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davetooquestion about ZCatalog brains:04:56
davetooI was experimenting with evaluating the contents of a single brain,04:57
davetooand ran " list(brain) " and I got back .. a list of stuff :)04:58
davetoobut no idea how the order of the list elements are returned04:58
davetoois there any way to get a dict out of it?  Im trying to figure out how giving the brain to list() produced the values04:59
davetooI was surprised to see that the brain itself has an aq_chain04:59
davetooso I think it's acquiring this behavior from ...05:01
davetooso calling list on any OFS ObjectManager (I think, or maybe it's higher up) returns the keys of the object dict05:02
davetooand since these are presumably inverted indexes, the keys are the indexed values themselves05:02
davetoowhat I'm trying to do is create a dict or json string05:03
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tomasHi, I'm building rpm packag for zope-schema module and it fails test, can anyone please tell me what's missing in my zope module?
tomasI suspect my zope-interface package is outdated09:57
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Zart3.7.0 is latest10:13
Zartis that centos?10:14
Zarttry testing in virtualenv/buildout10:16
ArfreverZart: What 3.7.0?10:16
ZartArfrever, zope.interface10:16
ArfreverZart: 4.0.1 is the latest. See
* Zart found 3.8.0 and 4.0.1 in his cache10:17
Zartanyway, test worked for me10:18
ArfreverAnd the latest version of zope.schema is 4.2.0:
Arfrever(Zope-2.13.* seems to work with almost all zope.*-4.*. I only had some exceptions caused by zope.location-4.0.0.)10:23
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deuteriumhow high is the average machine cpu load normally with zope, if zope is almost idle?13:53
deuteriumwith my system here, cpu load is constantly >100%, though it's very fast and new hardware and there are only a couple of requests now and then13:54
deuteriumthat's not normal, right?13:54
betabughere zope idles at 6-7%, but it's a 466Mhz PowerMac G413:55
betabughmm, that seems actually have been on a request, it goes down to 0.6% now13:56
deuteriumbetabug: hm.. thanks13:57
betabugwhat version of zope was that?13:57
deuteriumbetabug: i really assume there's a problem with an endless loop in a method here or so13:57
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betabugwell, depenidng on zope version, you could check in the ZMI in the /Control_Panel, debugging if you have some long running request13:58
betabugbut that's assuming some version of Zope 213:58
betabugso that's why I ask about the version13:58
deuteriumbetabug: well, a very outdated one, unfortunately.. but i'm not allowed to update it yet as the manager of the app is afraid that it won't work anymore with an updated python, zope, zms13:58
deuteriumbetabug: ok, moment, let me check13:59
betabugyes, those concerns are valid13:59
betabugbut if you say zms, it definitely is some zope 2.x version13:59
deuteriumbetabug: yes, it's 2.8.114:07
deuteriumbetabug: i.e. can i check in /Control_Panel if a certain request is causing the high load?14:08
deuteriumbetabug: i have to check whether i can get the credentials for the control panel14:08
betabugwell, without being able to look at /Control_Panel, you can't do anything14:09
betabugand you should consider to upgrade to the latest version in the 2.8 series14:10
deuteriumbetabug: i would have tried to attach a gdb to the running zope instance, then have a look at it there14:10
deuteriumbetabug: i agree14:10
deuteriumbetabug: i'm trying to convince the app owner to allow us upgrade the whole python/zope stack14:10
betabugfirst try /Control_Panel/DebugInfo14:10
deuteriumbetabug: ok, thanks14:10
betabugupgrading everything to the latest could be difficult14:11
deuteriumbetabug: ironically i'm root on the box, but i have to check for the control_panel credentials14:11
betabugbut at least going to the last 2.8.x should be easy14:11
deuteriumbetabug: ok14:11
betabugif you can restart the instance, you can create an admin account for yourself14:11
betabugstop the instance from bin/zopectl14:12
betabugthen you can use bin/zopectl adduser (or something like that, zopectl has a help14:12
deuteriumbetabug: ok, i'll use that as a last resort if i can't get the control panel credentials otherwise14:14
betabugthat's reasonable, they might not like to have some other admin users in their app14:14
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deuteriumbetabug: btw, is there a nice way or best practice how to compact the data.fs file? it has grown extremely big here.. 25 gb. i assume most of the data there is actually the transaction history and only maybe 1 gb is actual data.14:15
betabugyou have to "pack" it14:16
betabugyou can do so from the /Control_Panel14:16
deuteriumbetabug: oh, from the control_panel as well? ok14:16
betabuggood practice is to have a backup, but nothing ever went wrong for me14:16
deuteriumbackup created by simply copying the file on the shell.. or by creating a backup from the control panel?14:17
betabugif you temporarily shut down zope or if you have a ZEO setup, you can also pack from the command line14:17
betabugpacking will create an auto-backup, but simply copying the file e.g. to another machine is a good idea14:17
deuteriumzeo setup.. good point. i don't even know this yet14:17
betabugdon't use rsync to do the backup, it's said to do something wrong... but I never understood what exactly14:18
betabugwell, you're a bit late to the party :-)14:18
* deuterium is not a seasoned zope admin.. pretty much a newbie in regard to zope, actually ;)14:19
betabugdeuterium: btw, here is a bunch of information that might interest you:
deuteriumi.e. i used zope myself.. but that was ages back.. must have been in the late 90ies or so14:19
deuteriumbetabug: thanks! looks very interesting and informative14:20
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deuteriumhm.. any idea how i can block requests from an (alleged) bingbot user-agent to a zope server? i see about 1 "bingbot" request per second 24/7 here.. might be an attack disguised as bingbot, see
deuteriumi'd prefer a solution directly on the zope server as there's just an apache proxy in front of it and i shouldn't restart that one and the method to block these bingbot requests as explained on the page likely doesn't work if it's just a proxy for a zope server.17:18
* mgedmin would solve this on the apache side17:18
mgedminwhy can't you restart it?17:18
deuteriummgedmin: althought it's just a proxy?17:18
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deuteriummgedmin: or maybe i should just use the <location> directives instead of <file>, as explained on
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janbranbergenHi, i am trying to run the test-suite for, i ran  the buildout but bin/test complains about zope.event missing. Can anyone shed some insight?17:22
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avoineaHi all: Within zope3 how do I get a browser view registered for a lower interface like: I have an object that provides ITop and IBottom. Then index.html registered one for IBottom and one for ITop. How do I get the IBottom index.html? :)17:49
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deuteriumbetabug: any idea how i can block access to the zope server that is made by a certain user-agent? i.e. bingbot. i'd like to block these requests on zope directly as blocking them on the apache proxy didn't work as these requests are actually hitting the zope server directly, bypassing the apache proxy server.19:13
betabugdeuterium: I do this kind of stuff on apache - if these requests bypass apache, then it means your firewall leaves stuff open that shouldn't be open19:18
deuteriumbetabug: valid point19:19
betabugand zope is an application server, not a web server; there is a strong expectation that something is in front of it19:20
betabugdeuterium: you're in .ch?19:20
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betabugfunny, hadn't noticed before19:21
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deuteriumbetabug: yes, i am :)19:27
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