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lahwranis this the right place to ask about zope.interface? I'm curious how best to make an adapters that work with tuple, list, dict, and str02:24
lahwranand uh, how would you recommend I do that?02:27
encolpebut it's the only answer I can gie to you02:27
lahwranoh darn02:27
encolpetime to sleep for me02:28
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lahwranat the end of this:
lahwranwhy is it asking me to clean out the adapters list?06:40
lahwrandoes it really expect me to add my hook to it any time I need to use my interfaces?06:41
lahwranI was planning to put it in and leave it for the runtime of the program06:41
lahwranwait no, that wouldn't work, because there is no way for me to say "I don't have a result" from the adapter hook06:42
lahwranor is there06:42
lahwrangah this is horribly under-documented06:42
lahwranI'm considering writing my own interfaces thing just to avoid figuring this nonsense out06:43
lahwranokay so yeah, I can return None to indicate no result, but what will registry.lookup1 do if there is no result?06:45
lahwranoh it just returns None06:48
lahwranwait no it throws an error06:48
lahwranwait no that doesn't happen if I do s.lookup1(IDerp, IFoo, '')06:50
lahwranwtf does zope.interface.providedBy do, then? it returns an iterator, but I can't pass in a list?06:50
lahwranthis is bullshit06:51
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lahwranzope.interface.implementer is documented as implementor09:38
lahwranscroll down the changelog to 3.6.009:38
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clocktoplonecan someone clarify on usage of clockserver on plone 412:29
betabugclocktoplone: try #plone12:30
clocktoploneand am getting this error : ERROR ZPublisher BeforeTraverse: Error while invoking hook: "acl_users"12:31
betabugclocktoplone: try asking in #plone12:32
clocktoplonebetabug: isn't this a zope issue?12:33
clocktoplonezeoserver and client related if you are familiar12:34
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betabugdid the people in #plone tell you it's a zope issue?12:34
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clocktoplonebetabug: they are unable to solve12:51
betabugcan you put the full traceback on a pastebin too?12:51
betabug(I don't have much time, but I could take a quick look)12:51
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betabuguhmmmm, why do you think it has anything to do with clockserver?13:02
betabugI just see that you have a lot of imports failing13:02
clocktoplonebetabug: but why13:02
clocktoplonei have given admin pwd13:02
betabugis this a fresh install?13:02
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clocktoplonethe view http://localhost:9999/Plone/updateview is working fine .13:03
clocktoplonei had buildout.cfg13:03
betabugwell, no fresh install, no upgrade? what is it?13:03
clocktoplonethen i did a buildout with production.cfg for zeoserver with 2 clients13:04
clocktoploneone client starts up fine13:04
clocktoplonethe other client which has this clock server also starts but gives error13:04
betabugwell, the buildout didn't work for that other client13:04
betabugprobably the eggs are not installed there13:05
betabugforget about clockserver, that seems to start fine13:05
betabugin the instance of the 2nd client13:05
clocktoplonebut client1 and client2 both have almost similar zope.conf s except for the clockserver part13:06
betabugsorry, I don't know that buildout setup - you really should ask this stuff in #plone13:06
betabugit's not a zope.conf issue13:06
betabugit's a buildout issue13:06
encolpeclocktoplone, try to launch the following in a terminal: wget http://admin:admin@localhost:9999/Plone/updateview13:09
clocktoplonelooks like that only .13:09
clocktoploneencolpe: that works13:09
clocktoploneactually the sys.path[0:0] =  part in client1 and client2 are both very different13:10
encolperemove bin/instance? and rerun bin/buildout13:11
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blobzopei have a dictionary object . it will be regularly changing by clockserver . how do i access it from other modules?16:38
betabugblobzope: it's stored in the db?16:40
blobzopeit in a file16:40
blobzopelike import filedict16:41
betabuga file on the file system?16:42
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blobzopeyes in plone folders16:42
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blobzopebetabug : had some n/w problems16:49
betabugok, well, I think you want to ask in #plone or rather read up on how it's done in the plone world then16:50
betabugit will be quite different from a stock zope solution16:51
betabugat least I guess so :-)16:51
blobzopewhat's the stock zope solution.16:52
betabugput it into an object, put that into the db, access it from anywhere :-)16:53
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blobzopebetabug: would there be security issue16:54
blobzopecan i set permissions16:54
blobzopeto be used from a particular view16:54
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betabughow about you read some books? :-)16:57
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blobzopebetabug: ok i went with grok.global_utility but still the object when changed in alternate debug prompts dont change18:44
betabugdid you commit the transaction?18:44
blobzopewell the transaction is just reload(module)18:45
blobzopedid reload in one prompt. the getUtility() gave me the changed value.18:46
blobzopein the other prompt there was no change18:46
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blobzopebetabug^ (incase you have highlight on and waiting for it :) )18:54
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* mgedmin smells thread-local caches19:01
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mgedminreload() is not a very useful thing in Python19:02
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blobzopemgedmin: i agree19:05
blobzopebut do we have anything like SetUtility and if yes can we call it by a clockserver19:05
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mgedminit sounds like an incredibly bad idea to me19:10
blobzopemgedmin : how do i periodically change my global utility19:13
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blobzopehow do i periodically change/set/reset global utility20:50
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