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xqowhere do i put the index page for my website in zope2.11.4?10:23
xqohow do i edit index_html outside of the admin panel?10:33
xqowhere is it?10:33
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xqodo you need a hammer to use zope?12:07
betabugxqo: why do you want to use zope?12:09
betabugit's in a kind of state of "if you don't know it or have a very good reason to use it, don't use it"12:09
xqobetabug i need it for a job.12:09
xqoi want to make a sample webshop or something so i can play around with tal or whatever12:10
betabugwell, you're in for quite a ride12:10
betabuggo find all the docs, read them all12:10
xqoyeah no12:10
betabugand be prepared to sift through a lot of outdated docs12:10
xqoso, what12:12
xqothe community is done with zope, and moving on?12:12
xqoits slowly dying?12:13
betabugthe community is very small and consists of the people who have to carry on an investment in zope12:13
betabugbut it's beyond the point where new people find it useful IMHO12:13
betabugif you want to build something new, I suggest pyramid12:13
xqoi have to use zope/plone12:14
betabugofcoz, this is all my own private oppinion, nobody's "official" voice12:14
xqoi got this job, and for 3 months im supposed to learn zope/plone12:14
betabugwell, if you need to use plone, go to and to #plone12:14
betabugfor zope knowledge, there are some docs, but some of the stuff is old12:15
xqobut plone is just a cms right?12:15
xqoive gotten to work on a project for my new job,12:15
xqowhere i edit template .pt files12:15
xqoand then i restart bin/instance to see the changes12:15
xqohow do i set that up for myself?12:15
betabugdon't ask me about plone, not my thing12:16
betabug#plone and are your friends there12:16
xqobut wait12:16
xqoisnt plone just a cms12:16
xqoso people can work together on a project?12:16
betabugplone is an application, running on top of the zope application server12:16
chaoflowwell :)12:17
betabugit resembles a cms, but when you're not looking, it eats your dog, cancels your theater subscription and sends blackmail letters to your neighbors... or so they tell me12:17
betabugobviously I have no knowledge of any such things ever happening12:17
xqook, i just want to get to the stage where i can edit my website and see it in my browser :|||||12:17
chaoflowxqo: check and #plone as betabug suggested already12:18
betabuggo to and follow the tutorials that no doubt have there12:18
xqoyeah i tried that, but i dont know how much more i can ask before they throw me out12:18
chaoflowplone community is very alive, documentation is improving every day and people are helpful12:18
betabugyepp, +1 for chaoflow  there12:18
betabugchaoflow: how's life btw? :-)12:18
* xqo goes looking for a hammer12:19
chaoflowbetabug: great, not so much plone work these days, ended up more in the frontend12:19
betabugah, ok, but that's ok too :-)12:19
chaoflowbetabug: still in athens?12:19
betabugyes :-)12:19
betabugwe just went online with (online learning site)12:20
betabugthe cms is django-cms, but the app is in pyramid :-)12:20
betabugcame out of beta on Saturday, so it's all fresh and I'm still tired12:21
chaoflowbetabug: frontpage: "Selbst grösste Chancen können mit falschen Einstellungen im Keim erstickt werden und zu Engpässen führen:sada s dasasd asd"12:23
chaoflowI don't assume the "sada s dasasd asd" belongs there12:23
betabugups, hahaha12:24
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betabugsomeone played with the cms I guess12:24
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