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Comartin|Workhello, i am in need of some assistance15:11
Comartin|Worklet me tell you about my environment first15:12
Comartin|Workubuntu 10.04, Python 2.1, Zope 2.6.115:12
betabughmmm, oooold15:13
betabugand non-matching python and zope version15:13
betabugunless you meant python 2.4.115:13
Comartin|Worknope. its been running on 2.1 for the last 10 years15:13
Comartin|Workthen a server crashed and now im trying to get it running again for the second time15:14
Comartin|Workit used to run on windows server 200015:14
betabugfun project15:14
Comartin|Worki had it running on ubuntu for a few months then that server crashed :(15:14
Comartin|Worknow im putting it on a virtual vmware server15:14
Comartin|Workmy problem is mysql.15:15
betabugand make a few copies :-)15:15
Comartin|Workim trying to install mysql-python 0.9.2 from source15:15
betabugI agree on that, it is for most people15:15
Comartin|Workis there some sort of dependency i am missing?15:15
Comartin|Worki dont know which version of python-dev i should install on python2.115:16
betabugI would try it with python 2.415:16
betabugwhich is the proper python version for zope 2.615:17
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Comartin|Workwell 2.1 is the version it came with in the package?15:18
Comartin|Worki dont know how to point zope to a different python interpreter either15:18
betabugzope 2.6 goes with python 2.415:18
betabugyou need to edit a few files in INSTANCE_HOME/etc and INSTANCE_HOME/bin15:19
Comartin|Workuser@server:~/Zope-2.6.1-linux2-x86$ bin/python15:20
Comartin|WorkPython 2.1.3 (#1, Sep 19 2002, 13:15:46)15:20
Comartin|Work[GCC egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux (egcs-1.1.2 release)] on linux215:20
Comartin|WorkType "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.15:20
* kosh beats betabug with a stick15:23
betabughey kosh... off for lunch here15:23
koshhave fun15:23
koshmake sure to bring your body armor and assault weapons15:23
koshthose post apocalyptic wastelands can be pretty hard to get lunch in15:24
koshComartin|Work: really too bad you can't upgrade the app to use something a little more modern15:25
Comartin|Workit does require python 2.1.315:26
koshit is just if you could get it running on zope 2.13 and python 2.7 it would be likely to work better long term but at this point that is likely a lot of work15:28
Comartin|Workthis application is not going to be used much longer just as a reference.15:29
koshthat is good at this point15:29
Comartin|Worki just need it to be static information15:29
Comartin|Worki have a new replacement that in about 6 months to a year will replace it completely15:30
koshis the system public?15:30
Comartin|Workinternal only15:30
Comartin|Workalso here is my error trying to compile python-mysql 0.9.2
koshthen install on some kind of virtual server a linux dist from the time period of python 2.1 and zope 2.6 since those should still exist around15:31
koshand run it on that virtual server15:31
kosh it will be insecure but you have to be honest that running zope 2.6, python 2.1, a version of mysql that is compatible etc is already insecure15:31
Comartin|Worki am trying to run it on a virtual on ubuntu 10.04, so your saying try installing it on ubuntu 6.0415:31
koshhuge parts of toolchains have changed sicne that software was written and I doubt that gcc will even compile a lot of the code15:32
koshyeah 6.04 is more likely but I would have to look to find exact version but that it at least in the righ direction15:32
Comartin|Workit worked about 4 months ago15:32
koshany idea why it stopped working?15:32
Comartin|Workthe server crashed15:32
Comartin|Workit wont boot up15:33
koshas in hardware failure and replacing the hardware did not fix the problem?15:33
koshwhy won't it boot up?15:33
Comartin|Workwell the drive fried15:33
koshpretty good reason not to boot up then :)15:33
koshdid someone else set it up before to run on that system?15:33
Comartin|Workwe just got a new AC in our server room15:33
Comartin|Workso hopefully thats the last of the popping drives15:34
Comartin|Worki set it up but it was hacky and i had an even older server to copy files from now i have nothing15:34
koshyeah that is pretty much what I expected15:34
koshI think your best bet is just going to be to use a virtual much older distribution version15:35
Comartin|Worki had copied the mysql.h file from the old server15:35
koshprobably because modern gcc cant' compile the older code15:35
koshthat is the huge downside of not keeping a system running, code essentially rots over time15:35
Comartin|Workcould i install an older gcc on the current system?15:35
koshregardless of os it is for15:35
mgedmin"_mysql.c:1356: error: too few arguments to function ‘mysql_shutdown’15:35
koshI doubt it even exists15:35
mgedminthis has *nothing* to do with gcc versions15:36
Comartin|Worki have the same mysql version running15:36
mgedminit looks like a backwards-incompatible MySQL API change15:36
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Comartin|Workmysql 5.1 was running on both15:36
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koshwhat about the version of mysql-python that was being used?15:38
koshI wonder if there are other mysql libs on the system that are being found instead of what you want15:38
Comartin|Workit requires mysql-python 0.9.2 which is what im trying to install15:39
Comartin|Workits the only version that works15:39
Comartin|Workfrom what i read15:39
mgedminwhat's the version of the mysql headers then?15:42
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koshmgedmin: I have just found that when dealing with old software like that on a more modern system that I would track down one bug after another15:51
koshyou fix one lib and the next one won't work because of another version mismatch15:51
mgedminit's called bitrot :)15:52
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koshwhat is kind of funny is you get the same thing with closed software15:52
koshthat is stops running or runs strangely15:52
koshin the end you just virtualize a system from the time period of the software and work to replace or upgrade the software15:52
Comartinwe are having the same problem with an old accounting software15:53
koshI have some software that only runs on xp with specific versions of quicktime etc that I got as part of a textbook15:53
Comartinagain its like 8 years old15:53
koshthe publisher said they won't ugprade the software ever, they will keep shipping it with new books and you just have to run xp in a vm to run it15:53
Comartinwe have a software that is brand new that will only run on xp15:54
Comartinleave it to chrysler15:54
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Comartinit seems as though my mysql client is incompatible.16:10
Comartinmysql 5.1 may be too new16:10
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Comartinbut the original server was running 5.116:11
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koshthis is why in the end I think you will save a lot of time and misery by just using a distribution from that time period and running it in a vm16:27
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koshsorry wrong channel but still cool16:36
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do3ccIs there an irc channel for the zope4 sprint?16:46
koshnot a clue16:48
do3ccI am pretty late anyway I guess16:49
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Comartinwell that was poo i guess im just gonna have to deal with missing the mysql17:15
Comartini give up for now17:15
Comartintheres only a couple of tables the rest is in ZODB17:16
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seppo14frage in die runde: wo liegt der sinn von ZEO + 5 Clients auf dem selben Server?18:00
seppo14ich dachte bisher immer es geht quasi um load balancing18:01
seppo14wrong group :)18:01
seppo14again in english: what's the use of a ZEO + 5 clients on the same host?18:01
seppo14always thought this is about load balancing...18:01
seppo14or means ZEO just 1 database + x hosts hosting different stuff connecting to the same db?18:02
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betabugusing multiple processors and cores18:08
betabugalso makes upgrading and some other stuff easier18:08
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seppo14thanks betabug18:49
seppo14never had the need for that with my small projects ;)18:49
betabugwell, even with 1 ZEO + 1 Zope it can make a bit of a difference18:49
betabugoh, and another reason for ZEO + multiple clients is to be able to increase the number of threads (e.g. when you have some long-running requests)18:50
seppo14i currently have several sites split across 6 zope instances..18:51
seppo14would it make sense to put these all into one ZEO database?18:51
betabugI don't think so, unless they are small and you want to reduce your maintenance work18:52
betabugnow they balance "per site"18:52
betabugif they had all one ZEO + a bunch of Zopes as clients shared between them, in theory if one of them suddenly has a lot of work, it would fare better18:52
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deuteriumrunning zope instance has >100% cpu load all the time.. potential reasons?19:15
deuteriumno ddos going on19:16
deuteriumno web access19:16
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benbangertJ1m: the pure python branch now passes all the tests :)19:22
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J1mbenbangert, congrats!19:54
benbangertwe're beefing up test coverage slowly to 100% and ensuring we catch all the errors/exceptions19:55
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benbangertcourse, since its all pure python, coverage reports are finally accurate :)19:55
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