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xqoHi, how can I make one of the radio buttons created be checked by default?
xqoi think maybe i could add <input ... checked="checked">, but wouldnt that try checking all the buttons?10:21
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xqohi! please save me.12:26
xqosomehow, i suspect by magic, this is making a button that takes you to the next page
xqohow do i make my own button12:26
mgedminum, you insert an <input type="submit" ... /> into your page template12:29
mgedminwell, <button> exists in HTML, but it's rarely used12:30
mgedmin(and very buggy on IE 6)12:31
mgedminI suggest you avoid it12:31
xqomgedmin: what would a sample <input ...> look like?12:32
mgedminyou have one right there in that paste you pasted12:33
xqook how bout this12:33
xqocan you replace all those references to code12:33
xqowith code?12:34
xqoand which12:34
xqoof them12:34
xqois doing the work?12:34
xqoi dont mean, plz do, i mean is it possible, and how does it look12:34
mgedminthere's some zope 2 magic with putting foo:method in the request12:36
mgedminI've never used it12:36
mgedminit ought to be documented somewhere12:36
mgedminhave you tried the Help tab in the ZMI?12:36
xqo<input type="submit" on_click="goto_page2.html()" button_image="pretty_button.jpg"> how should it look in reality?12:36
mgedmincan't you hire a web developer or something?12:37
xqoim supposed to learn how to do this..12:37
xqoi have 50min left to deliver the most amazing button anyone has ever seen12:38
mgedmingood luck with that12:38
xqoyeah thanks12:39
mgedminto style buttons with images you're going to need either <input type="img"> or custom CSS12:39
mgedminsorry, type="image"12:39
mgedminthen <input type="image" src="pretty_button.jpg">12:39
mgedminto make it work with Javascript, you need onclick="javascript code to run"12:40
mgedminto make it work server-side, you need name="SOMETHING"12:40
mgedminand then some server-side code to notice when "SOMETHING" appears in the request and react12:40
mgedmin(or there's that SOMETHING:method hack which, I think, calls a Python Method called 'SOMETHING' in the same folder?)12:40
mgedminanyway, I've got to get back to work myself12:41
xqowhat is i18n?12:41
mgedminshort for "internationalization"12:41
mgedmin("i", 18 other letters, then "n", get it?)12:41
xqoso its locale? text is there?12:42
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mgedminthe i18n xml namespace is used in zope to mark texts for translation12:44
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xqomgedmin are you here?13:25
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benjiautoconf for python:; why am I not excited?14:35
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mgedminit knows about virtualenv but not setuptools/distribute?15:13
mgedmingenerating PKG-INFO by hand from a template?15:13
mgedmininteresting approach15:14
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