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mitchell`anyone ever got this error on startup before? google does not reveal much.18:27
mitchell`ZODB.POSException.ConnectionStateError: Cannot close a connection joined to a transaction18:27
mitchell`this is starting an instance in foreground mode, no other instances running, no ZEO.18:27
mgedminon startup? weird18:27
mgedminpastebin the full traceback maybe?18:27
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* mitchell` suspects restore from backup is the best option18:35
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* mgedmin scratches head and mutters *zope*18:43
mgedminwhat you have here is a very interesting debugging opportunity18:44
mgedminyou can add a pdb.set_trace() there and inspect transaction.get()._resources18:44
mgedminsee what was modified and try to figure out (1) why and (2) why wasn't that committed18:44
mgedminthen try to figure out where to file a bug etc.18:45
mgedminI'm tired of zope18:45
mitchell`happens with a brand new Data.fs, so I don't think it can be a data issue.18:48
mitchell`maybe system level18:49
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mgedminsome extension/product?18:50
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koshmgedmin: I am tired of web stuff in general, that is one reason I have gone back to school to do something else20:38
koshmgedmin: so I have two years left that I will deal with zope and web stuff pretty much and then I will graduate as a chemical and biological engineer and go do nanotech/biotech work :)20:38
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ThoMe .-)20:45
ThoMeis it possible to short a string?20:46
ThoMethe first 20 ?20:46
ThoMePING 1338486391 87113720:46
RichyBIn Python, you can trim a string with slice notation.20:49
RichyB"abcde"[:3] = "abc"20:49
ThoMeRichyB: hm. in dhtml?20:50
ThoMeis a <dtml-var size=20 abteilung>20:50
ThoMeis not posible?20:50
RichyBIn zpt, it's phrased as, python: somestring[:3]20:50
RichyBI have no idea, I don't use DTML, it solves a different problem than what I have.20:50
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kosh<dtml-var "somestring[:20]">21:49
koshhowever I would just call a python script with dtml and have it do what you need21:49
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benbangertJ1m: just figured out why the zc.zk logging thread blocks gevent ;)23:13
benbangertJ1m: its the pipe, it didn't set it to a non-blocking pipe23:13
benbangertsetting it up in kazoo so that if its in gevent, its a greenlet logger instead of a thread23:14
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J1mbenbangert, ok23:24
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benbangertJ1m: actually, easier than I thought. your logging thing works fine with gevent.... as long as its using the real threading module, which I can ensure now :)23:59
benbangertso now its monkey-patch proof23:59

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