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rajeshhi, any suggestions on a zope2/postgres primer?02:02
rajeshnevermind, chapter on relational db's in the zope2 book.02:08
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XetiusIm using TAL within my site.  If the TAL statements are not getting processed, what am I missing.  Im running a java web app inside Tomcat.  Im missing some processor of some kind, but I can't find what to look for17:22
mgedminare you using Zope 2, Zope 3, ZTK, or any combination of these?17:23
XetiusI believe it is zope 217:24
mgedminthen it has nothing to do with java or tomcat17:24
XetiusWe have an existing site, which is a java webapp, and all the other pages work fine17:24
XetiusHow would I know which version I am using?17:24
mgedmincheck the Server HTTP response header maybe17:25
XetiusNothing in there that seems useful17:28
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mgedminthe way zope 2 normally works, you edit objects of various kinds (such as page templates and python scripts) through a web form in the Zope Management Interface17:31
mgedminare you doing that, or are you editing files on the filesystem?17:31
Xetiusfiles on the file system17:32
koshthat seems unlikely to be zope then17:32
koshmgedmin: so how goes life?17:32
koshwell I will be getting out of zope work in about a year, I just have to learn DNA debugging instead :)17:33
koshthere are no unit tests for that one ;)17:34
agroszerhey betabug17:34
betabughey agroszer, how's life?17:35
agroszerwell, it's warm again here17:36
betabugnice :-)17:36
agroszerbetabug, question, what do you use with pyramid as a JS capable testbrowser?17:36
betabugwe use zombie.js17:36
betabugit has its quirks and the latest version does not yet work17:37
koshbetabug: don't you want to learn DNA debugging instead?17:37
agroszerare there any ready to use packages?17:37
betabugkosh: hahaha, I'm so bad at normal debugging, I'd just create some monster ;-)17:38
betabugagroszer: you load it through node17:38
betabuglet me check which version we use17:38
betabugnpm install zombie@1.4.117:39
koshbetabug: usually if you screw up the organism just dies17:40
agroszerthen you write the tests in JS?17:40
betabugnow that reminds me, we use a python package for that17:41
koshbetabug: so is the area you live in like mad max yet?17:41
betabugit seems so some days17:41
betabugagroszer: this one:
betabugand then you get to write tests in python, with stuff like:17:43
betabug        browser.fill('newname', 'my new brick')17:43
betabug        self.assertEqual(browser.location, '')17:43
agroszeryup I see17:43
agroszerbut you need to start the full appserver, right?17:43
betabugyes, you need to go through a wsgi server17:44
betabugwe start it once at the start of all tests, tear it down at the end17:44
betabugit's not very fast, but faster than selenium17:44
agroszerthought so17:44
betabugalso timing sometimes matters with this js stuff: if someone has a slower laptop, some tests might get stuck, while they work for others17:45
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agroszerokay, thx17:45
betabugnp, good luck :-)17:46
betabugif you have more questions, just ask17:46
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betabugagroszer: also I think node 0.10 didn't work, while 0.8.x works17:54
betabugno, I think 0.9 is a dev version and didn't work for graffic17:56
betabugups, err#17:56
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agroszerjust added the PPA and got 0.10.417:56
betabug(was discussing the node / zombie thing in another channel)17:56
agroszerI'll give it a try17:56
agroszeraugh seems to spit out now ALL packages18:05
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agroszerbetabug, can you check which versions do you use?18:19
agroszernodejs --version18:19
betabug$ node --version18:20
betabugnp :-)18:21
betabug0.8.x versions are known to work here, 0.9 and 0.10 do not work in our experience18:22
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agroszerbetabug, no luck yet18:39
betabugwhere's the problem now?18:39
agroszerError: Cannot find module 'zombie'18:40
agroszerbut gotta run now18:40
agroszerto be continued tomorrow18:40
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betabugok, hf there18:40
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