IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2012-07-03

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DerekDhi - is there a ZODB/ZEO-specific channel?00:40
DerekD...or a channel which people are actively monitoring?00:44
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runyagaDerekD, here00:56
runyagaDerekD, or #repoze00:57
runyaga#zope, #repoze, #pyramid, #plone00:57
DerekDhi, cool00:57
DerekDI'm seeing some weirdness with my ClientStorage00:57
DerekDmight be something I'm doing wrong00:57
DerekDI have a single OOSet under the root that holds objects of a specific type00:58
DerekDI want to be able to access and modify them from a Python CGI page.  It works for the most part but it seems like I need to explicitly touch each object in the set in order for the members of each objest to be fetched01:00
mcdoncindependent of everything except your last sentence01:10
mcdoncwhoops sorry01:10
mcdoncyour last sentence is true independent of what came before it01:10
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mcdoncyou do often need to explicitly ask for an attribute of an object for the state of the object to be fetched01:11
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moo-_-I get Host not found for 50% of queries11:03
moo-_-has anybody else issues?11:03
betabugnot downloading much there lately11:04
betabugmoo-_-: if you can reproduce it, maybe mail mailing list11:04
moo-_-betabug: thanks11:07
betabughmmm, yeah, something is fishy with DNS11:16 and do not always respond11:19
betabugmaybe they need a reboot after the leap second thing?11:19
betabugsame for btw11:19
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betabugmoo-_-: looks like the problem fixed itself, works for me again now11:23
moo-_-betabug: that's why I said 50%11:29
moo-_-did the same yesterday11:29
moo-_-zope car driving with two wheels11:30
moo-_-or on two wheels11:30
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DerekDhi - does anyone know why the __dict__ of any object I have in ZODB is empty when it's in ghost state?17:43
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koshhmm he did not remain around very long17:59
koshI actually know the answer to that one17:59
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betabughey kosh, that's how IRC is supposed to work: ask a question and then run as fast as you can18:31
betabugwe have been doing it wrong all those years18:32
teixkosh: well seems that DerekD is WFD now :)18:34
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DerekDha, sorry18:35
DerekDI didn't realize that this comp was going to keep going to sleep on me18:35
DerekDI leave for 2 mins and I'm off18:35
koshokay the reason why __dict__ doesn't work is that accessing __dict__ and other magic methods does not cause an object to be loaded from the db18:35
koshif you access any other attribute/method first you can then check __dict__ and it will work18:35
koshbetabug, so how is life going? is your country still burning to the ground and trying to take the rest of the world with it?18:36
DerekDyup...that's consistent with what I'm seeing.  Is there a foolproof way of triggering this if my object's attributes aren't set in stone?18:36
koshaccess a method that your object has18:37
DerekDi.e. I don't have an attribute that will always exist at runtime18:37
DerekDwell, I do have __str__(), etc18:37
koshsince your objects are stored in the db don't they all have an id?18:37
DerekDjust to give a little more background, let me run through a use case18:38
DerekDit's actually VERY similar to this:
DerekDit's a decorator pattern-y OOSet of objects of the same class18:39
DerekDon one side, I create a certain number of objects and add them to the OOSet18:40
DerekDthese are then retrieved and listed or modified on the other side18:40
koshif those things all have then just access   first18:40
DerekDunfortunately, they may not.  they'll have some set of attributes, but the client doesn't necessarily know (or care) which ones18:41
DerekDthat was the purpose of __str__() using self.__dict__18:41
DerekDif I have an object called derek, "print derek.__str_()" successfully populates the dict before returning18:43
DerekDbut "print derek" doesn't, even though derek.__str__() is being called18:43
DerekDis there a good way of getting the list of attributes without using __dict__?18:55
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koshuse a standard variable to hold all those attributes like data instead of assigning them like you are18:58
koshanything you touch __dict__ and it is not for debugging your code is wrong18:58
koshhowever I have to get going18:58
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koshsorry I did not have more time to help for now19:02
koshorganic chemistry is not much fun19:03
koshhave fun freaks19:03
koshbetabug, make sure to prepare for the end of the world, go play some fallout 3 to get ready for next week :)19:03
* betabug <- not the gamer time19:03
betabughf at skool19:04
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mgedminDerekD, obj._p_activate()19:14
mgedminwill cause a ghost object to be fully loaded19:14
mgedminactually even hasattr(obj, 'does_not_matter_what') will work19:14
mgedminwhen I pdb and do a p obj.__dict__ and see {}, I generally hit up to repeat the line and do p obj.__dict__x19:15
mgedminjust to trigger a load with the minimum number of keystrokes19:15
DerekDhi mgedmin - that's interesting19:15
DerekDso I have 2 options now: change my class to contain all user-defined attributes in a dict, or "bootstrap" the object19:16
DerekDI guess one issue with bootstrapping is that I don't know which function will be the first to attempt to access19:17
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tintinAnyone there?20:39
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