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zrhello, I'd like to know how I can setup a security declaration for my BrowserView, so I can access self.context in my view method without raising a ForbiddenAttribute error14:35
zrI've browsed around but I have not yet found a document that explains this for my use case14:36
mgedminzr, you don't want security declarations for the view, you want security declarations for the context object14:42
mgedminself is never security proxied, so self.anything is always allowed14:42
mgedminbut a view's self.context is always security proxied, so self.context.anything till trigger a security check according to the declarations made for your context class14:43
zrmgedmin: thanks for clearing that up, so I would need a security declaration for the folderish object that is the context of the view?14:43
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zrmgedmin: I've been reading the api docs but I'm having problems grokking the concept behind it. Could you provide an example on how to do this?15:06
mgedminhow to do what, exactly?15:11
zrmgedmin: nevermind, I'll just use for now15:20
zrthanks anyway15:20
mgedminremoveAllProxies() is idiomatic15:20
zrmgedmin: right, thanks15:21
mgedminnaked_context = zope.proxy.removeAllProxies(self.context)15:21
mgedminalthough maybe would be better15:22
mgedminoh, hey, it's actually an alias for getObject, but with a more descriptive name15:22
zrmgedmin: hehe15:22
zrmgedmin: do you know where I could introspect the paste httpserver threads? this information should be stored in the environ object of a wsgi application15:23
zrmy hope is that, by acquiring a handle on the context, I could traverse to it15:23
mgedminI'm confused by your question15:24
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zrbasically I want to introspect the threads created by paste15:25
mgedminthe wsgi_env['paste.httpserver.thread_pool'] is a dictionary from thread_id to a tuple (time_started, request_info)15:26
mgedminrequest_info is either None or a wsgi dictionary of the request that that thread is currently handling15:27
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mgedmindoes that help?15:27
zrnice, I can then use threadframe to get a list of threads15:27
mgedminerr, what's threadframe?15:28
zrthreadframe is a third party library15:28
zrbut I never tried threading.enumerate15:28
mgedminheh, threadframe's page says "Note: threadframe is obsolete. Python 2.5 and later include a function sys._current_frames() that does the same thing. Threadframe is only useful for Python 2.2 through 2.4."15:29
zrmgeadmin: err...15:29
mgedminsys._current_frames() is awesome15:29
zrmgedmin: thanks for the pointers15:30
mgedminI built a web page that shows me the current status of all my threads, including their stack traces and a list of the last N logging messages recorded in each thread15:30
mgedminit was already helpful chasing down deadlocks when I tried to use storm/postgresql and ZEO in the same app15:30
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zrmgedmin: very cool!15:31
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zrbut then again, how do I get a handle on wsgi_env?15:40
mgedminif you've a zope request handy, it's request.environ15:41
mgedminthis assumes that you're deploying zope through wsgi15:42
mgedminwhich you are, if you're using paste.httpserver :)15:42
zrI never needed to get the context...15:42
zrall I needed was self.request._environ15:43
zrI thought I had checked self.request thorougly using pdb15:44
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zrmgedmin: thanks again for your help15:58
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benbangertJ1m: welp, gonna go pure Python in kazoo23:04
benbangertno more C binding or C lib23:04
benbangertwe spent over a week debugging a a bug in the Python C binding23:06
benbangerthaving to track bugs through two layers of C is horrible23:06
benbangertthe C binding wasn't using the right password copy function, so if the server generated a byte password with a \0 character, the Python one got truncated23:06
benbangertand after looking through it some more, there's still remaining seg-fault bugs in the C binding and/or C lib itself23:07
benbangertit seems untenable to maintain a Zookeeper library unless you want to maintain/fix bugs in both the C binding and C lib23:07
J1mso you're going to write against the network protocol directly. Sounds like fun. ;)23:07
J1myeah, which sucks.23:07
benbangertits actually already done for the most part,
benbangertand its a super simple protocol, and implements new ZK 3.4 features as well23:08
J1mCan't say I like that name.23:08
benbangertI need to yank it in, it has some inefficiencies due to generated code23:08
benbangertyea, I'm going to extract the bits and have it integrated inside kazoo23:08
benbangertwhich is needed anyways to use the IHandler API for gevent compat23:08
benbangertbut the network protocol is simple, I can read all the Python code for it in 10 mins23:09
benbangertI can't read half the C binding in 10 mins23:09
benbangertand the C lib.... ergh23:09
J1mI didn't realize the network protocol was that simple.23:09
benbangertyea, its a breeze23:09
benbangertso kazoo gets to dump a bunch of the hacks to deal with the C lib thread23:10
benbangertand other edge case hacks that were due to the C lib23:10
J1mvery nice.23:10
benbangertand there's the 3.4 read-only feature which might be handy for you23:10
J1mand zc-zookeeper-static can die!23:10
benbangertin a partition event, you can remain connected and go into read-only mode23:10
J1mcool (I assumed that how it worked already :)23:11
benbangertnah, in a partition event, you'll get dropped23:11
benbangertand Zookeeper will only let you connect if its part of a consensus23:11
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