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m8J1m, but it's stil in beta?00:02
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smisn't pyramid the most modern incarnation of zope3 ideas?00:06
m8sm, you think?00:06
m8pyramid is the modern incarnation of pylons project00:07
m8sm, pyramid use zodb but is not zope :|00:07
smm8, I think it's that second, but what I said first00:07
smbut J1m or mcdonc may correct me00:07
koshif you started a new project use pyramid00:12
m8kosh, but pyramid is not zope00:13
m8kosh, pyramid with zodb?00:13
koshI know pyramid is not zope00:13
koshif I made a new project and did not have backwards compatibility I would probably just go for pyramid with zodb and postgres00:14
koshprobably end up with some memcached in there also00:14
m8kosh, not only a db?00:14
mcdoncin zope terms... pyramid == zpublisher-only00:15
mcdoncno dependencies on any kind of database00:15
m8mcdonc, what do you suggest?00:17
mcdonci have to recuse myself, because i wrote most of pyramid00:17
smso you can assume he would suggest pyramid. :)00:17
m8mcdonc, zope is much rock solid than pyramid?00:18
mcdoncit has the gbs00:18
mcdoncand its webscale00:18
m8gbs = ?00:18
mcdoncsorry, joking00:19
m8mcdonc, but now zope3 is bluebream, or not?00:20
mcdonci guess00:20
m8but it's in beta :|00:20
mcdoncok, i'll fall on the being-an-asshole sword00:21
mcdoncdon't use bluebream00:21
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m8mcdonc, ok :)00:22
mcdoncthese days take your pick between django, flask, bottle, pyramid, zope200:23
m8mcdonc, i'm using plone and django00:24
mcdoncok, so.. problem solved? ;-)00:25
m8mcdonc, django is sometimes limited00:25
m8plone is good but too fat :D00:25
mcdoncwell, like i said, i wrote pyramid.00:26
m8i've thougth zope3 (after reading philip book)00:26
mcdoncso.. not sure i can give much of an unbiased opinion.00:26
m8in pyramid there is someting like ftp server?00:26
m8zope ftp server00:27
mcdoncyou can fail just as hard using any of them ;-)00:27
mcdoncafaik, only zope has an ftp server00:27
m8+1 for zope :D00:27
mcdoncterrible having so much free software to choose from i guess00:27
m8it's the core of the system00:27
mcdoncwell that makes your choice easy.. zope it is00:28
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m8but not bluebream being-an-asshole00:29
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mcdoncgod i need to get off irc00:30
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m8thanks mcdonc00:31
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sm+1 for straight talk! bluebream has no traction (never did)01:16
sminteresting that zope 2 is still attractive for some new projects01:17
koshI still use zope 2 and will continue to01:25
koshit still works extremely reliably01:25
koshI don't have any crashes, deadlocks etc with it01:26
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* Zart wonders why buildout's bootstrap is so messy07:29
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