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sneumannHi, I am trying to export an existing ZWiki with a few 100 pages15:35
sneumannThis looks promising
sneumannand it mentions I can run " /zodb/path/to/wiki/folder"15:35
sneumannQuestion: what could be my /zodb/path/to/wiki/folder ?15:36
sneumannCan I browse ZODB to find the wiki, or simply constructu that path from the URL ?15:36
sneumannThe wiki is in plone in /msbi/wiki , but neither /msbi/wiki nor zodb//msbi/wiki work.15:36
betabugsneumann: go into the ZMI15:37
betabugand browse there until you find the path to the zwiki15:37
koshbetabug: greetings member of a post apocalyptic wasteland15:37
betabugbut you need zmi access from the root of the zodb15:37
betabughey kosh!15:37
koshso how are things going with you? I have exams this week in thermo and stats but at least I am doing well :)15:38
betabugI'm in Switzerland for a few days15:38
koshand the nanotech/biotech markets are continuing to get better so great job prospects and no more websites! :)15:38
koshoh that sounds cool15:38
betabugmuch colder here :-)15:39
koshgo skiing15:39
betabughaha, not my thing15:39
betabugand too much work15:39
sneumannthx betabug, I have the ZMI to /msbi/wiki now. Is *that* the path in ZODB ?15:39
sneumann"from the root of the zodb" ?15:39
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sneumannOr do I have to be in the filesystem folder that contains Data.fs ? I probably just missed the big picture15:41
koshthe root of the zodb is the folder that has error_log, Control Panel in it15:41
sneumannBugger, then /msbi/wiki  is the right Path.15:47
sneumannYet I get AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'meta_type'15:47
sneumannfor  obj.meta_type == 'ZWiki Page'15:47
sneumannwhere obj = objectFromPath(path)15:47
sneumannSo I guess the export doesn't find an object with the path I give it.15:47
sneumannAh, If I copy the wiki out of its plone site, I dont get an error anymore.15:50
betabugso objectFromPath gives nothing back, yes15:50
* kosh blames betabug15:51
betabughaha, could be, though I guess it's sm's code15:51
betabugsneumann: I'd put in a debugger breakpoint and check if you have the right folder15:52
koshbetabug: you should see some of the cool nanotech stuff being developed15:52
betabugI can't see it, it's too small!15:53
koshone I just found a day or two ago was increasing the efficiency of LED lights by 97% by using a nanolens based on how fireflys work15:53
koshthat is about 32x improvement over current LEDs15:53
koshbetabug: you have to admit that is extremely impressibe, think of what it means for us as a planet if we can product more light at less power usage15:58
koshand I will get to play with that stuff! :)15:59
koshso what are you doing in switzerland?16:00
betabugdone a planning session with a customer and visited some friends and family16:03
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koshheh maybe someday you will build websites for companies I work at16:04
betabughaha, yeah16:05
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sneumannbetabug: thanks for your help. Turned out that the shipped with zwiki was outdated16:35
sneumannthe one straigt from darcs worked16:35
betabuggreat! glad to have been of help (at least a little bit)16:36
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