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koshsupton: when do you have a traversable object with no acquisition context that you can apply security to?01:32
koshbetabug: look at the bright side, it looks like a lot more countries are going to join greece and burn, republicans in the USA have recently stated their position is that if the economy gets really bad before the election that their guy has a much better chance of winning so they plan to try and tank the economy01:33
suptonkosh: I figured it out: traverse to an object that does not do acquisition, and Acquisition.aq_inContextOf() will work ALSO if you put __parent__ pointer on the object pointing to some context participating in acquisition.01:34
suptonthat means ZPublisher can traverse to things (from say, a browser view) that only provide ILocation, not necessarily need to subclass magic zope base classes01:34
suptonbecause this is "good enough" equivalent to being in the aqusiition / containment context of the object containing the user folder01:35
koshah all my stuff one way or another inherits from Persistent01:35
suptonkosh: in my case, this is not Persistent01:35
koshbut then all of my stuff was learned and built long long ago01:35
suptonkosh: just transient stuff for a JSON API01:35
suptonkosh: just subclassing object01:35
koshwhen I did not persistent items I use __of__ to wrap them from a persistent object that is pretending to contain them01:36
suptonkosh: yeah, the other thing I have seen is people using SimpleItem as a base class for stuff that is not persistent01:36
koshthat way I can set security declarations on a non-persistent item and it still works01:36
koshdone that also01:36
suptonkosh: since I cannot use __of__ inside publishTraverse(), I just have publishTraverse() set the __parent__ to the view (which is participating in the acquisition chain, IIRC).01:37
koshcool most of what I have done is in __bobo_traverse__ which is far far older but I know it very well since I have been doing zope for about 12 years now01:37
suptonI guess what I'm saying is that __of__() requires magic base class, and for this security context purpose, __parent__ is just as good without that requirement01:37
suptonwas a neat discovery to make01:37
koshyeah it is pretty cool01:38
suptonkosh: yeah, I used to only use __bobo_traverse__ and __getitem__ for traversal for quite a while, now finally with the zope.publisher approach01:38
koshI just don't feel like rebuilding my stuff at this point01:40
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davetooI'm looking for the syntax rules for a Zope 2.13 zope.conf but finding dead links....20:57
davetooWhat I'm trying to do is conditional variable expansion; I want to %define LOGHOME in a separate .conf file, which then includes the main zope.conf.20:59
davetooIn the main zope.conf, if LOGHOME is not defined, I want to set it to a default value.20:59
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TresEquisdavetoo, use 'zconfig' as a search term, I think21:29
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TresEquisthe 'ZConfig' package is separately maintained from Zope221:30
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davetooi.e. that's the documentation link on pypi21:50
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ArfreverTresEquis: Are you planning support for Python 3 in Zope 4?22:14
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mgedmindavetoo, zope.conf doesn't support conditionals, iirc23:15
mgedminthough I might be wrong (I didn't even remember it had a %define)23:16
mgedminI usually generate things like zope.conf using templates driven by zc.buildout23:16
davetoomgedmin: thanks23:17
TresEquisArfrever, I'm going at it bottom-up:  my initial plan is to port the "bicycle seat toolkit" part of the ZTK23:18
TresEquiszope.component and its dependencies23:19
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