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ganeshuhi.. i want to store my text file contents to zodb, total text files' size is 1 MB, but the ZODB .fs file size is to avoid this?12:38
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ganesh_ariveguruhi.. i want to store my text file contents to zodb, total text files' size is 1 MB, but the ZODB .fs file size is to avoid this?12:41
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bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: you're not really providing enough information12:55
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: how are you storing the text file?  are you indexing it?12:55
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bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: are you packing the database?12:55
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: FWIW, I just uploaded a 992k file into an otherwise empty Data.fs file, and it's not 1.1M12:57
bigkevmcds/it's not/it's now/12:57
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ganesh_ariveguruno...i am not directly storing text files....12:58
ganesh_arivegurui am extracting content from text files12:58
ganesh_ariveguruand storing on it12:59
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ganesh_arivegurupls tell some solutions13:27
ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd: while appending data to db, it's size is growing rapidly13:27
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: that makes sense13:28
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: you're adding objects to the database13:28
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: if you have older, unreferenced objects, then packing will remove them13:28
ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd: but instead appending , if i stored all objects in one shot....db size is very less13:29
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: the Zope db stores a history of transactions13:29
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: packing will remove what it can13:29
ganesh_ariveguruhow to do packing...when to do packing13:29
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd:packing before each transactions?13:30
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: no, don't pack before each transaction13:30
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: pack daily or something13:30
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: that's what most folk do13:31
ganesh_arivegurumy transaction is done by a for loop.....for each object i'll append to db, and commit the transaction....13:31
ganesh_ariveguruso it is growing and having history for each object13:32 i can get rid of it...13:32
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: not necessarily13:32
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: only if the objects are changing13:32
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: there's a subtle difference between changing objects, and adding objects13:33
ganesh_arivegurusee.....this will be my one object in db{13:35
ganesh_ariveguru"question_papers" : [{13:35
ganesh_ariveguru"q_id " : "1",13:35
ganesh_ariveguru"question" : "some text"13:35
ganesh_arivegurui question papers' list i will add, like this many elements{13:36
ganesh_ariveguru"q_id " : "2",13:36
ganesh_ariveguru"question" : "some text"13:37
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: please use to paste multiline things13:37
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd you got what am asking?13:40
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: yes13:40
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bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: and you're changing the top-level object, so it will maintain the history in each transaction13:41
ganesh_ariveguruso how to delete the history?13:41
bigkevmcd<ganesh_ariveguru> i have written my own ZODB class there is no pack method13:42
bigkevmcdI doubt that's true13:42
bigkevmcdbut, if it is, you'll need to write your own13:42
bigkevmcdI suspect you're using the standard ZODB class13:42
bigkevmcdand, in that case, you can call pack on it13:42
ganesh_ariveguruwait i will post my ZOdb class13:43
ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd: to select channel in this....\13:44
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: select None and paste the URL13:44
ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd: i have pasted my zodb class there....13:47
bigkevmcdso, your pack method doesn't need that first line, but you're calling pack on the db, which is correct13:47
ganesh_ariveguruyou told me based on my zodb to write packing script....pls13:48
bigkevmcdcall pack13:50
bigkevmcdit's as simple as that13:50
ganesh_ariveguruya...when to call13:50
bigkevmcdat 18:01:33UTC13:51
ganesh_ariveguruafter finishing all transactions..?13:51
bigkevmcdon alternate days, if they have a e in them13:51
ganesh_arivegurunice comedy...13:51
ganesh_arivegurua e, what's tha?13:51
ganesh_ariveguruwhat's that?13:51
bigkevmcdbasically, call when you need to13:53
bigkevmcdif you really want to call after every transaction, I think that's stupid, but feel free13:53
bigkevmcdits your application13:53
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd: thanks....i will try13:55
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bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: what is it you're worried about?13:56
ganesh_arivegurunot really...but i have to find solution for
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd:how long u r , using zodb?13:57
bigkevmcdI've been using Zope off and on for between 13 and 14 years...13:57
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd:oh...really nice... i am totally new to coding world, last year i finished my studies, and now working in python14:01
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd: thank, i packed my db, now in that directroy, data.fs, data.fs.old files are there, i have to keep data.fs.old14:07
bigkevmcdno, not unless you want to14:07
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bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: bear in mind that backing up a live zodb is fraught, so backup a .old might be desirable14:08
ganesh_ariveguruso keeping that old file also will cause the application can i delete this...? how?14:11
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ganesh_arivegurubigkevmcd:so keeping that old file also will cause the application can i delete this...? how?14:21
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bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: eh?14:28
bigkevmcdganesh_ariveguru: why do you think that?14:28
ganesh_ariveguruconsider if one person is using my application in his mobile....he will add new notes or some data to db, so after packing, .fs file will be there with reduced size, but .fs.old wil be with big size. ... so it will cause the application size, so i want to delete that...14:31
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dTordableHello, anyone.18:43
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koshgreetings lifeforms20:40
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