acl_users database completely corrupted.  Is there any way to recreate this easily?04:42
Radix-wrkIf I go to manage and browse to the acl_users folder under the app then it comes up with a database error "listUsers is not connected to a database"04:43
koshwhoa that is massively screwed up04:43
koshyou could delete that object and make a new one04:43
Radix-wrkhow would I go about doing that?04:43
koshdo you know how to add objects in zope?04:43
Radix-wrkI'm very much a newbie I'm afraid.. I've got root access and found the instance location, can run scripts, etc04:44
Radix-wrkthe guy who set this up left years ago and it's been running until now.. I'm just trying to get it working again04:44
koshwel you don't create these things on the filesystem you create them from inside the management interface04:45
koshbut if you don't know anything about it you probably won't create a new one correctly and all existing users will be lost04:45
Radix-wrkI'm logged into manage as zadmin04:45
koshhowever listUsers is not connected to a database indicates to me that it is not corrupted04:46
koshmy first guess is that the users are stored in some external database and zope can no longer connect to that database04:46
koshso some relational database, ldap server etc somewhere that is no longer runnning or had passwords changed04:46
koshwhen the zodb is corrupted you get errors about not being able to load an oid or POSKeyError but not a error about connecting to a database04:47
koshit is something that the person that created it could probably solve in a few minutes or any expert on site could solve quickly but solving it remotely with someone that does not know the system as an intermediary is probably not a viable approach04:47
Radix-wrkfair enough04:48
koshhowever that would be true of any system04:49
koshif you had a php system and someone wrote a custom auth to auth to a postgres database and someone turned off that database you would end up with strange errors that would be a bitch for someone to debug04:49
Radix-wrkHmm.. our ip's have all changed.. so I suspect it was somehow linked to our domain accounts or something04:49
koshgood guess the ip address is probably in the user folder somewhere04:49
Radix-wrkI've scanned through the code on the server and couldn't find anythign ip specific tho04:50
koshit is probably not in the code04:50
koshit is likely inside the user folder web interface04:50
Radix-wrkso how can I look at that?04:50
koshyou usually go to
Radix-wrkGot that.. the app is mailmanager - so I'm guessing under products/mailmanager - though it seems empty04:52
koshinside a webbrowser right?04:53
koshyou should see an acl_users folder somewhere04:53
Radix-wrkyeah, but if I click on it then it brings up that error message that I mentioned04:54
Radix-wrkI'm certain there was no domain account link as I've always had to change passwords manually within the ui05:08
kosh  and see what it does05:08
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