IRC log of #zope for Saturday, 2012-01-07

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brijithmachow to add products to zope..?14:58
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betabugbrijithmac: assuming Zope 2: unpack them in the "Products" directory15:09
betabugassuming zope 2.13, also enable product detection in zope.conf15:09
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koshbetabug: greetings lifeform20:15
betabughey kosh20:15
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koshbetabug: so has your country collapsed into a fiery pit yet? have you managed to throw the financial people in first?20:36
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betabughaha, no, everybody is simply miserable and quiet20:44
koshhmm you guys need to realy get on that one20:52
koshit is not like the normal ethics rules apply to bankers ;)20:52
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