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nuxilim trying to install zope.interface 4.0.1 from the source. but when i run the setup script i get error message. NameError: name 'extra' is defined. why am i getting this ??16:55
nuxilim trying to install it for py 2.716:57
nuxilon windows16:57
betabugwhy not get it from an egg?16:58
nuxili dont like eggs17:00
nuxilbut that doesnt answer my qustion. why does the setup errors.17:01
betabugdebug it17:02
nuxilnop. not my area.. i'll just stick to the older version then..17:05
mgedminyou need setuptools17:05
mgedminhm...  no, the is written to be compatible with distutils as well17:06
mgedminmaybe it's buggy17:06
mgedminyep, buggy17:06
betabugprobably few people ever ran it without setuptools / outside of an egg17:07
mgedminso: either fix the bug, or (better) install setuptools/distribute17:07
nuxilahh. k.17:08
nuxilsetuptools was missing .17:08
mgedminor, you know, both fix the bug and install setuptools :)17:09
mgedmin(and by "fix the bug" I mean "apply a patch to a bug report on launchpad")17:09
mgedmin*attach, not apply17:09
nuxilheh. not excatly my area. i can do a print "Hello World" and print 1+1 . i'll leave the bugfixing to someone else.17:12
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mgedminhow are you at debugging or source diving?  because with zope.* you're gonna need those skills badly17:14
agroszertoo late17:15
koshbetabug: so how goes life?17:24
betabugslacky, working in a cafe today17:31
koshso has the apocalypse started yet?17:31
koshat least it looks like you guys will dump austerity which apparently has never worked so far17:32
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betabugwho knows, the big bank propaganda machine is still roaring on17:34
koshthe problem with austerity is that it is good for banks and the super rich, it is not good the country in general17:37
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betabugwell, I'm all for an economy that makes sense, but this total break down sure isn't getting us anywhere17:42
betabugthe debt has been increased not reduced17:42
koshpermenent debt slavery is good for banks makingm oney17:43
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_mup_Bug #1004025 was filed: Link in long_description is broken <zope.tales:New> < >19:42
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