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vedicHi, I am trying out this code in zope but I am getting RuntimeError: Filesystem Script (Python) search has errors . Here is the code:
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betabugdo you have a traceback?20:10
* kosh destroys the traceback :)20:11
koshbetabug: so how goes life?20:11
betabughey kosh20:12
betabugslacking xmas season is about to start20:12
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koshI have one more final exam tonight and then I am done till next semester20:12
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koshbetabug: so what have you been up to?20:18
betabugmostly with one big pyramid project and a smaller (non-web) project with ruby20:19
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koshI will just be staying with zope indefinitely20:19
betabugyeah, it's nice to look at how things are done in other languages20:19
koshmostly because once I graduate I will do other things20:19
betabugthough ruby is quite similar to python20:20
betabugyepp, I can imagine20:20
koshno point in learning another web framework and then drop web stuff in a year and a half pretty much20:20
koshchemical engineering also pays better :)20:20
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koshbetabug: think of how cool it will be if I get to start working on nanotech stuff :)20:21
betabugtoo small for me ;-)20:24
betabugbut you get to replace godzilla with grey goo, as a plan b20:25
koshI could make a nanite virus to turn a lizard into godzilla20:25
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