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ToreadorVampireWell crap01:46
ToreadorVampireQuick sanity check that I'm not missing anything (before I go and throw a month of data away).  Say some corruption entered my zodb about a month ago, do I have basically no choice but to truncate the db to the length it was a month ago (and throw away all of the interim data)? …01:47
ToreadorVampire… assuming that can't help me01:48
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ToreadorVampireThe problem is that this corruption wasn't noticed for a very long time but it has a) introduced a showstopper error on the site in question (albeit nobody spotted/reported it for a month) and b) it has totally hosed the zodb in the area of that data …01:49
ToreadorVampire… I was considering creating a new Data.fs and then just copying/rescuing data from the corrupted one, then trashing and recreating the root filestorage 'filesystem' but the corruption stops me even attempting that one :-/01:50
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ToreadorVampireOK, well - this restore from last-known-good backup has done it, but damn, that's nearly a month of data gone :(02:03
ToreadorVampireI must honestly say that I'd rather the zodb crashed, shut itself down and refused to do anything as soon as it sees corruption, rather than continue on.  If it had blown up ~ a month ago I could have fixed this problem back then and wouldn't have to email a customer today to tell them I have rolled back a month of website changes02:04
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ToreadorVampireSo - perhaps a more "useful" question rather than a general rant:  Is there a (relatively 'cheap' to run) utility that I can use to "just test" a Zope database (filestorage/Data.fs) that it is not corrupted in some way (forget fixing it, I just want a test at this point)?02:48
ToreadorVampireIdeally something that exits with a sane return code like 0 for "no problemo" and 1 for "Uh oh, your zodb is hosed"?02:48
ToreadorVampireThen I can wire that up to nagios and have it check it each morning.  It seems that simply checking that all of my hosted Zope/Plone sites load OK over HTTP is not enough to be assured that Zope is not in some way grinding metal and going to cause me a headache in ~a month or so02:50
ToreadorVampireIf I know about the problem early then I can email clients and say "Ooh, I see your website has developed an error, hold off on changes, I'm going to revert to backup tonight" instead of the email I'm sending at the moment saying "Sorry guys, everything you did on this site since 23rd October is gone"02:51
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ToreadorVampireHrm, only blows up with an error exit code if there's REALLY serious corruption :-/02:59
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ToreadorVampireAnd wants to make changes to the db.  Maybe I'll use as a base and then hack at it in order to create a "do not make changes, just report on the integrity of the analysed zodb" function03:05
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mitchell`anyone remember the name of that buildout extension that tells you if there are newer versions of products available?16:29
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agroszermitchell`, buildout.dumppickedversions ?16:30
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mitchell`I mean, even if the versions are pinned, it checks for newer point releases16:32
mitchell`and doesn't install them, but tells you about them.16:32
mitchell`it was mentioned at Plone conference16:32
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mitchell` for anyone interested.16:34
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giacomoshi all, I'm filling out the Zope contributor agreement, the 'employer name' is a mandatory field? how am I supposed to find a "committer who can vouch for me" (I'm mostly active in plone development)?19:35
mitchell`who knew there was a zope contributor agreement? I can't even find a page on the site talking about how to contribute.19:43
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* mitchell` wonders how to navigate there from or zope2.zope.org19:45
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