IRC log of #zope for Monday, 2012-02-06

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drobbinsanyone know how to do the equivalent of IContentType ZCML stuff in Zope2 + Five?02:47
drobbinsok, I guess zope 2 has meta type and portal type02:52
* kosh wonders what IContentType ZCML stuff is03:01
drobbinsI am learning zope 2 + five from scratch03:11
drobbinsvery tricky as I wasn't around during the whole development of 2->303:11
drobbinsso I have to grab a zope 3 book and figure out what's different.03:11
koshI never made the 3 transition03:12
koshand I have not used any of the 3 stuff stuck in 2 pretty much03:13
drobbinsthat is what most people seem to have done03:13
drobbinshow did you learn zope 2 then?03:13
drobbinsthere were a bunch of zope 3 books that came out in 2005ish03:13
drobbinsweb resources are a bit lite on docs.03:13
koshI learned zope 2 about 12 or so years ago and have just kept up with it pretty much03:14
drobbinsmore than a bit lite03:14
drobbinsfigured :)03:14
drobbins^^^ I am putting my notes here.03:14
drobbinsright now I am trying to get something like a TODO to display in plain text in the browser.03:15
drobbinsI am following the worldcookery book, trying to make stuff work in zope2.03:15
drobbinsI may be trying to use zope 3 ZCML03:15
koshzope won't actually run as a the root user, if you try to run it as root it binds to the port and drops privelages03:15
drobbinsand it will complain that you need to pick a user in the config file03:16
drobbinsso I just said "run as a non-root user"03:16
koshwhat I do is run nginx in front of zope03:16
koshand take apache out back and shoot it03:16
drobbinszope actually seems pretty nice with working docs03:17
drobbinsI have added a "browser" sub-package and am trying to use it to display stuff in browser03:17
drobbinsdoes zope 2 have a <browser:page > directive in ZCML?03:18
drobbinsIContentType is the zope 3 way of doing meta_type portal_type03:18
koshI have never used ZCML with zope 203:18
drobbinswell let me ask you this03:19
drobbinsif you had a persistent object, and wanted to write some basic skeleton code to display the object's name in a browser using a "browser" sub-package, how would you do it?03:19
koshI have no idea what a browser subpackage is03:20
koshI just write zope 2 style products and so just define methods and security on the method for it to display03:20
drobbinsyou mean on the class?03:20
koshyes on the persistent class03:20
drobbinshow do you do that? :)03:21
koshit looksl ike the website I had bookmarked on how to do that no longer exists03:22
drobbinsI am running into that problem.03:23
drobbinsmaybe you could give me the link and I could try wayback machine on it03:23
drobbinsI also have another question :)03:24
drobbinswhen you "zopectl start", is there a ZODB that is created automatically?03:24
drobbinsI created a flat file ZODB thru zopectl debug03:25
koshflat file ZODB?  when you create a zope instance it is supposed to use this skel dir somewhere and create a basic instance including a default Data.fs03:25
drobbinsand that is a FileStorage?03:26
drobbinsI'd imagine so03:26
drobbinskosh: have you used views and viewlets?03:29
koshthat would be FileStorage and it is not a flat file db03:29
koshnope I have not used those03:29
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drobbinsin zopectl debug, what is the easiest way to get to the default ZODB?04:06
drobbinscan I get to it via the app object?04:06
koshsee if app.getPhysicalRoot() works04:09
koshI wish I could help more but I am pretty busy working on fluid mechanics stuff :)04:09
drobbinsok :)04:11
drobbinsa.getPhysicalRoot() returns an Application04:11
drobbinsapp.getPhysicalRoot == app04:12
drobbinsI see Control Panel and index_html in object_ids04:12
koshthat is already the root of your db then04:12
drobbinsI get a traceback when trying to add something04:16
drobbinsand I don't get the traceback when I add to a custom FileStorage that I create04:16
drobbinsAttributeError: type object 'Recipe' has no attribute 'manage_fixupOwnershipAfterAdd'04:16
drobbins^^^ that is the issue.04:17
drobbinsdo I need another mix-in?04:17
drobbinsright now the object is a subclass of Persistent only04:17
drobbinsdo I need to add "Item" ?04:18
drobbinsmaybe so?04:18
drobbinsthat appeared to fix it :)04:19
drobbinscool, now it is showing up in the UI04:20
drobbinsit won't render. I imagine if I implement an index_html() method, that might fix that?04:20
drobbinsnope, seems like I need something else.04:22
drobbinsI am gettin raw HTML saying "resource not found"04:22
drobbinsjust a render issue, I can get to it from zopectl debug.04:23
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