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koshgreetings lifeforms and those aspiring to be lifeforms01:50
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hellhoundhi everybody17:50
hellhoundI was wondering if there was a way to get hold of a interface defined in a zcml file17:54
hellhoundI'm currently working with zope 317:54
hellhound*an interface17:54
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hellhoundI was wondering if there's a way to get an interface defined in a zcml file19:00
hellhoundis there?19:01
hellhoundIn zope 319:01
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mauritshellhound: No, you cannot define a new interface in zcml. You do that in Python.  In zcml you can only reference existing interfaces.19:30
hellhoundmaurits: not a new interface, but a reference19:31
hellhoundmaurits: I just want to get an adapter reference without importing the provided interface19:32
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mauritsWell, if in your zcml you have "<adapter for="some.package.some.interface" … />" then zope will try to do 'from some.package.some import interface" when it loads the zcml file. It will break if the interface cannot be imported.19:34
mauritsBut maybe I misunderstand what you are trying to do.19:34
hellhoundmaurits: not the for attribute, but the "provides" one19:35
mauritssame principle19:35
hellhoundmaurits: when you retreive an adapter you have to specify the interface the adapter provides for the adaptee19:36
hellhoundmaurits: What I wanted to do is to avoid importing the interface in my test case19:37
mauritsMaybe this doc helps?
hellhoundlet's see19:37
mauritsIf you want to adapt some context to an interface in python code, then you do need to import it: if you do ISomeInterface(context), then ISomeInterface needs to be imported before that or your Python will break.19:39
hellhoundmaurits: I think you misunderstood me. But anyhow, thanks. I guess the only way to achieve this kind of decoupling is to write a metaclass factory for Interface...19:48
hellhounderr for my specific interface19:48
mauritsSounds like you are doing something more funky than I am used to. ;-)19:49
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hellhoundmaurits: ok, that was very quickly, I realized that Zope 3 registers Interfaces as named utilities20:09
hellhoundnow it's completely decouple and I can die a happy man20:09
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