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leprihi guys20:43
leprisomeone know some information about this?20:43
lepriif this is a bug20:43
betabuglooks like the client cache still had the old data - but no idea how that could happen, as writes would have been "given" to the ZEO server20:46
betabugbut reading the conclusion "If you ever have to replace your Data.fs, restart your zeoserver as soon as you do so.", I'd say that's pretty obvious20:46
betabugin fact I would shut down the ZEO server before replacing the Data.fs20:47
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betabuglepri: tried to leave a comment, but your blog ate it ;-)20:50
koshactually this is because of how unix works20:51
koshunix files systems are refcounted20:51
koshonce the refcount drops the zero the file will be deleted20:51
koshif you have a file open in an app and delete it from somewhere else the file is not delete until the app closes since it has an open filehandle20:51
betabugso ZEO continued to write to the ghost file20:52
koshwell it is not a ghost file20:52
koshZEO has no idea the file was delete from the cli, file manager etc20:52
koshthe file it has open is still completely valid20:53
koshif you tell it to pack the file you will have a fully working packed database20:53
koshand a file entry will exist in file managers, cli etc again20:53
koshit is actually a very useful feature20:53
betabugbut it would be hard to bring it back20:53
koshit is why you can upgrade a unix box and not reboot20:53
koshif you pack it you get it back pretty much minus history20:54
koshso long as it does not crash while packing20:54
lepribetabug: its not my blog, but this happend with me today20:54
betabuglepri: aha20:54
koshlepri: the point is that it has nothing to do with ZEO or Zope it is a general unix thing20:54
leprikosh: ok...20:55
leprithanks for explanation, guys! :-)20:56
leprikosh: there anything we can do for this not happen again?21:00
betabugsure, shut down ZEO before replacing a Data.fs - the obvious thing21:00
koshshut down zope, shut down zeo, replace Data.fs, start zeo, start zope21:02
lepribetabug: but we didn't do this... we just restart the zeo server21:02
betabugI think kosh answered that :-)21:06
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