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puittenbroekHi! seems down ?11:57
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tistodoes anybody know who can be contacted about this?12:34
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mgedmintry the mailing list maybe?14:28
brunniseveral subdomains of are down: mail,old,docs. the ips point to a german hoster: Hetzner. Any infos ?14:28
brunniI am trying to get zope 2.13.20 running. "ZServer HTTP server started" is logged several times and then zdaemon gives up. No info in the logs. Also an exception about start_timeout but fixing this in does not make a difference14:31
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brunniturning on debugging and log level DEBUG does not help either14:32
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brunniMaybe this is related to the server outage ? easy_install tries to reach at some point....14:32
mgedmin_starting up_ a zope server should not require a working internet connection14:33
mgedmincan you try zopectl fg?  (or whatever the spelling is)14:34
brunnimgedmin: but installing may. easy_install requests which redirects to I will try fg14:34
mgedminoh, installing, absolutely14:34
mgedminalthough I believe these days you can pip install Zope and get everything off PyPI14:35
mgedmin(with links used merely as fallbacks)14:35
brunni    from zope.pagetemplate.pagetemplate import _error_start, PTRuntimeError14:35
brunniImportError: cannot import name _error_start14:35
mgedminthat sounds familiar :/14:35
brunnimgedmin: you mean virtualenv and then ./bin/pip install Zope2 ?14:36
myroslavmgedmin: a lot of Plone buildouts are referring to versions files similar to And unless these are cached, buildouts fail...14:37
mgedminwell, personally, I consider Zope 2 to be a thing you should run away from as fast as possible, because it's insanely complicated to maintain14:37
mgedminbut it's an impolitic thing to say in #zope14:37
* mgedmin is searching for a bug report about _error_start14:37
brunnimgedmin: Are you suggesting plone ?14:37
myroslavmgedmin: Here is workaround for the problem:
mgedminfound it:
mgedminokay, I take it back: pip install Zope isn't likely to work14:38
mgedminyou need to pin some package versions to be compatible with Zope 214:39
mgedminthere's a KGS, apparently, on, which is down :(14:39
mgedminbrunni, Plone is built on top of Zope 2, so the same caveats apply14:39
mgedminalthough I believe the Plone people have created fancy wrappers that hide some of the sharp edges14:39
mgedminyou keep saying my name14:40
brunnimgedmin: sorry, my irc client... zope2 is not too complicated for me but it may get when it will get even less maintained. i would also run away from it if I could14:40
brunnimgedmin: will easy_install Zope2 install the correct version of zope.pagetemplate when the zope subdomains are working again or is this problem not relatted ?14:42
mgedmin"Follow the instructions in doc/INSTALL.rst to install Zope."14:42
mgedminoh this is sooo useful on the PyPI page14:42
* mgedmin tries pip install Zope2 in a virtualenv14:43
mgedminwow pypi is fast nowadays14:44
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* brunni thinks assuming that the zope subdomains will ever work again may not be appropriate14:45
mgedminoh, I'm sure they will14:45
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brunnimgedmin: I would have used and buildout to install but the tar.gz file for 2.13.20 is missing and the zip file does not contain everything seems to be falling apart...14:48
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mgedminyou can get from
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* brunni tries pip install Zope2 too14:50
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mgedminyup, ImportError: cannot import name _error_start14:56
mgedminI can pip install zope.pagetemplate==4.0.014:57
mgedminand then I get a different ImportError: No module named untrustedpython14:57
brunnimgedmin: and you think the wrong versions are caused by * being down ?14:57
mgedminwrong versions are caused by new releases being made to PyPI14:58
mgedminthat drop backwards compatibility14:58
mgedmin(intentionally or unintentionally)14:58
brunnimgedmin: any idea how to install zope2 then ?14:59
mgedmintrial and error15:00
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brunnimgedmin: I don't understand this. Zope 2.12.3 has a versions.cfg. Has this been abandonned in 2.13.x ?15:03
mgedminoh, cool15:04
mgedmin(a) I've no idea; I stopped using zope 2 a long time ago15:04
mgedmin(b) if you've got a versions.cfg, use it!15:04
MatthewWilkesbrunni: I use in most projects, so I'd say no15:04
mgedminI'm only participating in this conversation because I'm somewhat familiar with the related technologies, and all the genuine Zope 2 experts appear to be sleeping15:04
mgedminprobably the smartest thing to do would be to download the zope 2 tarball from pypi and look for doc/INSTALL.txt15:05
brunnimgedmin: that is the first thing I tried. the tarball with and versions.cfg is missing. easy_install and pip do not work...15:06
brunniMatthewWilkes: thanks for the link. maybe I can use it when is up again15:07
mgedminokay, doc/INSTALL.rst says15:08
MatthewWilkesbrunni: Indeed15:08
mgedmin"$ bin/easy_install -i<Zope version> Zope2"15:08
mgedminthat would pin the right package versions15:08
mgedminbut it won't work if is down15:08
brunnimgedmin: ahhh...15:08
MatthewWilkesbrunni: Is there a particular versions.cfg you need? I might have it cached15:09
mgedminwould the google cache have a copy of<Zope version>/versions.cfg ?15:09
brunniMatthewWilkes: 2.13.2015:09
brunnigot it...15:11
MatthewWilkesI don't have a cache of it, so that's lucky!15:11
mgedminyou will also need ztk-versions.cfg for ztk 1.0.815:13
mgedmingood luck15:14
brunnimgedmin: I will have to find out what to do with those files first :-)15:14
mgedminstrip any html etc. make sure they're plain-text15:14
mgedminreplace the extends = with just extends = ztk-versions.cfg15:14
mgedminthen, um... you need a buildout.cfg15:15
mgedminsomething like might work15:15
mgedminso, three files: versions.cfg, ztk-versions.cfg, buildout.cfg15:16
mgedminand a from
mgedminin a new empty directory15:16
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mgedminthen run python2.7 bootstrap.py15:16
mgedminand bin/buildout15:16
mgedminand that should produce a bin/mkzopeinstance15:16
mgedminthat you can use to create a new zope insntanc15:16
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brunnimgedmin: thank you very much for your help. If this does not work I will wait for and try easy_install -i again15:20
brunniInteresting. is on the same servers as the zope subdomains and therefore also down15:23
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myroslavmgedmin: is accessible...15:32
myroslavbrunni: ^^15:32
brunnimyroslav: thnx15:35
brunnimgedmin: ./bin/mkzopeinstance throws ImportError: No module named Zope2. I will try easy_install when things are back normal :-)15:40
mgedminso, my buildout.cfg was wrong15:42
mgedminwhere I said Zope it should've said Zope215:42
brunnimgedmin: I already corrected that15:42
mgedminin both places?15:42
brunnimgedmin: forget it. I would prefer easy_install anyway as the other way to install does not work out of the box any more15:44
brunnithnx to all for helping! Good to know that there are still people around that can help ;-) Bye!15:46
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jakkeHi guys, looking for someone who's willing to brainstorm with me17:32
jakkeI'm working on z3c.schem2json now, and that works great17:32
jakkethe problem is, I have references from 2 schema objects to each other17:33
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jakkeso Class A has an attribute the references class B, and Class B has an attribute that references Class A17:33
jakkewhen encoding according to the schema, it will keep on looping from an A-object into a B-object and back into an A-object17:34
jakkeMy original attempt to create an object-to-dict serializer used an 'ignore interfaces' option, to prevent this kind of loops17:35
jakkeis that the way to go, or are there better options?17:35
suptonjakke: what kind of field?17:37
jakkea zope.schema object field17:38
suptonmy previous approach was to have a subclass of object to differentiate between containement and mere reference.17:38
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suptonsubclass of schema.Object I mean17:38
jakkehmm, get the idea17:39
jakkethere has been made an extension to follow the reference from the one to the other, don't remember if it was done that way17:40
suptonjakke: or, if you want something more general, not requiring users of your package to create a custom field type, then use tagged values on the interface object to mark17:40
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jakkesupton: sounds like an idea, marker interface or something alike when it's a reference :)17:41
jakkeand make schema2json aware of the IIgnore interface or whatever17:42
suptonjakke: I suppose a marker interface on the individual field is possible17:42
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jakkethink so, I'll look into it17:42
jakkesupton: thx for the idea!17:42
suptonjakke: this kind of problem isn't merely constrained to serialization, the same issues exist with validation… e.g. if you use zope.schema.fieldproperty.FieldProperty on a schema.object field17:42
jakkewe have an extension, named FetchableProperty17:43
suptonso there are times when you do not want to follow the reference for validation, serialization, etc17:43
jakkebut I didn't do the implementation17:43
jakkeand it's a bit too long, but I should indeed check, because there is no  validation recursion either!17:43
jakkeright, it's a subclass of zope.schema.object17:48
jakkewith it's own _validate, cutting out the fetchable_properties17:48
jakkehard one to implement into a generic schema2json17:49
jakkemarker interface looks like a better solution then17:49
jakkesupton: so you were right :)17:49
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jakkesupton: It looks to me that adding an "IReference" interface, or whatever is in the name, is best done in zope.schema itself, not in z3c.schema2json17:58
jakkedon't you think?17:58
jakkemakes it usable for the referencing problem while validating as well17:59
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suptonjakke: not sure18:02
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jakkewhat would be against adding an IReference interface in zope.schema?18:04
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suptonwell, there may be other idioms folks have used for this, I am not sure18:07
jakkeI'll give it a shot with an interface in schema2json then, and talk it through with Gotcha18:09
suptonmaybe email zope or zope-dev mailing list18:09
jakkeeven better idea :D18:09
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