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do3ccHi, I don't understand the latest security announcement. When I follow the link to the cve, the cve states that very old zope versions are already fixed. Has the wrong cve been linked in the announcement?13:23
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betabugdo3cc: we had a bunch of security announcements that didn't affect versions before 2.1113:40
betabugbecause they were caused by changes to the code that happened after 2.1013:40
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do3ccthe security announcement of today states that older versions are affected too13:41
betabugdidn't see that one yet13:41
betabugyeah, found it now13:42
do3ccit links to new zope 2.12 and 2.13 versions, and says that for older versions a hotfix exists13:42
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do3ccthen the cve in the message links to an old cve that states zope 2.12.3 and newer is not affected13:43
betabugyeah, but it also links to the hotfix13:43
do3ccthere are new new cve related to zope that mentions xss13:43
betabugmaybe it's because it says "updated"13:46
betabugnope, the "updated" refers to something else13:47
betabugthe confusing thing is that the CVE is from 02/23/1013:49
do3ccNo point in guessing. I'll ask tres13:52
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betabugok, hotfix applied everywhere(TM)14:13
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koshhail peoplies!15:20
* lewellyn tosses marshmallows at kosh 15:26
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* kosh roasts them with hellfire15:31
koshso how is your evil going?15:32
lewellynright now, my evil is being tempered by an mmo for the next 90 minutes or so15:33
lewellynthen i have warm evil to heat up further15:33
koshI wish I had more time for games right now class and work is keeping me too busy15:37
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lewellynit's almost 060015:44
lewellyni get up at 070015:44
lewellyntill then, i have time for games :)15:44
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lewellynit's amazing how closely mmorpgs mimic real life. my next task is to spend a couple minutes killing ants.15:57
lewellynprobably will have to get rid of spiders next.15:57
koshwhat game are you playing?15:57
lewellynperfect world international15:58
lewellyneven though the publisher is trying to kill it, it's still a good game if you ignore the idiots who have flocked to it recently15:58
koshI play star trek online pretty much but not much anymore15:59
lewellynyeah. i got addicted to perfect world in 2005 or 2006 on the malaysian (english) server, before the .us server came out15:59
lewellyni find it to be a game with good team strategy and a general sense of serenity. i like that for relaxation time.16:00
lewellynand i should be at my ants now... bbiaf.16:00
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lewellynalso like real life, there's lots of waiting16:07
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teratornhi can anyone forsee any critical issues with moving a zope instance and zodb file from a zope 2.10.6 installation to a zope 2.10.5 installation?18:27
betabugteratorn: moving it backwards in versions??18:28
teratornchanging OS'es and those are the versions that are provided via packages18:29
betabugwell, since 2.10 is really old (and also unsupported), I'd suggest to install from source18:29
betabugand take the latest in the 2.10.x series18:30
betabugassuming you really need 2.10!18:30
betabuglatest is 2.1318:30
teratornwill there be an issue with that? I do believe I've tried newer zopes before and I had to rollback18:30
teratornas far as upgrading the database... newer versions of the Products ,etc18:30
betabugyes, going to 2.13 can be problematic, have to test18:30
betabugupgrading the DB is not the problem, compatibility of Products is18:31
teratornnew Products, with old-schema data?18:31
betabugthere is no schema, the ZODB is an object database18:32
betabugthat's not the problem18:32
betabugbut lots of other things have changed18:32
teratornobjects have attributes18:32
teratornthere is still a schema :)18:32
teratornperhaps less formal than some other types of DBs18:32
betabugit's freeform, you can change it at will18:33
betabugyou can add an attribute to one single object, the other similar objects don't need to be bothered18:33
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teratornbut objects have to be upgraded18:33
teratornif they followed an older ad-hoc schema that the new code doesn't understand, right?18:33
betabugif the code requires a new attribute, maybe yes18:33
teratornyeah, something like that18:34
betabugif it's well coded (e.g. with sane defaults), not18:34
betabugworst case is turning an attribute into a method18:34
teratornof the same name... that would be nutty18:34
betabugit makes things complicated18:35
betabuganyway, at least try to get to the latest 2.10.x version18:38
teratornyeah, I suppose so18:41
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koshwhat I do is just set class attributes for default and give each object a version number18:44
koshthe I can just run a script and upgrade all old objects to new objects very easily but the system still works until then18:44
betabugkosh: yes, but supposed you want to turn an attribute into a method with the same name18:46
betabugthat is a bit more complicated18:47
betabugor even the other way around18:47
koshyeah I don't do that18:47
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