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mgedminso... anyone uses celery with zope 3?15:19
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betabugnope, some plans to use it with pyramid at some point15:35
betabugbut still a bit in the future15:35
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smart1hi, can i reuse a macro multiple times in one template?17:39
smart1f.e. i want to use more than 1 table with 2 rows. so i just want to call the macro 2 times with 2 different content objects.17:40
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smart1when i use a macro in the same file i defined it. how do i call it? ( tried: use-macro="context/test_view/macros/testmacro"18:53
smart1but this will not work18:53
smart1i get some key errors18:54
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mgedminsmart1, metal:use-macro="template/macros/testmacro"19:03
smart1@mgedmin thx19:04
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betabugI always cringe when I see people addressed with @... on irc19:10
smart1@betabug :D19:10
betabugit's wrong on a technical point (clients don't highlight) and it's culturally showing that you've no idea19:11
betabugbut well, to each their own19:11
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smart1last question for templates: if i use: template/macros/testmacro, but my macro needs a parameter is it possible to call the macro with an oiption? f.e.   .../testmacro/contact19:16
betabugsmart1: no, macros don't take parameters19:17
smart1ok, thx19:17
smart1@betabug :P19:17
betabugyou define a variable19:17
betabugaround the use-macro19:17
smart1the idea was to define a variable , and then use the macro in an inner loop19:18
betabugand then that variable will be seen in the macro19:18
betabugyes, you can do that19:18
smart1ok, then i'll try19:18
smart1betabug, why you think it's wroing to adress with @19:19
betabugI already explained19:19
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betabugscroll a bit up and you will see it19:19
smart1you just wrote i got no idea. and if the name got not highlighted with an @ it also should not get highlighted with an : at the end19:20
betabugpeople are using irc clients, irc clients know about nickname:19:20
betabugor nickname,19:20
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