IRC log of #zope for Sunday, 2012-10-07

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cpyargerI am having issues with VHM and apache, I followed all of the configuration instructions and I am getting a 403 error01:42
cpyargerI am using Zope 2.10.12-final, python 2.4.6, linux201:44
cpyargerany help would be appreciated01:45
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betabugcpyarger: without a more exact error description it's hard to tell what went wrong12:53
betabughey tralala!!13:02
betabugups, sorry, wrong channel13:02
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koshbetabug: how goes life in a post apocalyptic world?18:28
betabughey kosh18:29
betabugI'm in spain currently, for a sprint18:29
koshah so you went from one post apocalyptic world to another then18:29
betabugexcept that I'm all in the north, so the place is so green it all looks as if I was back in Switzerland18:30
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koshso how is life going?18:31
betabuga bit tired, but happy to work here18:31
koshso far I am still managing to do my classes and work18:33
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* kosh sends a tiger after betabug so he can sprint faster20:57
betabugI don't need to, I don't have to outrun the tiger, I only have to outrun the other sprinters20:58
koshthere is that and some programmers I have run into are HUGE20:58
koshsome people really don't take care of themselves20:59
koshat least once I graduate I won't have to do web stuff anymore and I will be able to work with nanotech stuff :)20:59
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