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rscnthow i tell zope to run on the 808000:51
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gawelyou should have a config file somewhere00:59
rscntin this
rscntit could be better01:04
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gawelyou don't have choice. you need to use the vhostmonster. else you will have wrong urls like localhost:8080/ even if you're behind a proxy01:11
gawelthe rewrite rule is just fine01:12
gawel  RewriteRule ^($|/.*) http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/https/%{SERVER_NAME}:80/azopefolder/VirtualHostRoot/$1 [L,P]01:13
gawel  RewriteRule ^($|/.*) http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/%{SERVER_NAME}:80/azopefolder/VirtualHostRoot/$1 [L,P]01:13
gawel  RewriteRule ^($|/.*) http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/https/%{SERVER_NAME}:443/azopefolder/VirtualHostRoot/$1 [L,P]01:14
gawelif you want ssl01:15
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rscntVirtualHostBase and VirtualHostRoot are predefined right?01:20
gawelthey are used by zope to detect the hostname you want to use and replace the original hostname with it. Something like: http://localhost/VirtualHostBase/host/VirtualHostRoot/path become http://host/path in zope01:28
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rscntif i put Include some/dir, in apache01:34
rscntit would include all the conf under it right?01:34
rscntsorry if the question get offtopic01:34
gawelsome/dir/ As I remember you need the trailing slash01:36
gawelhave to go. good luck01:36
rscntgawel: thanks :)01:36
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teycanyone else having difficulty installing Zope2?01:51
rscntwhat kind?01:54
teycall manners of version errors. PageTemplates, pytz01:55
teycProbably because I couldn't find buildout.cfg or bootstrap.py01:56
teycrscnt: where do I find those files?02:05
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rscntso if i put03:17
rscntthe plone would go for the 8080 then?03:17
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gauthierbastienhi everybody10:45
gauthierbastienI came here some days ago to see if anybody could release a new version of z3c.autoinclude, I added an issue on Github but I get no response until now, who should I bother about this?10:46
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gawelcheck the package owners on pypi11:31
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gauthierbastiengawel: I will poke them so... (gently)12:57
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rscnthi, there's no way to server https only with zope right?19:39
koshthere is but don't do it19:41
koshuse nginx or apache19:41
koshzope is an app server and like any app server it should not be directly exposed to the internet19:42
rscntoh can you please teññ ,e¿19:42
rscnttell me?19:42
rscntim not going to do it19:42
TresEquisyou can serve current Zope versions under mod_wsgi19:42
rscntoh i've tried runnign zope behind apache19:43
rscntto server https19:43
koshhmm I don't know where the ssl product is anymore19:43
rscntcan you share me some link19:43
koshbut it has likely not been maintained in a very long time19:43
rscntto do it by zipe itself?19:43
koshthere was a way to do it at least, i just don't know where it is anymore19:44
koshTresEquis: what do you think of wsgi vs just proxy with something like nginx? any advantages to wsgi? I have been using 4 zopes and have nginx do proxy and load balance along with compression, ssl and blocking of somethings19:44
koshrscnt: what problem did you have with apache?19:45
koshoverall though nginx is simpler to setup as a proxy19:45
rscnti just want to know19:45
rscntsorry if this is annoying19:45
fdrakeI don't know why you'd want to serve HTTPS directly from the appserver.  Apache & nginx work just fine; we use ELBs in EC2.19:45
rscnti know19:47
rscntand it's very stupid19:47
koshoverall though I don't like using apache19:47
rscntbut i just want to know19:47
koshproxy is harder to setup with apache19:47
rscntapache conf are kinda a paint in the ass19:47
koshthe proxy syntax in nginx is trivial19:47
fdrakeWe've been phasing Apache out, using ELBs to handle SSL termination, and nginx to deal with request routing.19:48
fdrakeMuch nicer than Apache.19:48
kosh   that is basically how I setup nginx with details removed and replaced with [stuff]   things19:54
koshbut that should tell you how to setup nginx for zope19:55
rscnti've found ZServer SSL19:57
rscntkosh: thanks :)19:58
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rscntkosh: imean im not like i found this im going20:00
rscntkosh: im taking you for everything20:00
rscntkosh: also ZServerSSL doesn't seems mature20:00
Spanktardon't do it20:01
koshah that was it, don't use it20:01
rscnthaha thanks :)20:03
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koshplease just use nginx20:14
koshno school today or tomorrow because of flooding20:14
fdrakeIt's an omen; bad things come from avoiding best practices, and rscnt is working on exactly that.  :-(20:16
rscntoh im not going to20:16
rscntrun zserverssl20:16
rscnti just want to know20:16
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