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nandehey guys, sorry if here's not the place, i'm having trouble to install ZODB using mingw, any charitative soul here?10:12
betabugno idea, but maybe if you ask a question or post a traceback somewhere, someone could answer10:12
betabug(I don't even know what mingw is)10:13
nandei've been working on python a lot, but i had lots of weird errors10:15
betabugagain: if you ask an actual question or post a traceback, someone *could* maybe help10:16
nande <<10:17
nandeit complains about not importing zodb/ the file exists and get compiled as .pyc10:18
nandegoogle a little i've found someone said that for the results of the import at the bottom of the paste, zodb dont have it's extensions installed... which i think is the problem with mingw10:18
betabugwell, are you sure the python you are using is the one where you installed the stuff?10:19
nande... mmm yeah10:19
nandei tried installing zodb from pip, but it complained about not having msvarsc.bat or something like that.10:20
betabugdunno about that10:20
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nande:/ thanks anyway, is a wierd message anyway.10:21
nandeand there arent any binary packages for zodb10:21
betabugmaybe it needs an environment to compile some C extensions10:21
nandewell, i dotn have visual studio on that machine10:21
nandei tried using mingw but then it complained that the cc1.exe: error: no se reconoce la opci?n de l?nea de ?rdenes '-mno-cygwin' (doesnt recognize option -mno-cygwin)10:23
betabugfrom what I heard about python in windows, you have to compile the extensions with the same compiler as python was compiled - not sure if this is still true though10:23
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nandem true enough i never get anything compiled with ming and python.. well maybe once, but this other machine isnot mine...10:24
nandei hope thre's a free way to get the mscompiler10:24
betabugdo you absolutely have to have a windows environment?10:25
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nandelol that's not a solution,10:26
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nandeone of the devs uses that. i cant change it.10:26
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nandei also use windows, but i have the microsoft compiler10:26
betabugyou could compile it on your machine and move it over10:26
nandeguess i'll have to, i was fearing it will break somehow,10:27
nandei'll see if i can do some bdist_msi10:27
nandebetabug: do u have any experience with zc.buildout?10:28
betabugyeah, using that in one project now10:30
betabugbut I didn't do the setup myself :-)10:30
nandeis it hard? should i use that?10:30
betabugit won't solve this problem10:30
betabugit's good to make a defined setup for things, once you have it figured out10:30
agroszernande, why on earth you want to compile yourself?10:32
agroszereggs on pypi are there10:32
nandeas i stated before , there arent any binary builds. when i run pip install (easyinstall) it ask for compiling..10:32
agroszerwhich python version?10:33
agroszerand which ZODB?10:33
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nandelatest version10:33
nandethe page says is 3.10.5 if i dont remember wrong10:33
agroszerthat's the binary10:34
nandeit says it need msvarsc.bat10:34
agroszereasy_install should eat that without probs10:34
nandecoudlnt find it on internet, and says it could be fixed using mingw10:34
nandethanks agroszer will try10:34
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nandedong a bdist_smi was lots faster lol, i shoudl try that b410:35
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nandemust be a bug in pip install, will try with easy_install later, thanks a lot agroszer and betabug10:36
nandebtw, i wrote a monography about zodb in spanish, if you'd like to have a spanish "zodb howto" just tell me10:36
agroszerannounce that on zodb-dev@zope.org10:37
nandeok, i dont like to spamm on devlists, but sounds nice :)10:37
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agroszernande, just tried c:\Python27\Scripts>easy_install.exe ZODB310:42
agroszerinstalled it incl. all dependencied OK10:43
nandei'm assumming u dont have microsoft compiler on that machine right?10:43
nandemust be something with pip then10:45
agroszerI guess10:45
agroszernever used pip10:45
nandeguess you should not believe when a site says "its better than x"10:45
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sahidHi all13:56
sahidI have a question about buildout, Can i ask this question here?13:56
sahidMy server has a version of boto in /usr/lib/.../boto, in my buildout.cfg I have configured another version of boto13:58
sahidbut when I execute my python script it always uses the not good version13:58
sahidthe version from /usr/lib...13:58
sahiddo you have any advice for me?13:58
goschtlsahid: can you paste your buildout.cfg13:59
goschtli guess you have to run with bin/boto13:59
sahidyes sure13:59
goschtlinstead of using the global one13:59
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sahidI guess I have to use extra-path in the section [boto] But because i'm not really good in buildout I prefered to get advice14:03
goschtlsahid: do you have a bin/boto?14:03
sahidit's just a lib used by kombu used by celery14:05
goschtlsahid: sorry no idea14:05
sahidarf :/14:05
sahidgoschtl, thank you anyway.14:06
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