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benbangertJ1m: the ZPL is incompatible with the MPL and AL219:48
benbangertJ1m: so any code from it will have to be relicensed by the appropriate copyright holders for inclusion19:48
benbangertsince most of the other ZK libs are Apache Licensed, I got permission from Mozilla to contribute under the Apache License as well19:48
koshhail freaks!19:49
J1mkosh, well said19:49
koshso how is life going?19:49
koshI finished my first year back at college at least and ended up with very good grades19:49
J1matm, I'm in a licensing discussion, so not so good. ;)19:49
koshonce I finish I won't do web stuff anymore and instead do nanotech and biotech to fix humans19:50
koshyeah licensing discussions are not good19:50
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benbangertthey're a pain19:51
koshat least I will be able to do things like work on permanent cures for humans and eventually augmentation19:51
benbangertkosh: I'm sure most any of that will have more patents strewn about than just software dev ;)19:51
J1mme wonders how the ZPL is incompatible with AL2 and MPL. ZPL is as open as we could possibly make it.19:51
benbangertJ1m: yea, ZPL is BSD style, AL2 and MPL are copyleft19:52
koshbenbangert: probably true but also the stuff is changing very quickly and fundamentally so many patents are on things that are obsolete19:52
J1mReally? I'm surprized.19:52
benbangertAL2 and MPL are also incompatible with each other as they both want the rest of the code in the file to be under their own license19:52
benbangertAL2 and MPL state that other code added/modified in the file must be under their own respective license too19:52
benbangertZPL doesn't give permission to relicense it, thus, incompatible19:53
koshbenbangert: so you need the one license of power :)19:53
benbangertJ1m: yea, ZPL is very open with regards to its use of the whole. this gets messy when combining parts in the same file19:54
betabugone license to bind them, and in the darkness blind them19:54
koshbetabug: hehe yup19:54
benbangertyea, apparently most universities nowadays are using either MIT license, or more commonly Apache License19:54
benbangertthankfully the GPL trend is dying down19:55
betabugisn't MIT pretty close to BSD?19:55
benbangertbetabug: yea, which is also incompatible with combining into a single file with AL2/MPL19:55
benbangertdue to the copyleft clauses19:55
betabugwhat a nice and happy family :-)19:55
benbangertI mean, its trivial to include entire ZPL/MIT/BSD files in a package where the rest of the code is Apache Licensed... its just when combining the code in a single file that it gets messy19:56
benbangertyea, pain in the butt, talked to Mozilla lawyer more than I thought I would in my first year on the job :)19:57
J1mZPL was certified compatible w GPL even.19:58
J1mI don't see anything in the ZPL that says you can't reclicense.19:59
J1mbut IANAL19:59
benbangert only copyright holders can relicense afaik20:00
J1mI'm not interested in getting mired in licensing.  What do you want me to do? :)20:02
J1mwhat do you propose?20:02
J1mreally, life is short20:02
benbangertanything that gets included gets licensed under Apache Licence, I'll add a contributers file to the repo that we each push our 'signature' to20:02
benbangertwhich indicates we permit it to be licensed under that, etc.20:02
benbangertwe have a file like that in all the pylons/pyramid stuff,
benbangertI'll run that by our lawyer and make sure he's happy with that. sigh20:04
benbangertand proceed full steam ahead20:04
benbangertJ1m: oh, the lawyer said it can't be included "without the copyright holders permission", so if you give permission, than I think thats sufficient, having a CONTRIBUTORS with the git push request verifying you added it should be sufficient20:05
J1mbenbangert, thanks for dealing with this.20:08
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koshbetabug: so how is your country doing? have you stocked up on your post apocalyptic supplies?21:46
betabugme? sure!21:49
koshjust make sure to get the bankers21:54
teixkosh: what about suggesting betabug open another bank account out of Greece and then transfer all money? :P22:10
koshwhy would I do that?22:12
teixkosh: instead of getting the bankers just play with them :)22:17
betabugteix: the bank I'm at is owned by a .pt bank, so my money is completely safe ;-)22:32
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teixbetabug: are you really sure? :)22:35
teixbetabug: well you can feel safer if you transfer all of it to my account. btw there are no transfers commissions charged between .pt banks... :)22:37
betabughaha, I can imagine22:37
teixbetabug: I'll send you my nib, ok?22:38
teixbetabug: time to go... so don't forget about it!22:40
* teix feels that he'll be richer on Monday22:40
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betabughf teix ... even without my money ;-)22:44
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koshI still support you putting the bankers against the wall22:53
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