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ScramblejamsI see zope.interface.declarations.noLongerProvides(). Is there any equivalent of this at the implements level?06:53
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mcdoncScramblejams: i'm not 100% sure about it but I suspect you can replace or mutate the "Declaration" for a given class...
mcdoncbut you'll probably have to read the z.i source to see how to get at it09:57
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BahmanPlaying with Zope 2 (I'm a noob), I created a sample product...13:55
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BahmanThe product is added through the ZMI easily w/o errors.13:55
BahmanBut when trying to add it in code using `manage_addProduct' (considering that the constructor is named `manage_addDevistan') I always get “AttributeError: manage_addDevistan”.13:56
BahmanTried that from the debug mode too.13:56
BahmanI'm trying this:13:56
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BahmanI'd appreciate any clues/hints.13:57
BahmanI've been pulling off my hair over this for the past 6 hours :-S13:57
betabugpaste the relevant code and the traceback somewhere in a pastebin13:58
Bahmanbetabug: Just a sec...13:59
Bahmanbetabug: You're on StackOverflow?13:59
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BahmanYou need anything else?14:03
betabugyeah, some green tea would be fine, thank you14:03
BahmanGranted once you solve this :-D14:04
Bahman`initialize' is called in `'14:04
betabugI usually have the initialize() in __init__.py14:04
betabugdid you put the traceback somewhere too?14:06
Bahmanbetabug: That's all I get from Zope's Python shell.14:07
BahmanLet me put up a page and get the stack trace from there...just a minute.14:08
betabughmm, products not loaded from the shell?14:08
BahmanI can add OFS.Folder for example.14:08
BahmanJust my bloody product is the problem.14:08
betabugOFS.Folder is a standard thing14:09
BahmanYes...and I've been reading OFS.Folder source over and over again to find a difference between mine and its.14:10
betabugBahman: that should be your template14:11
betabugbut I guess that maybe you need to tell the zope shell to load the products from the filesystem somehow14:11
Bahmanbetabug: The stack trace:
BahmanThis is obviously from a running Zope instance.14:15
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betabugwhat zope version is that?14:16
BahmanThe latest I believe.14:16
betabugmaybe you need to do something to load old-style products?14:16
betabugI'm not much familiar with > 2.11 or 2.12 or so14:17
BahmanIs my sample product considered an "old-style" one14:17
betabughmm, what I don't have is the "InitializeClass(Devistan)" in my products14:18
betabugBahman: if it looks like BetaBoring, I guess it is14:18
betabugif it's a folder inside "Products", then it's "old-style"14:18
betabugnew style would be an egg, loaded with buildout, I guess14:18
Bahmanbetabug: It *is* loaded as an egg I think.
BahmanThat's the `buildout.cfg'14:20
Bahmanbetabug: Trying without the `InitalizeClass'...14:20
betabugcan't really help you then, I don't know that stuff much14:20
Bahmanbetabug: Thanks anyway for your time :-)14:21
betabugnp :-)14:21
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BahmanIn case someone here is on StackOverflow:
BahmanMan, I need some rest...this bloody problem has drained my energy.14:39
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ScramblejamsThanks mcdonc.16:28
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suptonhey folks, for zope2 WebDAV, what would cause a discrepancy in what webdav.Collection.listDAVObjects() returns and what I see in cadaver (only small subset)?   I have a folder/collection that has eight items uploaded via DAV, they all show up TTW, but I do not see them in collection listing in DAV clients...19:31
suptonproblem seems cadaver-specific19:31
suptondo not see this problem in MS web folders (Win 7) or in OS X Finder's brain-dead DAV implementation, just in Cadaver19:31
* supton figures I won't get any more clues without pulling out wireshark19:32
LeoRochaelsupton: perhaps some of this content is not visible by anonymous, and Cadaver is not transmitting authentication information unless requested by the server?19:33
LeoRochaelsupton: and you probably don't need wireshark, some extra logging calls in Zope code should be enough19:34
suptonLeoRochael: anonymous user does not have View permission on folder… not sure about Access Contents Information… so I would think that the client is challenged… wireshark is less work than sprinkling more logging19:37
suptonbecause I'm not sure what code exists between the request dispatching and webdav.Collection.listDAVObjects() without putting pdb.set_trace() in that19:38
suptonthough I might have to tackle this from both ends19:39
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LeoRochaelsupton: you can also use "traceback.print_stack()". You get a traceback without needing to stop your program.19:46
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suptonLeoRochael: thanks for the tip… did not know that, always just typed w from interactive pdb prompt20:29
LeoRochaelsupton: glad to help. Frequently it's a lot faster to sprinkle "traceback.print_stack()" around than to pdb.set_trace() in many places.20:30
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DanCI'm trying to migrate some photos etc. out of a very old Zope DB. It ran on Zope 2.7.7. Building Zope2.7.7 says "install python 2.3.5". Building python2.3.5 leads to a core dump
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