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davetootextarea ==> list vs textarea ==> single string?01:12
davetoo(yeah, I think I just answered my own question there.  must be.)01:12
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BraceI've inherited an old zope/plone website, unfortunately the server crashed yesterday and it seems to have killed zope and the website won't come back up18:00
betabughow did you try to start it up?18:00
Bracewhen I run zopectl fg, I get messages such as ERROR root Exception while rendering an error message and AttributeError: main_template18:00
Braceand the website is at (for the error message there if you want to look at that)18:01
betabugBrace: can you put the output on a pastebin?18:01
betabugthe output of zopectl fg18:01
Bracezopectl in the zope instance bin/ dir, there is also a init.d script for zope which I've tried18:02
Braceok willdo18:02
Braceand it's (no 's' sorry)18:04
BraceI've tried completely restoring the whole instance from backups, but that doesn't seem to make any difference18:04
betabugdoesn't look like a broken db18:05
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betabugactually this doesn't look like errors you'd get when your zope doesn't want to start up18:10
Bracesorry, should be more explict, zope will start, but then doesn't display a site, the error message starts  'Site Error: An error was encountered while publishing this resource. '18:11
Braceif you go to you should see the error message18:11
mgedminBrace, can you log into the ZMI?18:12
betabugI avoid going to unknown sites that people give me on IRC :-)18:12
Bracebetabug: fair enough :D18:12
BraceI'll pastebin it for you18:12
Bracemgedmin: yes, that does work18:13
mgedminBrace, if you go to the error log there, you should see a better traceback18:14
mgedminit should tell you which page template expression failed18:15
Brace'No exceptions logged' in the error_log18:15
mgedminhave you restarted zope after you last got that error?18:16
Bracebut when I go to '' I get a site error18:16
Bracewell currently zope is running as 'zopectl fg' in a screen window18:17
BraceI guess I should start it properly?18:17
mgedminno, that's fine18:17
mgedminI don't remember if the error log gets wiped on restart, but it sounds plausible18:17
mgedmin says ""18:18
mgedminand "(Also, the following error occurred while attempting to render the standard error message, please see the event log for full details: main_template)"18:18
* mgedmin shrugs18:19
mgedminyou need to debug this18:19
mgedmin(or restore from backups, if you're not up for debugging)18:19
Bracepart of the site is working - which uses ZPhotoSlides (I wouldn't visit that URL as Leg Ulcers are really horrible to look at)18:19
Bracesadly, these are the backups :(18:20
mgedminah! and here I was assuming "legulcer" was a french word or something18:20
BraceI've tried two different backup sets already18:20
Bracenope, it's not, it's a rather grim medical thing18:21
Braceok well thanks for your help, I'll start looking at the debugging section of the website18:22
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Braceis there any mileage in installing a more recent version of zope and trying that?  as the version on this server is *very* old?18:23
betabugyou need the version of zope that matches with your version of plone18:24
mgedminupgrading zope usually leads to more errors, not less18:24
mgedminas you find your products are incompatible etc.18:24
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Bracemgedmin: betabug: fair enough I had a feeling you'd say something like that18:42
Bracehow possible is it to recover the text and stuff from the site and put it all on another server?18:44
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mgedmindefinitely possible18:44
Bracei.e. is there a database viewer for the data.fs file?18:46
mgedminooh ooh ohh!18:48
mgedminI've never tried it on Zope 2 files18:48
mgedminit'll probably fail18:48
mgedminbut it might work ;)18:48
BraceI'll give it a try, thanks :D18:49
mgedminI've also a set of tools for converting Zope 2 sites to static sites that parse the .zexp format produced when you import the site from the ZMI18:49
* mgedmin migrated his personal website from zope 2 to blogofile a couple of weeks ago and freed 1 gig of RAM on his server18:50
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Bracenever heard of blogofile, but looks a bit like the old Greymatter software18:56
Bracewhich I thought was really rather good18:56
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smhey congrats mgedmin19:23
smI've been meaning to do that forever19:23
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smthough mine is only using a couple of hundred M, but I can use those19:25
smI'll snapshot with wget, I think19:25
mgedminthat's what I did for out internal company zwiki19:25
* mgedmin checks his /root/Changelog19:26
mgedminah, we wanted to upgrade that server to ubuntu 10.04, and discovered that zope2.10 and zope-zwiki were removed from the archive19:27
mgedminso I set up python-moinmoin instead and spidered the old wiki with wget19:27
mgedmin(oh that was a fun upgrade...)19:30
smbooo moinmoin! sssssss!19:31
mgedminI briefly considered ikiwiki19:31
mgedminbut wasn't sure I wanted to hack perl if I needed something nonstandard19:32
mgedminmoin was... painful19:32
smstill using it ?19:32
mgedminfor som evalues of using19:33
mgedmin10 edits since july 201119:33
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mlechnerzope2. is it possible to store files (images, audio, video) in a session? any documentation?21:29
mlechneranybody out there?21:37
* mgedmin is here, doesn't know the answer21:40
mlechnermgedmin: thank you. now I can be sure my question has been posted. ;-)21:42
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betabugstoring images in a session? baaaaad idea22:18
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J1mbetabug, why do you think storing images in sessions is a bad idea? We do it all the time. Works great.22:46
betabugI learned long ago that session storage should be kept as small as possible22:46
betabugthough I don't remember where I got it from22:46
J1mI suspect we have different contexts and assumptions.22:47
J1mThe way people generalize about sessions is frustrating.22:47
J1mWe use ZODB-backed sessions with blobs.22:47
betabugwell, the guy asked about "zope2"22:47
J1mWe also keep the session store in the database where we'll end up storing the images, so we don't have to copy.22:47
J1mI assume some version of Zope 2 can work that way.22:48
J1mGotta go22:48
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betabugthanx, hf!22:51
betabugwell, probably back in the days storing big stuff in the "standard" session wasn't a good idea22:52
betabugbut ofcoz, back then blobs were unheard of either :-)22:52
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