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deuteriumhia, i'm trying to find the cause of our zope instance's high cpu load.. almost 100% all the time. debugging help welcome!20:52
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betabugdeuterium: are we supposed to guess? will you hand out prices?20:56
deuteriumbetabug: valid point.. i try to give more information about it20:57
betabugwhat version of zope you're using and what products you've installed would be a start :-)20:58
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deuteriumbetabug: a self-compiled zope 2.8.1 on debian lenny, installed products:Calendar, Hotfix_20060705, ImageGallery, Newsletter,22:01
deuteriumFileAdministration, Hotfix_20070320, LocalImageSystem, Formulator, ImageGallery, LocalImageSystem, zms22:01
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deuteriumpython 2.4.422:06
koshwhen you restart zope and do nothing does it have high cpu load?22:08
koshdoes it matter what page you hit before it starts generate high cpu load?22:08
deuteriumkosh: i try restarting this instance, moment please. iirc, the high load builds up very quickly though we have a neat iron below.22:09
koshso you need a test box22:09
deuteriumand a correction, it's python 2.3.622:10
koshso you can hit pages and see what causes the load22:10
koshalso you know your software is ancient right?22:10
koshcurrent zope is 2.13.1622:10
koshso you are WAY WAY WAY behind22:10
deuteriumkosh: i'm aware.. i didn't set up the box22:10
deuteriumi don't see why i would want to compile zope and python from scatch myself.. it's not really maintenance friendly22:11
deuteriumi've restarted zope 5 minutes ago, but i think it's still loading..22:23
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koshdeuterium: it certainly does not look maintenance friendly23:27
deuteriumkosh: agree23:29
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koshI wonder why people setup such well designed systems in such horrible ways23:29
deuteriumkosh: i'm suspecting a loop in a method or so which is then hit by a request, keeping more and more workers 100% busy till there's basically a DOS23:29
koshit is like they try to make them suck on purpose23:29
koshone guess I have seen before is I ran into an image system once that on every page request it loaded every image in order to decide which 10 to show23:30
deuteriumkosh: i'm trying to follow to determine the method with the loop. good idea?23:30
koshit was idiotic23:30
koshbetter than nothing most likely, I have not tried that one before23:30
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koshnormally I would make a clone of the system and then test on that23:30
koshbut then again I have never had a system do this kind of thing23:31
deuteriumkosh: hm.. google lists quite a few pages for "zope high load" etc. -> old ones, though23:31
deuteriumdoesn't seem to be _that_ uncommon23:31
koshyou can find those kinds of pages for any system though23:31
koshpeople write bad code and then somehow still expect the system to work through it23:32
koshI have helped people fix high load problems, not once has it even actually been zope, it was stupid queries every time23:32
koshif you want to show 10 pictures but load 10K of them that is going to suck regardless of db23:32
deuteriumthe thing that astonishes me as a zope layman: isn't there some kind of max execution time for threads in zope or so? do loops really get cpu resources forever?23:32
deuteriumkosh: sure, that's silly23:33
deuteriummight be bad code here too.. a race condition in a method definitely is bad programming23:33
koshrecursion errors are found and stopped23:33
deuteriumbut i'm astonished it has such bad effects on the whole instance23:33
koshrace conditions should be insanely rare to happen given how zope is designed and what you are allowed to access23:33
koshbut nothing is really going to limit total cpu time23:34
deuteriumok.. sounds plausible23:34
koshmostly because that would screw up a lot of apps23:34
koshI have some things that will run for hours without problems and without crippling everything else23:34
koshbut it sounds like you have some common usage case that is causing high load23:34
koshthat is death on anything23:34
deuteriumi suspect a problem in zms.. or maybe there's even some buggy custom code i don't know anything about23:34
deuteriumplease elaborate23:35
koshif you had another system with a 5 second max limit but many people kept hitting the page you would still be crippled23:35
koshit doesn't really change the problem to impose a time limit23:35
deuteriumkosh: hm.. i think php does use a max execution time. not saying that php is a role-model.23:38
koshit just means you run a few seconds longer before becoming hopelessly bogged down23:38
koshthe problem is that it doesn't solve the problem23:38
koshbut it stops a lot of things from working23:38
koshzope is used for some larger systems where things can run for hours23:39
koshnow since 2.8 it also handles this stuff much better23:39
deuteriumhm ok23:40

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