IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2013-09-20

raydeo_right so pwd is the file url for a directory00:00
J1msourcerelease doesn't expect to get something that's already built out.00:00
raydeo_from looking at the doctest docs that's what I thought it was doing as well00:00
J1mwhat are you using for VCS?00:00
J1mok, just a sec...00:01
raydeo_which sourcerelease doesn't appear to support atm00:01
raydeo_so I'm confused because you install the buildout-source-release command by performing a buildout00:02
raydeo_but then I can't use that folder as the release?00:02
J1mHere's a script I sometimes use to generate rpms from git projects.00:03
J1mIt should give you an idea of the git mechanics.00:03
raydeo_ok, I'll take a look at this thank you00:04
J1mSomeone could add git support to buildout-source-release easily enough. :)00:04
J1mwe're getting away from using source rpms, so this is something we're using less and less.00:04
raydeo_sure, I think I'm just confused by the meta-ness of running buildout on a folder to install the command for deployment00:05
raydeo_then not being able to use the command on the folder I used to make the command00:05
raydeo_should I ask what you're using more and more? ;-)00:05
J1mWell, as we try to adopt continuous deployment, soursee releases don't make much sense, as we only want to deploy what we've built and tested in a given environment.00:06
J1mSo we00:06
J1mSo we00:06
J1mso we're using buildout to build roms directly, without going through a source release step.00:06
J1mWe're eying docker, which might make us skip rpms altogether.00:07
raydeo_well that sounds more useful, what package is building rpms straight from a buildout?00:07
J1msystem packages are a pain in the ass, in that they were designed for a different set of use cases.00:08
raydeo_and yes I have a workflow through docker as well that I'm eyeing that involves running the buildout on a build-container, then mounting the built volume into a runtime-container00:08
raydeo_well anyway thanks for the help, the sourcerelease worked when running it on a copy of the non-built-out folder :-)00:10
J1mwrt building rpm's directly, we're still working that out. I could tell you about it, but apparently, if I did, I'd have to kill you.00:10
J1mfdrake, why is packagegrinder private?00:10
J1mWe're contemplating adding an egg-cache option to buildout that works like download-cache, to make binary builds go faster.00:12
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raydeo_yeah I was hoping that despite the name, the source release would contain built binaries as well but it doesn't appear to00:17
raydeo_no big deal, approaches abound00:18
fdrakeOh, J1m, but it is public!  :-)00:18
fdrakeUnderdocumented, and makes assumptions that may not apply in other environments.00:18
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J1mraydeo_, ^00:30
raydeo_J1m: thanks, that looks pretty handy00:30
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