IRC log of #zope for Sunday, 2012-05-20

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sontekI was readong about zodb (considering it for a contract I start tomorrow) but it seems there isn't a good way to set it up for redundancy?09:48
sontekI would like to load balance between a master-slave type setup with nice failover09:49
sontekthe closest I found was doing ZEO but it could only run on a single instance as well09:49
sontekI did see the ability to store within postgres but it didn't seem to be a popular idea09:55
betabugsontek: there is Zope Corporations "ZRS"10:47
betabugthere's also zeoraid and replication via relstorage10:53
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moo-_-where I should report zope.interface bugs?15:06
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betabugmoo-_-: probably launchpad23:57

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