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phrearch_anyone tried to run zope in pypy?13:04
phrearch_i installed zope2.13.13 in a pypy virtualenv, which compiled after making a few changes to the c-extensions, but i still get this error13:05
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phrearch_ehm never mind. i installed manuel13:15
phrearch_starting from ./bin/zopectl fails to import zope namespace packages though13:15
phrearch_how can i test whether zope works?13:19
phrearch_zopectl seems to be broken13:19
phrearch_is it possible to start zope in another way?13:20
phrearch_like import zope; zope.start()13:20
giacomosphrearch_: you can run it in a buildout environment13:23
phrearch_giacomos: ive installed zope through pip13:24
phrearch_i experimented a bit with getting pypy to compile zope13:24
phrearch_that worked, but now it fails to execute the scripts13:25
giacomosphrearch_: I think it's not officially supported13:25
phrearch_import errors where the python in virtualenv imports just fine13:25
phrearch_im pretty sure its not13:25
phrearch_just wondering if it could work like this13:25
phrearch_probably should use buildout13:26
phrearch_do you know of a zope only buildout?13:26
phrearch_weird thing is that the control scripts from buildout look very different than with pip13:33
goschtlphrearch_: i fear zope does not run under pypi13:34
goschtlnot pypi i mean pypy13:34
phrearch_goschtl: worth a try13:35
phrearch_giacomos: thanks!13:35
goschtlphrearch_: yes of course, i read somewhere that some packges (zope.interfce) does not work13:36
phrearch_goschtl: zope.interface worked13:36
goschtlphrearch_: yes maybe i am wrong13:36
phrearch_there were some c-extensions that didnt work, but that only required small changes13:37
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phrearch_Acquisition, and ExtensionClass13:37
phrearch_zodb also needed a small patch13:37
phrearch_and zope.proxy and another one13:37
phrearch_weird thing is if i try the control scripts from the buildout, then i get some cross cursor, and when i click it, it says "unexpected EOF":13:39
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tzicatlI'm testing my app with a My code uses the catalog, and I'm having a ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.intid.interfaces.IIntIds>, '')21:24
tzicatlAny idea on how to setup my test fixture so I can continue testing21:24
suptontzicatl: setSite() ?21:25
tzicatlsupton: Let me try that21:25
tzicatlsupton: Noup, it still fails with the same stuff :(21:32
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suptonwell, figure out what registers the local intid utility?21:33
tzicatlsupton, do you know a project  that does similar thing with tests? So I can take a look at how do the do it?21:34
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suptontzicatl: no21:35
suptontzicatl: not with intid utility21:35
suptontzicatl: I have only done this in plone context21:35
tzicatlsupton: Ohh, plone differs....21:35
suptontzicatl: right21:35
suptontzicatl: but the idea should be the same, you need to figure out what part of your layer is responsible for ensuring that the intid utility is registered, no?21:36
tzicatlsupton: Yeah. Right now it is a subclass of
tzicatlI'm looking at zope.intid test and it setups a bunch of stuff from zope.component :/21:39
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suptontzicatl: you might have to construct the IntIds utility like does21:41
suptontzicatl: construct and register with local site manager via getSite().getSiteMaanager().registerUtility()21:42
tzicatlsupton: Can i do that in my layer?21:43
suptontzicatl: I'm under the impression that you will need to21:44
tzicatlOkay, let's try that21:44
suptontzicatl: that is what five.intid tests do (using Zope2 ZopeTestCase, but still, same idea applies)21:44
suptonconstruct the IntIds utility component, register it with local site manager, and hopefully all is well21:45
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nfbvhi, i'm installing Python with zc.buildout and it tells me it can't find python.h.  is this file necessary since it's installing an isolated Python instance?23:14
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tzicatlnfbv: Yes23:24
tzicatlnfbv: Install the python development headers23:24
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tzicatlnfbv: In debian/ubuntu the package name is python-dev23:25
tzicatlnfbv: In fedora/RHEL/Centos/Amazon AMI the package is python-devel23:26
tzicatlsupton: All right, I registered my utility component, but if fails with "AttributeError: type object 'IntIds' has no attribute '__iro__'"23:28
tzicatlI'm using zope.intid.IntIds as the implementer of IIntIds ...23:29
suptontzicatl: are you registering an *instance* of IntIds or the class itself.23:30
suptontzicatl: sounds like the latter, do the former23:30
tzicatlsupton: fails in both ways23:31
tzicatlI'm doing:23:31
tzicatl        root = self.getRootFolder()23:31
tzicatl        sm = getSiteManager(root)23:31
tzicatl        sm.registerUtility(IIntIds, IntIds(), 'intids')23:31
suptontzicatl: you have the argument order wrong in registerUtility, I think23:32
suptontzicatl: should be sm.registerUtility(IntIds(), provided=IIIntIds, name=u'intids') # I think23:33
tzicatlsupton: Yeah, that was it. However,I returned to the same ComponentLookupError :(23:34
suptontzicatl: try registering without the name23:35
tzicatlsupton: same23:35
suptontzicatl: I suspect the lookup is just looking for IIntInds23:35
suptonwell, pdb where the ComponentLookupError is getting raised, and try doing lookups yourself23:35
suptonand make sure that getSite() from pdb gives you what you expect23:36
suptonand make sure that you can get your site manager23:36
nfbvtzicatl: i already have python-devel installed23:36
suptonsomething more fundamental than this one registration might be at issue, but I am not sure what23:36
tzicatlsupton: Would it be that I'm doing all this in my Layer?23:37
suptontzicatl: dunno23:37
* tzicatl sighs 23:37
tzicatlnfbv: Which os are you using?23:38
suptontzicatl: I have not done testing in the ztk / bluebream / grok contexts23:38
suptonoutside of using plone23:38
tzicatlsupton: So, I'm gonna do some more tries23:38
suptontzicatl: I still suspect you need to get into pdb to figure this out from the inside out, not deductively from poking at your layer23:39
tzicatlsupton: yeah23:39
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