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xqodo you guys know any good tutorials for zope/plone? to set up a small site with a webshop or whatever?09:53
xqoi have access to a big project, but its a little hard to work on without some help, because there are already so many different parts working together, and its all kind of big09:54
xqoso i thought that when i dont have someone to help me with that, i could try to set up my own little project from the start, so ill learn more about each part instead of jumping into a sea of code09:54
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betabugxqo: for plone stuff, is what you want and then #plone10:00
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ganeshuhow to use ZODB with django, this is better option?13:50
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mitchell`ganeshu: there's plenty of good documentation on using the ZODB outside of Zope on zodb.org14:44
mitchell`ZCA question: anyone know if subclasses of classes which provide interfaces are also meant to provide those same interfaces? Can't seem to reproduce on Py3. Note "provide" not "implement".14:46
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alerthi everyone15:31
alertafter upgrading a Plone site to 4.2 (Zope 2.13.18) I see a in the Zope Control Panel a broken link to /Control_Panel/TranslationService. I see that in the new Plone4.2 sites have no TranslationService in the Control Panel. Am I missing something or can the Translation Service just be removed?15:34
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betabugalert: you want #plone for plone questions15:50
alertthanks betabug15:52
alertgoing there :)15:52
* kosh sets betabug on fire15:54
betabughey kosh, how's life?15:54
koshdoing okay but stressful15:55
koshI have an exam today and finals in two weeks15:55
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betabugyepp, that sounds busy15:55
koshbut at least I am doing pretty well in classes15:56
betabugwe have release day for a pyramid project today :-)15:56
betabugyepp, but ofcoz everything goes haywire, as usual15:57
koshthat is normal15:59
koshI like how nanotech and biotech is continuing to improve faster than anyone thought possible16:00
betabugthe sysop changed an SSL cert in the last minute and all goes down the drain, haha16:00
koshlots of good job prospects at least :)16:00
betabugunless the grey goo eats you up!16:00
koshI wonder why people make last minute changes16:00
betabugme too16:00
koshif it does then I probably made it :)16:00
koshwhen I have demos to do I don't make any changes ahead of time16:01
betabug"godzilla didn't work out, let's produce some grey goo"16:01
koshhehe that sounds about right16:04
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koshbetabug: so how has your life been going?16:26
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betabugtoo much work, otherwise fine16:28
koshwell I am definitely looking forward to graduating16:32
koshnext semester I have some pretty interesting classes16:32
koshbiomaterials, biokinetics16:32
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