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MrSmilehi zope people!04:52
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koshgreetings human!05:38
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MrSmilekosh :)06:09
MrSmilekosh.... are you zope or caveman ?!06:10
MrSmilekosh: I got a small problem with bluebream06:10
MrSmilekosh: can you help me?!06:11
koshI have never used bluebream06:11
koshI use zope 2.x and have for a little over 10 years now06:11
MrSmilekosh: hmmm.... I thought you might help me.06:11
koshI stayed away from the whole zope 3.x thing that later became bluebream06:11
MrSmileI just added "jinja2" in the, and run buildout, and my friend tells me: "Error: Picked: Jinja2 = 2.6"06:12
koshI have not used jinja before either sorry06:12
MrSmileI need a powerful template engine other then ZPT06:13
koshnot a clue06:13
MrSmileusually doing applications with zope doesn't force me to use ZPT, no?!06:13
koshI have used only a little ZPT mostly I used python scripts and DTML later06:13
koshbluebream is not like zope 2.x06:14
koshthat is one reason it was renamed from zope 3.x to make it clear it is very different06:14
MrSmileyes, heared of it, totally rewritten from the ground up.06:14
koshI don't know squat about how its template engine works06:14
MrSmilemakes use of ZPT like on Zope206:14
koshso why not use that?06:15
MrSmileI am usually doing a lot with pyramid and jinja2 template engine.06:15
MrSmilewhy I use jinja2 is for me clear: I can parse Javascript serverside.06:15
MrSmileusually I am a python and Javascript developer.06:15
koshsorry not a clue about that06:15
koshI would just use pyramid06:16
MrSmilebut the application server bluebream with it's component system is just dreamy.06:16
koshI pretty much did python and zope and hate javascript06:16
MrSmilemakes fully use of the Zope Component architecture which is REALLY powerfull.06:16
koshand thankfully I won't be doing web stuff much longer :)06:16
MrSmileand I am hungry to get this knowledge.06:17
koshsorry that is just not something that I learned06:17
MrSmilepyramid is good for small things, running seperate applications beside each others, and clearly sharing code through it's xml files is really cool!06:18
MrSmilethe traditional OOP issue falls away, just through the xml files..... cool!06:18
MrSmilekosh: however... from where are you from?!06:19
koshearth :)06:20
MrSmilespecific location in planet earth ?!06:20
MrSmilenow kosh answeres: NASA06:20
koshbut at least I will be doing DNA coding soon instead of web based :)06:20
MrSmilekosh: do it, wonderfull.06:20
MrSmilekosh: no more wasting time with shitt...06:21
koshI went back to school, I graduate in a year and I will even be doing some genetic engineering starting in about a week over the summer06:21
koshso my level of interest in web stuff has been dropping rapidly06:22
MrSmilekosh: I wish you a hell of luck!06:23
MrSmilekosh: make millions, and donate the zope community of course 80% of your 1st income.06:23
MrSmilekosh: then we alllll love you very much.06:23
MrSmilekosh: 1st - year complete sallery, 80% donations.06:24
MrSmilekosh: we agree ?!06:24
koshwhy don't I donate it to doing things like building a space station, curing diseases or human augmentation?06:24
MrSmilekosh: because this allready the government takes care off. very simple :)06:24
koshnot very well06:25
MrSmilekosh: but mostly, higher taxes mean higher outcome in public issues or weappons.06:25
MrSmileand military, and war.... whatever!06:25
MrSmilehere it is:06:27
MrSmileNASA builds space stations (financed by the gov), curing diseases (the pharma industry take care off), human augmentation... I accept this!06:27
koshthe pharma industry is treating diseases not curing them06:27
MrSmilethen pray to god, but you cannot cure diseases with money unless you donate your money in researches, which would take 100 of millions, to (perhaps) find a sollution.06:31
MrSmilebye people!06:33
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