IRC log of #zope for Sunday, 2012-04-01

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alketdoes zope.interface differs from zope ?02:16
Arfreveralket: Read
Arfreveralket: zope.interface belongs to Zope Toolkit.02:21
alketthank you02:21
alkethow can I install zope.interface in CentOS 5 ?02:21
Arfreveralket: contains the list of libraries in Zope Toolkit (and some dependencies).02:22
alketbut all the downloads are for windows02:22
Arfreveralket: Maybe a package manager used in CentOS provides zope.interface.02:23
alketby installing zope, does zope.interface comes with it02:23
Arfreveralket: How do you install Zope? Which version of Zope?02:24
Arfreveralket: contains source tarball.02:24
alketI don't know how to install it02:25
Arfreveralket: Why do you use CentOS?02:26
alketIt is not mine, its hosted on Godaddy, one client wanted to install it, basicly Im doing a favor since I am web dev02:26
Arfreveralket: You might manually install zope.interface using `${python} install`.02:27
alketreally , thank you02:27
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alketit doesn have something like , make , make install ?02:27
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alketthank you Arfrever02:33
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J1manyone here know much about svn2git?18:57
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J1mbaijum, do you know anything about svn2git?19:07
baijumJ1m: I haven't used it before, any issues ?19:08
J1mIt worked well last week before I had author info.19:08
J1mNow, with author info and after cleanups, it's missing most branches and tags. :(19:09
J1mI fear I messed up by cleaning up svn.19:09
baijumJ1m: hmm... let me try to run it locally19:09
J1mgetting it installed correctly is hard.19:10
J1mthe version I'm using doesn't seem to be current.19:10
baijumJ1m: I just got it installed, are you using svn:// or svn+ssh ?19:15
J1mgood question.19:16
J1mI'm using svn+ssh today.19:16
J1mI think I used svn last week.19:16
baijumJ1m: zc.buildout/tags/2.0.0a119:16
baijumthere is an svn external ^^^19:16
baijumwhich is svn+ssh19:16
J1mfwiw, I moved the ~/.svn2git/authors file aside and now it seems to be working harder...which may mean getting farther. :/19:18
baijumJ1m: I am changing svn+ssh externals inside that tags (it won't do any harm)19:19
J1mplease don't19:19
baijumJ1m: ok, fine19:20
J1mI'd rather wait and see what happens with the current experiment.19:20
J1mIt's working much harder now, which is a good sign. :)19:20
baijumJ1m: great :)19:21
baijumJ1m: can you send that authors file to my email, I will try once from here19:21
J1mI'd rather you see if you can get a clean conversion without it.19:22
baijumJ1m: ok, let me try19:23
J1mdo you know much about git?19:23
baijumJ1m: Just learning :) our company is on the process of migration...19:28
J1mwell, moving the author file aside gave me the same result I got last week.19:31
J1mcleaning up branches did no good.19:31
J1mI now have lots of branches.19:31
J1mWay more than I want.19:31
J1mI guess I can delete them in git.19:31
baijumJ1m: Deleting later in Git would be better19:32
baijumJ1m: we can ask people to fork the repo and maintain branch in their for if required19:33
baijumJ1m: I am just running this now:19:33
baijumgit svn clone --authors-file=/home/baiju/authors.txt svn:// buildout19:33
baijumI added two sample authors19:34
J1mI wonder how svn clone differs from svn2git.19:34
baijumJ1m: GitHub official document mention that..19:35
J1mmention what?19:38
J1mThat doc says that svn clone doesn't copy branches and tags.19:38
J1mBut I think we want to copy branches and tags.19:39
J1mOK, well, at this point, I think I have 2 issues:19:39
J1m1) Conversion w authors doesn't work.19:39
J1m2) If I get it to work, I think I want to do some cleanup before pushing it to github.19:40
J1mI'll try adding missing authors (using emails) and see if I can get conversion to work.19:40
J1mAfter that, I'd like some help with 2 from a git export.19:40
baijumJ1m: AFAIK, git svn should handle branches also, I am trying now19:41
J1mOr maybe I'll just make some educated guesses. :)19:41
baijumJ1m: I created an authors.txt by this shell script :
J1mThe doc you pointed me to, which I'd read, said it doesn't, but maybe you'll prove it wrong.19:41
baijumJ1m: the doc doesn't say anything about branches...let me try. Some link given below doesn't support it (that's mentioned)19:45
J1mgit-svn can be used to import as well. Note that there may be issues if you have branches or tags (they won?t be imported over). If you only have a trunk, like many svn repositories, this method should work for you without issue."19:46
baijumJ1m: yeah. I need to read carefully :)19:47
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baijumJ1m: I used the -s option19:54
baijumand I got all branches19:54
baijumgit svn clone -s -r 121327:HEAD --authors-file=/home/baiju/authors.txt svn:// buildout19:54
baijumthat -r option should be removed, this only fetched latest19:55
baijumThis list all branches: $ git branch -r19:56
J1mI fricking hate gits pager.19:57
J1mI need to figure out how to disable it.19:57
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J1mhow many branches did you get?19:59
baijum$ git branch -r|wc -l19:59
J1mand there are 18 branches in svn.20:00
baijumJ1m: I used -r option, so it only fetched after r12132720:01
J1myeah, what branches did you get?20:01
baijum$ git branch -r20:01
baijum  1.420:01
baijum  220:01
baijum  baijum-project-name-with-underscore20:01
baijum  ctheune-buildout-parallelfetch20:01
baijum  dist-cache20:01
baijum  documentation20:01
baijum  encolpe-escape-command20:01
baijum  env-cache20:01
baijum  newbery-multiple-increments20:01
baijum  python-3-220:01
baijum  ruda-meta-recipe20:01
baijum  tags/2.0.0a120:01
baijum  trunk20:01
J1mThat's random.20:02
J1mwhat do you get from git tag?20:02
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baijumJ1m: how to list tags ?20:03
J1mI know how to list tags: git tag20:03
J1mI was wondering what tags you got.20:03
baijumJ1m: it's empty20:03
J1mwhich may or may not mean anything.20:04
baijumJ1m: it looks like a branch is created, see the above list of branches: tags/2.0.0a120:04
J1mRight. svn2git actually creates tags.20:04
J1mYou said you created an authors.txt from the script you saw on line.20:05
J1mdid you fill in missing emmails?20:05
baijumJ1m: I added mine and yours and other some junk, but it appears20:05
J1mok, well, I have a better way to create an authors.txt, so I'll continue with that....20:06
baijumJ1m: If you send the authors.txt, I can try again with full repo20:06
baijumthen I can push that to another repo in github for verification20:06
J1mfor what purpose?20:07
baijumJ1m: I can try to do the same and see if all names comes,20:07
J1mall what names?20:08
baijumall author names + emails20:08
J1mI don't see the point of that.20:08
baijumJ1m: ok, fine20:09
J1mgit-svn isn't handling tags correctly.20:09
J1mI'd rather try to make svn2git work.20:09
J1mBut it's going to take me a few minutes to finish trying to fix up my author's list.20:09
baijumJ1m: please continue...20:10
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J1mok, running again with hopefully good authors file20:21
J1mpatrickzope, thanks for joing us20:21
J1mHere's the current state:20:21
J1m1) Conversion w authors doesn't work.20:22
J1m2) If I get it to work, I think I want to do some cleanup before pushing it to github.20:22
J1mI'm hoping conversion with authors didn't work because there were missing authors.20:22
J1mHopefully, I fixed that.20:22
patrickzopeokay.  We're using svn2git?20:23
J1malthough baijum tried git-svn, which seemed to mostly work with a complete but junky authors file and didn't handle tags correctly.20:24
J1mbaijum, could you send me your authors.txt file?20:24
baijumJ1m: 1 sec20:25
J1mpatrickzope, the result converted lots of old branches that were deleted in svn.20:25
J1mwhich is annoying.20:25
J1mI assume I can just delete them (git branch -d xxx)20:26
J1mIt looks like when a git branch is deleted, it's unrecoverably removed from the repo and all it's uniq commits are removed.20:26
baijumJ1m: send authors.txt20:26
J1mcan you confirm that?20:27
J1mbaijum, thanks20:27
J1mFor this use case, it would be sort of good if "git branch -d" was that destructive (or maybe git branch -D)20:28
baijumJ1m: I would suggest to delete branches after few days from remote, this will give committers a chance to fork entire repo with their branches20:28
J1mThe branches I want to delete are branches that have already beed deleted from svn, either because they've been merged or because they were abandoned.20:29
J1mI won't delete any non-junk branches.20:29
baijumJ1m: ok, fine20:29
J1maside from cleaning up junk branches, I guess the only other questions is what to do w master.20:30
patrickzopeJ1m, my understanding is that if the branches were merged into trunk, the commit messages should be preserved.  If they were never merged then deleting it will completely remove it from the repo (eventually when git garbage collects it)20:30
J1mOK, I think that confirms what I said, with the added bonus that meta data for merged branches is preserved even after the branch is deleted.20:33
J1mcool, so I won't worry about the extra branches I get in the conversion process.20:34
J1m(The conversion process seems to be chugging along with the better authors file.)20:34
J1mso, me remaining question is what to do w master.20:34
J1mI assume master will end up pointing to svn trunk.20:35
J1mI think I just need to delete it and reset it to the 1.4 branch.20:35
J1m(I should have said "amongst the remaining questions :)20:36
* J1m read some of "Pro Git" this weekend, which seems to be a pretty good git book.20:37
J1mOK conversion completed.20:41
J1mI have lots of branches, and tags.20:41
J1mso now on to removing branches. I'll try a could by and and then convert to a script.20:42
baijumJ1m: ah. nice20:43
baijumJ1m: I am leaving...bye20:44
J1mk, thanks20:44
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J1mpatrickzope, any comment on what to do w master?20:47
patrickzopeJ1m: in what regard?  I assume the conversion made the trunk master?  You might be able to use git reset to make master point to the 1.4 branch20:52
J1mI was calling on your vast git experience to find out if what I was planning sounded right. :)20:54
J1mNew development will proceed from the 1.4 branch, so that is going to be the new master.20:54
patrickzopeheh, I wouldn't say my git experience is vast20:54
J1mI moved master to svntrunk, for posterior.20:55
J1mI've checked out 1.420:55
J1mNow, I just need to (re-)create master branch there....20:56
J1mbash-3.2$ git checkout -b master 1.420:58
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.20:58
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.20:58
J1mfatal: Ambiguous object name: '1.4'.20:58
J1mbash-3.2$ git checkout -b master 1.420:58
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.20:58
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.20:58
J1mfatal: Ambiguous object name: '1.4'.20:58
J1mdamn xchataqua20:58
J1mbash-3.2$ git checkout -b master 1.420:59
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.20:59
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.20:59
J1mfatal: Ambiguous object name: '1.4'.20:59
J1mdoes git not like branch names like "1.4"?20:59
patrickzopeI don't think that's the problem21:00
patrickzopewhat happens when you do "git show-ref | grep '1.4'"21:01
J1mI get lots of things.21:01
J1m6410962b12dc477fd1b4e9dbd38c073c11f67a75 refs/heads/1.321:02
J1me621a0ce3d0067747d1d7afb286127f14b8d27b1 refs/heads/1.421:02
J1md092cea6e8a8bdf5a0c642a08194c2606418d128 refs/heads/svntrunk21:02
J1m6d60de3cdb8f1a8b2b13483251b75fcd4a6c4378 refs/heads/sylvain-distribution-cache21:02
J1m6410962b12dc477fd1b4e9dbd38c073c11f67a75 refs/remotes/1.321:02
J1me621a0ce3d0067747d1d7afb286127f14b8d27b1 refs/remotes/1.421:02
J1mdece4b21c4c0024a1aa6777286124e8bae6720a2 refs/remotes/aclark-combine-egg-recipes21:02
J1mf9b9401c85eb57c77a27c0d3884b11d31948e4d5 refs/remotes/amos-dependency-links21:02
J1mddc4dbb7b9a234134b26de15fe765b57b55a0acf refs/remotes/gary-1-minor-cleanup21:02
J1mfa6a7da4d8174da8e8cb42a7a7b61b87662bad4a refs/remotes/gary-1.5.221:02
J1m9ed408ecd574dc263b5072601b164dce72f6e73d refs/remotes/gary-721:02
J1m362ec1161b423fe0560f8093a472015d85c626ef refs/remotes/gary-8-hack-fix21:02
J1m95719f46e22e2d7ed8fe668a1040fa05126f4145 refs/remotes/gary-launchpad21:02
J1m144f644dd58d84033cf9c3ed732e547afb76e502 refs/remotes/plus-minus-option-syntax-for-review21:02
J1ma54c1e3d4910454036e93d4df817a9b1aaed8e49 refs/remotes/prefer-final21:02
J1m0b7b6ed4e8bff19414347aa555d437e9ef0bf8df refs/remotes/python-3-221:02
J1m61aaccd855790efaeba29b2ce02878973c143174 refs/remotes/python-support21:02
J1m56fa5f3a31a404c376a10fbcd60f04512cb69f38 refs/remotes/ruda-meta-recipe21:02
J1m6d60de3cdb8f1a8b2b13483251b75fcd4a6c4378 refs/remotes/sylvain-distribution-cache21:02
J1mfe1540625586f6154436acc50b0bc29780e99b97 refs/tags/1.0.0b2221:02
J1mcc506618459d38817497ecb483220ccce398edc1 refs/tags/1.0.0b2621:02
J1mf9acc1ccfd449bb9184a54d3b2db6cedbe20dd47 refs/tags/1.0.121:02
J1ma4ab164dfbfa349a71d030bfd5037db0a129a186 refs/tags/1.0.621:02
J1m53e32880501a434a65fdaee522c392f3f5055b09 refs/tags/1.4.021:02
J1mf34fae28f2bc8d4ab56e57a8ec03b998bde2c3f5 refs/tags/1.4.121:02
J1mad305b5fea71c3073cac0d5b4af6ef4ec67439a6 refs/tags/1.4.221:02
J1mbdd10ef52301e261b47bb0bcfc8ca1da23b732f6 refs/tags/1.4.321:02
J1m7eff57a9c92439c23a3df4a0e8dc4e64ac1d4bef refs/tags/1.4.421:02
J1m194a1dfcb709aa2be2a90bf881d481b45d9ccdf9 refs/tags/egg-1.0.0b321:02
J1mwhat is a ref?21:02
J1mNote that:bash-3.2$ git checkout 1.421:04
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.21:04
J1mSwitched to branch '1.4'21:04
J1msort of works.21:04
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patrickzoperefs are pointers to branches21:05
patrickzopedid svn2git provide a --prefix option?21:06
J1mbash-3.2$ git branch21:07
J1m  1.321:07
J1m* 1.421:07
J1m  221:07
J1m  baijum-project-name-with-underscore21:07
J1m  ctheune-buildout-parallelfetch21:07
J1m  davisagli-install-optimization21:07
J1m  do3cc_exitcode21:07
J1m  documentation21:08
J1m  encolpe-escape-command21:08
J1m  env-cache21:08
J1m  faassen-develop21:08
J1m  gotcha-scripts-warning21:08
J1m  gotcha-timeout-cfg21:08
J1m  help-api21:08
J1m  newbery-multiple-increments21:08
J1m  reinout-scripts21:08
J1m  svntrunk21:08
J1m  sylvain-distribution-cache21:08
J1m  tlotze-download-hard-links21:08
J1mThis doesn't look all that ambiguous.21:08
J1mI find the ambiguity ambiguous :)21:08
J1mbash-3.2$ git branch master21:09
J1mwarning: refname '1.4' is ambiguous.21:09
J1mfatal: Ambiguous object name: '1.4'.21:09
patrickzopethe ambiguity is that you have a remote tracking branch 1.4 in refs/remotes/1.4…usually that should be something like refs/remotes/origin/1.4, I believe.21:12
J1mI'm lost21:13
J1mI'm lost on sooo many levels.21:14
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J1mif 1.4 is ambiguous, why can I check it out?21:15
J1mCan I delete refs?21:15
patrickzopewhat happens when you specify the full path to 1.4?21:16
J1mI have no remotes at this point, so why do I have remote refs?21:16
patrickzopeI think they are created during the conversion from svn21:17
patrickzopeyou can delete them I guess21:18
J1mbash-3.2$ git remote21:18
J1mbash-3.2$ git checkout refs/heads/1.421:18
J1mNote: checking out 'refs/heads/1.4'.21:18
J1mYou are in 'detached HEAD' state. You can look around, make experimental21:18
J1mchanges and commit them, and you can discard any commits you make in this21:18
J1mstate without impacting any branches by performing another checkout.21:18
J1mIf you want to create a new branch to retain commits you create, you may21:18
J1mdo so (now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again. Example:21:18
J1m  git checkout -b new_branch_name21:18
J1mHEAD is now at e621a0c... Avoid sorting the working set and requirements when it won't be logged.21:18
J1mbash-3.2$ git checkout refs/remotes/1.421:18
J1mHEAD is now at e621a0c... Avoid sorting the working set and requirements when it won't be logged.21:18
* J1m is dumbfounded21:19
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J1mso, neither of those message is encouraging.21:20
J1malthough I didn't get a warning about ambiguity.21:20
J1mI suppose I should create a new branch from one of them.....but which one?21:20
davetoooops, did I type #git by mistake?21:21
J1mvery funny21:21
davetooI am still confused by it sometimes,21:22
J1many idea wtf: Avoid sorting the working set and requirements when it won't be logged.21:23
davetoorather than figuring it out I just use the hash of the branch I want as the starting point rather than the reference21:23
patrickzopeI think it's screwed up because we supplied a path to "git checkout" instead of just the branch name21:24
patrickzopethe "ambiguous object reference" issue probably needs to be resolved first...21:24
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J1mBTW, that "Avoid sorting the working set and requirements when it won't be logged." is a check-in message.21:25
J1mBut I resolved it by using a ref.....21:25
J1mOh, so when I Itried checking out a ref, that message was just telling me to pound sand.21:27
J1mI was checking out a revision and wasn't on any btanch.21:27
J1mIn fact, I was probably on the last revision in the repo.21:27
patrickzopeI think if we can just move the remotes into remotes/origin it will solve some of the problems, but I'm not sure how to do that :)21:28
J1mI'm skeptical.21:28
J1mI'll eventually add the bitbucket repo as the origin remote.21:28
patrickzopethen can we just delete those? I don't even know what they would point to21:29
J1mI have a feeling that these stupid refs are just getting in the way.21:29
J1mThat sounds promising.21:30
patrickzopegit branch -rd21:30
J1mYeah, the heads correspond to the branches I should have.21:31
patrickzopeI need to head out, I'll check back in later21:33
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